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Located on the western coast line, Pantai Kok is relatively a quieter place than Pantai Cenang which is only about 15 minutes drive to its south. Although you don't see many tourists here on the road compared to Cenang area, you will be surprised to know about how many great attractions &áactivities are available in Pantai kok area, and that too for almost all profile of tourists. 
One of the greatest activities in the island is riding the Cable Car that takes you from the base of Mount Mat Cincang to its peak, from where you get stunning view of the Andaman sea, the small islands lying on it and the mountains with dense rainforests around. It is at the peak where you also get an access to the Suspended Skybridge, walking over which would give you an awesome feeling as you soak in the views all around. 
There are several other activities and things to do in Pantai Kok. The resorts like Berjaya, Sheraton, Danna etc organize a lot of watersport activities like jet skiing, speed boat joyrides etc for their guests. These activities take place from the Burau Bay or Pantai Kok beach area. The Duck Tour from Oriental Village lets you explore the nearby harbor area both on land and water. 
With Langkawi's highest peak Mount Mat Cincang located in the area which is covered with rainforest and having diverse flora, fauna &ágreat bird life, motorcycling and mountain biking has become a greatly popular activity here to explore the geo park. And there is horseback riding available that allows you to explore the mountain &ájungle trails as well as the beaches on horse back. There are elephant rides available as well to explore the geopark, rivers and the jungles. 
Pantai Kok also boasts of several great spas that offer a range of traditional and Asian treatments and massages. Most of the sailing and yachting activities of Langkawi takes place form the Telaga Harbor located in Pantai Kok. When you come to the harbor park, you will see so many large yachts moored at the marina here. Perdana Quay, an upscale complex full with restaurants and boutique retail stores and located on the harbor front is a great place to hang around in the evening. 
Here are the best activities in Pantai Kok: 

Rides &áRecreational Activities in Pantai Kok

This is probably the most demanded activity in the island. The awesome ride starts at the oriental village at the base of Mount Mat Cincang. On the way you get spectacular view of the rainforests, waterfalls and mountains as the gondolas take you to an altitude of about 700 meters to the peak. It is one of the steepest cable car routes in the world. And from the top, you see the paradise with a panoramic view. 
Lasah, the famous Asian elephant who was filmed in the Hollywood movie Anna &áThe King, will take you on its back for one of the several rides that you may choose - a short fun ride, a ride through the jungle, river adventures and more. You can also join the feeding or bathing session. The elephant adventure starts at the Oriental Village. 

Horseback Riding at Island Horses

They are an equestrian center running the Perdana Stable and offering several rides on horseback. The rides include beach trail, jungle trail and mountain trail rides. There is also a village ride that takes you through local villages to show you the village life and how the typical village houses are made. They are located close to the Seven wells waterfalls. 
This tour is on an amphibious vehicle which after running on the road for a while, splashes into the harbor water. You get to enjoy the surrounding nature both from land and water. The tour takes place from outside one of the gates of Oriental Village which is also the place where the cable car ride originates. 
This is a trek to the peak of Mount Mat Cincang that has an altitude of little over 700 meters. This is a challenging trek through the rainforest. You will pass by the Seven Wells waterfalls and encounter divers flora &áfauna on the way. From the peak the view of the island and the sea below is wonderful. There are guided treks offered. 

Mountain Biking &áMotorcycling

(From Cicli - Langkawi XRide) 
Located inside the Oriental Village, the operator offers exciting mountain biking and motorcycling expeditions in the geo park of Mount Mat Concang. You will explore the many areas of the rainforest on the mountain slopes, bird life, flora &áfauna. 

Segway Guided Tours

You ride the two-wheeled fun personal transporter that self balance. You can either go around the Oriental Village (where the operator is located) or take a guided tour of the base of the mountain Mat Cincang. 
See Oriental Village for more information. 

ATV Adventure Tours

(By Langkawi Quad Adventures) 
The operator is located within the Oriental Village. They offer challenging adventure through the forests of the Mount Mat Cincang on ATVs. There are guided tours available from 15 minutes to over one hour. See Oriental Village for more information. 

Spas in Pantai Kok


Rumah Holistic

Located in a rainforest in Pantai Kok and up the hill, this Spa is setup in a typical Malay home and surrounded by jungle and hills. The Unique Malay spas and massages are offered by Eric in both indoor and natural outdoor areas. While there are no air-conditions or great modern amenities, this is one of the best budget Spas in the island that are favorite to both tourists and locals. Walk-ins are not encouraged. You need to take one of the taxis with instructed drivers to reach the place. 

Mandara Spa at Sheraton Beach Resort

There are four villas and a tranquility center dedicated to the spa and located at an isolated corner of the Sheraton property that faces the beautiful western coastline of Langkawi. The spa offers ancient Asian healing therapies (prominently featuring Balinese traditions) and offers a range of treatments including body massage, facials, pedicure, manicure etc. 

Amaya Spa

Located in Perdana Quay, the spa specializes on Balancing Therapy that utilizes the self healing energy within the body to help get the mind and body balance. It also offers body massage, foot reflexology, fish spa etc. 

Anjung Spa

It's located in Oriental Village and specializes in fish spa therapy for foot where hundreds of fishes would remove the dead cells from your feet. However they also offer several other treatments including Thai massages, head &áshoulder massage, pedicure, manicure etc. There are also packages available that combine several therapies at an attractive price. 

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