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You thought Langkawi is all about lazing on the beaches the whole day looking at the ocean and the sailing yachts, and when it's time to dine, walk across to a seafood restaurant? Well, Langkawi can look like a laid back island as if everything here moves in a slow motion. 
But there is another side of the island as well. You will be amazed to find out what this island can offer if you have little more energy and plan to indulge in some of the great fun and recreational activities. 
So what does the island has in store for the fun loving energetic people? Great watersport activities like snorkeling, jet skiing, kayaking, parasailing etc, great tours including boating and land based tours to explore the island and its water areas, world class Spa treatments, great picturesque golfing venues, horseback riding, mind blowing reefs and marine life for scuba divers to explore, sailing &áyachting activities, and the list goes on... 
Water based activities like jet skiing, water skiing, banana boating etc mostly take place on the beaches along the western coastline like Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah. For great snorkeling and diving experience, some of the offshore sites like Pulau Payar Island would be ideal. Golfing venues are primarily at the northern area like Datai Bay and also at the central area like the Gunung Raya base near Kuah. 
Kayaking is best carried out on the calm river water areas like at Killim river and its water channels for exploring the Kilim geopark and the mangroves. An excellent horse stable offers horseback riding along beaches &ájungle trails at Burau Bay area on the western coast. And the Spas offering top class traditional massages and treatments are scattered all across the island. 
So ready to indulge in some of these great activities? Then read on... 
Know about the best guided tours of Langkawi and its surrounding islands. There are tours on boat, by road, helicopter and even on amphibious vehicle that move both on road and water. I have also suggested several self guide tours that you can yourself undertake on a taxi or rental car or bike, and save a lot of money. 
Know about the best beaches in Langkawi for snorkeling &áswimming, as well the top offshore islands and water areas for such activities including the best snorkeling cruises and operators. 
There are great trekking trails in Langkawi through dense rainforests and along the slopes of the mountains offering magnificent views and amazing flora and fauna. There are organized treks and hikes that are designed for both light and challenging treks. The light treks last for 2 - 4 hours and designed to walk through hilly terrain of the rainforests, while the difficult ones take you to the summit of one of the highest mountains of Langkawi. 
Know about the top offerings that includes great guided tours and packages on Jet Ski as well as rentals by the hour. The guided tours on Jet Ski will let you explore and see Langkawi closely from the water, take you to many island beaches &áreef sites for swimming, snorkeling, relaxing and enjoying the views, and also to several other amazing places like fishing villages. 
One of the best kayaking experience in Langkawi is a guided kayaking tour through the water channels of Kilim river to explore the dense mangroves along the shores and exploring its beauty and many animal &ábird life. You will also visit a floating fish farm where you can hand feed stingrays and other fishes. 
When you look at the sky in Pantai Cenang or Tengah beaches, you will see at least three to five parasail parachutes at any time during the day. While many operators launch and land the parasails directly from the beach, they are mostly unlicensed and risky. However there are licensed operators who launch and land from their specialized boats after taking you to an offshore water area, and offer safe and enjoyable rides. 
There are close to 20 dive sites at the Pulau Payar Marine Park itself offering array of hard &ásoft corals as well as abundance of marine life. Regular diving excursions take place to the Marine Park from Kuah. There are few more dive sites a little farther off like the Pulau Perak that offer greater depth and better visibility. Koh Lipe of Thailand which is part of Tarutao Marine Park and a divers paradise is also easily accessible from Langkawi. 
There are three championship 18-hole golf courses in Langkawi. In order to take advantage of the most scenic settings of the island, two of them have been set up at the base of mountains with lush rainforests surrounding them, and one right at the ocean front. Find out about the golf courses and clubs in Langkawi, their offerings and services. 
Langawi offers fantastic trails to experience unforgettable rides. There are trails through jungles and rainforest leading to a lovely beach through pine groves, and there are trails to experience the village life and more. To back it up, there are great equestrian centers offering hardy but friendly and energetic horses with excellent guides. 
Langkawi is second to none when it comes to adventure rides, tours and activities. There are host of adventures offered in the island including air trekking, amazing cable car rides to mountain tops, guided treks along rainforest trails, elephant adventure rides, kayak rides to explore mangroves, organized jet ski tours to explore surrounding water areas, islands &ábeaches combined with swimming &ásnorkeling, and more.  
If you are planning to rejuvenate yourself in Langkawi with some quality spa treatments, then Langkawi can be a haven both in budget and luxury class. Know about the greatest spas in Langkawi that offer a range of treatments using traditional Malay, Chinese, Indian Ayurvedic and modern methods including massages, facials, skin treatments and more. 
If you are a sailor or a yachter, and planning to sail into or around Langkawi, you will find all your information here including the marinas, how to clear in &áout, customs &áimmigration services, berthing, moorings, anchorage, repair &ámaintenance, yacht clubs and more. 
Langkawi is actually far from meeting the needs of physically challenged who require wheelchair access to places and activities. In fact many attractions and activities in the island are not wheelchair accessible. However, there are some exceptions. 

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