Kuah Jetty, Langkawi

Kuah Jetty is located in Kuah Town, the capital of Langkawi. If you are planning to arrive or leave Langkawi by ferry or boat, this is where you will need to board or disembark. Several cruise ships from Klang, Singapore, and other countries also come and dock here. Kuah Jetty is the main ferry terminal in Langkawi. 
The ferries come from and depart to various places like Kuala Perlis (which is the nearest point in the west coast of Malaysia's mainland), Kuala Kedah, Penang, and even Satun of Thailand. Check out Langkawi Ferry Services to know about the ferries operating out of this ferry dock and information related to schedules, rates, destinations etc. 
The entrance to Kuah Jetty is through a modern 2-storied shopping center called Jetty Point. As you approach the main sliding glass door of the shopping complex, you will see "Jetty Point" written on bold above the door. Walk through the various shops and stalls selling all kinds of articles including souvenirs &ágifts, chocolates, perfumes, watches and electronics, and then you will reach the beautiful waterfront at the other end. 
Kuah Jetty, Langkawi 
Kuah Jetty Langkawi 
The approach to the jetty or the ferry terminal is through a long corridor into the water with wonderful view on both sides. On the right you will see Eagle Square with the large structure of the reddish brown Eagle sitting on a rock and facing the open water. On the left are the towering mountains that protect the water area on that side. 
So what are the facilities that you can get around the Kuah Jetty? Of course the Jetty Point Shopping Mall has a range of sophisticated and modern stores offering all kinds of items that you may need. There are also restaurants and fast food outlets here. The shopping center is open all seven days of the week from 10am to 10pm. There are ample parking spaces. 
As you come out of the shopping complex, outside and on the other side of the road there are series of shops and establishments. Taxis and private cars line up on one side of the road. Although limited, there is also bus service from here. Some of the prominent stores and outlets in this area include Fuji fims á&ácameras, Bata Shoe Shop, Kentucky Chicken, Kenny Rogers etc. There is also Kedah Medical Center close by just in case you need any medical attention. 
Outside Kuah Jetty, Kuah Town, Langkawi 
On one side of the road there is a large Tourist Information Center run by the Malaysia Government. You can go in and take tourism tips from the young lady across the counter. And also pick up free maps and brochures of various places including Langkawi, Penang, Kuala Lumpur and many others. You can pick up as many as you like, no one is going to object. 

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Visitors' Reviews/Comments

Goi Shinyee (March 2017) 
The problems I must complain that I was in a hurry for taking the ferry and my luggage were heavy and a lot. When I parked my car I didn't find any trolley! I was alone that time and I was sick of it! What's the trolley for? I tried to find the trolley again and again. 
I just saw two trolleys located at the place waiting for ferry arrival. People need the trolley when they arrive in Langkawi, but the people who start out from Langkawi need too! I wish that this simple problem will be solved soon.  
And another thing happened a few days ago, I arrived at Langkawi jetty from Alor Setar. I tried to find the toilet but the toilets at the jetty were closed everywhere! The reason for closure?... no water. Why don't they just place some water tanks for spare water so no one has to worry that they have no toilet to pee. 
I really felt disappointed. I really wish that these problems will be solved. Thank you