Langkawi Itinerary: How to best plan the days

Planning a vacation trip to Langkawi? When time is precious, you must work out the best plan and itinerary to make most out of your visit and at the same time enjoy. The following section is all about various itineraries for Langkawi trips that visitors are planning. They come back to me for suggestions on how to plan the days. 
I am willing to help, but I will always need a first cut itinerary from your side. My website has enough information for you to make an initial plan. I can then help fine tune that or give you suggestions from all our experience in Langkawi. 
Sometimes you may not know what may or may not work for you and in which sequence. Sometimes in over-enthusiasm, visitors plan too many activities in a short time making it too hectic to enjoy. After all you do not come to Langkawi only to run around like a chicken. The ocean, the lovely beaches, the mountains &árainforests, the sunny tropical weather and the great restaurants are all there for you to relax, soak in the charm and enjoy. 
Itinerary Discussions - Ordered from older to Recent Posts 
Hi, we are reaching Langkawi by air on 22 Sept 13 to 25 Sept 13. I am looking for flexible local tour inclusive of transport (prefer 1 coach or bus for all). A draft itinerary as follows: 
22 Sept - reaching 5.30pm, airport transfer to hotel and local dinner. Free and easy. 
23 Sept - land tour, oriental village, cable car, underwater world, telaga tujuh waterfall/ mahkam mahsuri/ batik painting, eagle square, duty free shopping. 
24 Sept - island hopping to pulau dayang bunting, pulau basah/ marine park, eagle feeding, evening free and easy/ duty free shopping. 
25 Sept - free and easy morning, check out, local lunch, airport transfer by 3pm. 
Above is subject to change based on your expert opinion. Hope you can reply to me asap. Btw any recommended hotel which is family friendly with kids below 4yrs old? Preferably with swimming pool and walking distance to beach. Thanks in advance and really hope to hear from you soon. Regards, 
Keith Cheeng (June 2013) 
Hi Kith, Your itinerary looks good. Here are some suggestions: 
1) On day2, you will be able to see Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells waterfall) from the cable car itself. If you want to separately visit that, you will need to climb some 638 steps to reach to the top of the waterfall and that trip itself takes half a day and it's quite tiring. So with Oriental Village (home for Cable Car) you can combine Cable Car Ride, then choose one of Makam Mahsuri (historical place) or Atma Alam Batik Village (gorgeous batik prints) depending on your interest. Both are close by in Padang Matsirat.  
You can then proceed to Kuah for a quick look at eagle square. Jetty Point Shopping Complex is next to Eagle Square (but that's not the best place for shopping). Check out the following link and choose a shopping center at Kuah (Langkawi Parade Mega Mall is my personal favorite: 
2) Day3: If the group is more interested snorkeling and diving then go for Pulau Payar Marine Park. Otherwise choose Island Hopping. But one of the most popular boat tours and our favorite as well is the Kilim Geopark &áMangroves tour which also includes Eagle Feeding, visit to floating fish farm, Fossil Island etc. Check out the link below: 
You can book both tours through your hotel, but that may be more expensive. If you want to check out for tour operators, then for the land tour you can contact Langkawi Lovely Holiday Sdn Bhd or Gemilang Holidays Sdn. Bhd in Kuah. They offer coach rentals as well (Check out Land Tour Operators to get their contacts). Otherwise there are numerous tour operators/ travel stalls along Pantai Cenang who have tie ups with larger operators and essentially act as commission agents. 
For Island Hopping or Kilim Geopark &áMangroves boat tours, check out the following link for top operators: 
Since I have no idea about your budget, I can not recommend any hotel. I would suggest that you go through the 'Top Hotels' menu option in my website and choose one. It has my select hotels by category and with full reviews. Regards, 
Raj ( June 2013 
We are three persons visiting Langkawi on 20nd evening and departure to KL on 22nd Feb 2014 10 am. So, we have 1.5 days to explore Langkawi. I have heard best tours are Island hopping, round island, mangrove, and Marine park. I am interested in doing Island hopping and Mangrove in one day including Cable car and underwater world. Please suggest me good itirenary and I will be staying at Pantai Cenang. Are there tour operators in this area and exactly in which area of Cenang. Thanks in advance 
Ankush Taneja (November 2013) 
You effectively have one day as you reach in the evening of 20th. You can't do all you mentioned in one day. Both Mangroves and Marine Park are full day tours, although you can do a 2-hour mangroves boat tour if you take a boat directly from the Kilim jetty. You can either hire a full boat or share it with others. 
If you have one day, go for island hopping in the morning (by 9am), followed by cable car ride and then Underwater World. You will get plenty of tour operators (tour stalls) along Pantai Cenang main road (more towards south). But for the above itinerary, you don't need an operator. Just take a taxi and go. Island Hopping boat tours leave from Pantai Tenga public jetty (at Teluk Baru), cable car is in Pantai Kok and Underwater world is at the southern end of Pantai Cenang. 
On the day of your arrival, just enjoy the Pantai Cenang beach and walk along the road Jalan Pantai Cenang (that runs parallel to the beach) to enjoy the vibe... so many souvenir &áclothing shops, eateries and bars, all glittering with colorful lights... Take a look at the Cenang Mall and then walk further down towards the southern end for couple of nice duty free stores (The Zon and Coco Valley). Underwater World is located right next to them in the same compound. Finally choose a restaurant to settle down for your dinner. 
Raj ( November 2013 
Hi there, 
We will be visiting Langkawi on 24th to 27th June 2014. With 12 pax consisting of active family members including a 55 year old senior citizen and 2yr old boy, I wonder if can fit all the excitement on the first 3 days.. 
The men are looking forward to a short fishing trip on the first day (will reach LKW at 12:30 hours, thus the men will go while the rest check into the hotel). Advisable to have it on first day or second? 
Day 02: The kids are looking forward to snorkeling at Pulau Payar Marine Park and island hopping. The men- fishing. Do we have time to slot in the mangrove tour/ eagle feeding/ visit to the caves? Later evening have a visit to the Langkawi statue in Kuah? 
Day 03: Underwater world, crocodile feeding/ animal interaction &áfeeding etc at Wildlife Park, Kota Mahsuri, Langkawi craft cultural complex, duty free shopping centre. 
Day 04: Check out early morning departing at 0855 
Haryati Sinar (January 2014) 
Your itinerary does look quite hectic. Unless you have travelled quite a lot and tired out on reaching Langkawi, it is possible to kick start some activities on day-1 in the afternoon. The men can go for short fishing trips provided they had pre-arranged a charter fishing boat. You won't get regular boats leaving for fishing in Langkawi... it's not yet that popular. Meanwhile rest of you can go for Island Hopping Boat Tour. Just take taxis and go down to Teluk Baru Jetty in Pantai Tengah from where the boats leave for island hopping. You will get boats until 4pm. The tour takes about 3.5 hours. Alternatively you can go for shopping in Kuah town in the afternoon and then see the sculpture at Eagle Square facing the harbor. 
The usual Pulau Payar Marine Park is a day trip and takes almost a full day. So if you plan for a proper day trip to the marine park (which includes boat transfers of 1 hour each way and lunch), then you can't plan other daytime activities on the same day. However if you pre-arrange with an operator and charter a boat for your group, you can plan a shorter trip to Marine Park (about 4 hours including transfers but without lunch). Once you reach back, you can transfer to Kilim Jetty and take a short boat tour (of about 2-3 hours) for the Mangrove Geo park (eagle feeding, floating fish farm, fossil island, bat cave etc). 
Your day3 plan looks okay - Underwater World, Wild Life Park, Kota Mahsuri, (also add Air Hangat Village), Craft Cultural Complex, duty free shopping etc. 
Raj ( January 2014 
We are in a group of 10 ppl (from KL) wanted to visit Langkawi during our semester break. We plan for 3D2N trip (18th - 20th)and book for evening flight on the first day and night flight(8.50pm)on the third day. I would like to visit the top places in Langkawi such as Pulau Payar Marine Park, Island Hopping, Mangrove Geo park, duty free shopping etc. But I afraid we can't visit some of the places on the first day itself. 
There are few things I would like to know as well: 
1) Should I book online for the car-rented or get it after reach the airport? I heard there are cheaper if straight away get from airport itself. 
2) Can we buy the liquor bottles as much as we can even we didn't buy any checked baggage (all hand-carry)? If there are a limit, how many bottles can we buy? Hope you can reply me asap :) Thank you 
Elin Mong (February 2014) 
Pulau Payar Marine Park is a full day tour. The only other thing that you can combine on the same day is duty free shopping at Kuah. The boats for Marine Park mostly leave from Kuah, so you can do the shopping on return. The proper Mangrove Geopark boat tour also takes nearly a full day (9:30am to 3:30pm). However you can go down to Kilim Jetty in the morning and take a shorter boat tour of the mangroves for 2-3 hours. You can then transfer to Teluk Baru jetty at Pantai Tengah and avail the Island Hopping boat tour as well. In the evening, go for shopping. You should not miss out on the Cable Car Ride, which you can keep for your last day. 
Rent the car at the airport, but rent it from a well known company and ensure that it has proper permit and insurance. Avoid renting it online because you get committed without knowing condition of the car and its papers. 
There is no restriction on carrying alcohol to Langkawi. But why should you? Langkawi is a duty free island and in many duty free stores (like Zon in Pantai Cenang), alcohol is quite cheap. Having said that, prices of liquor at Langkawi Airport are not exactly cheap, although they too are duty free. So best is to carry limited stock and then buy as required from a store like Zon or Coco Valley (both have outlets in Pantai Cenang and else where). 
Raj ( February 2014 
I found this website very distinguished &áspecific on helping tourists. It's a great job you are doing. I wish to visit Langkawi next 18th FEB, 2014 at 3.00 PM in Bahagia hotel and intend to leave at 20th in 11.00AM. 
I along with my family wish to visit: 
1. Island Hopping 
2. Cable car 
3. Eagle Square & 
4. Underwater World 
I am planning to do cable car and island hoping in the 19th FEB but I am confused about the other two. Is it possible to cover any three in one day? How? Please help. I prefer to take taxi than any tour operator. Oh! and BTW, 19th FEB is Wednesday,on which cable car opening is at 12.00 PM 
Md. Fahad Akter (February 2014) 
Hi, You can plan the following schedule: 
18th: Visit Kuah town (Kuah Jetty area) for Eagle Square, take a stroll at the wonderful Lagenda Park located within easy walking distance from Eagle Square, and do some duty free shopping at Kuah town. 
19th: Start early. Reach the Teluk Baru jetty in Pantai Tengah by 9am and take the island hopping tour. You should be back by 1pm. Take a taxi and go to Underwater World in Pantai Cenang (7-8 minutes drive). Yo can either plan to take your lunch inside the underwater world (there is a food center inside) or come out and have a quick lunch at Mc Donalds located right next to Underwater World. You should be done by 3pm including lunch. There is a taxi stand right there. Visit Cable car in Pantai Kok (about 20 minutes). 
3 hours is enough for the ride and to stroll around in Oriental Village open shopping mall (from where the cable car ride takes place). If you have time left, you can still plan for the Duck Tour from Oriental Village. It will take you over land through the village and then splash into Telega Harbor for a nice cruise. If you have children with you, they will love it. The duck tour leaves from just outside the main gate of Oriental Village (Gate A). Regards, 
Raj ( February 2014 
I'm visiting Langkawi for 5D4N from 4/4/14 (flight at 3.05pm, will reach langkawi approximately at 4.05pm)-8/4/14 with my husband and 2 kids aged 4 and 2 and I've gone through few websites and noted there are a lot of places to visit and not sure if I have enough time to visit all. We will be staying in Malibest Resort in pantai cenang and my plan are as below: 
4/4/14 - arrival and to go for island hopping /underwaterworld /rice museum 
5/4/14 - kilim geo forest/ tanjung rhu/ langkawi wildlife park 
6/4/14 - gunung mat cincang/ telaga tujuh/ cable car/ sky bridge 
7/4/14- snake sanctuary/buffalo park/field of burnt rice/mahsuri tomb/lake of pregnant maiden/dataran lang  
8/4/14-stay in hotel for bfast and until chekout time/duty free shopping 
(flight at 4.35pm) 
Kindly let me know if its possible to visit all the places above as per my plan as this is our first visit to Langkawi and flight trip with our kids 
Kausalyia (March 2014) 
Here is a suggested Itinerary for you: 
day1: Hotel check in by 5pm. Enjoy the Cenang beach. Malibest is right on it. Do some beach activities like Jetskiing, banana boating etc if you like. Stroll along the road (Jalan Pantai Cenang), do some shopping. There are couple of duty free shops towards southern end of the road next to Underwater World (Zon and Coco Valley). The new Cenang Mall also has several stores. Book an island hopping tour for next morning. You can use the Malibest travel desk.  
day2: Take island hopping boat tour in the morning (start by 9am). Note that Island Hopping tour covers lake of pregnant maiden. On return take a drop at Underwater World and spend about an hour there. Take a taxi and move to Cable Car (at Oriental Village). There are several restaurants there to have lunch. Cable Car takes you to the top of Mt. Mat Cincang and Sky Bridge (which is now closed for maintenance). From Cable Car, you can visit Seven Wells Waterfall (Telaga Tujuh). You can actually see the waterfall from Cable Car. You can alternatively take the Duck Tour (Land &áHarbour cruise) from outside the main gate of Oriental Village. Then visit Kuah town, see Eagle Square (Dataran Lang), and do duty free shopping before returning to hotel. Note: From Underwater World, you should keep the taxi with you. You can hire at hourly rate of RM25 per hour. There is a taxi stand right outside Underwater world.  
day3: Take the Mangrove &áGeopark full day tour. Malibest Travel Desk is one of the best for this, they also cover the beautiful Tanjung Rhu beach on the northern coast as part of this tour, and they offer discounts to hotel guests. You will return by 4pm. An alternative day program is to take the boat tour to Pulau Payar Marine Park ... great for snorkeling ... see lots of colourful fishes and marine life, feed the sharks, enjoy picnic and lunch, then return. After that if you still have energy left, walk down to Laman Ria (Rice field and museum). It's a short walk from Malibest. Otherwise just relax, then walk down to one of the many restaurants on Cenang road, have a drink and dinner. 
day4: Visit buffalo park, field of burnt rice, Mahsuri Tomb, Galeria Perdana, Langkawi Craft Complex and Wildlife park. Like before, hire áa taxi by the hour. Note that snake sanctuary has closed down. 
day5: First half at leisure, then transfer to airport. 
Raj ( March 2014 
Need your help in planning my Langkawi trip. we(me, my wife and 4 year old daughter) will be arriving in Langkawi at 13-Mar-2014 12.30 PM. and will be staying in langkawi for 3 nights leaving on 16-Mar-2014 8.55 am. I will be staying in Pentai Cenang. 
Please advise a suitable plan for roaming around in Langkawi. Following are the details i was planning to cover in the 3 day trip. 
Day 1: Cenang beach, crocodile farm. 
Day 2: Island hopping, Cable car, Duck tours, Bird park, Water falls. 
Day 3: Mangrove tour, shopping, Kuah town and eagle square. 
Day 4: Return. 
Also, please advise how to get a taxi package for 3 days in Langkawi. Thanks, 
Yas (March 2014) 
Your plan is okay. Note that Crocodile Farm is in Datai area and a bit far from Cenang. Take a taxi and work out a return fare with the driver, you may not otherwise get a taxi on return. There is no need for a 3-day taxi package. From the stand (there are couple of stands in Cenang) you can hire a taxi by the hour (RM25 per hour) and go for your day tours. This is the standard rate and you will need to book the taxi for minimum 4 hours. 
On day2, start the Island Hopping boat tour early (by 9am) from Pantai Tengah. There are ample roadside tour stalls offering this tour in Pantai Cenang. You can also take a taxi, go down to Teluk Baru jetty at Pantai Tengah (5-6 minutes) and take the boat tour directly. Next move to Cable Car in Oriental village, next Duck Tour (which operates from outside the main gate of Oriental Village), then Seven Wells waterfall in Pantai Kok (will take time if you want to go up to the upper tier), and then if time permits, the Bird Park (now known as Wildlife Park). 
Day3: Take the mangrove tour in the morning. A proper mangrove tour takes almost the full day (9:30am to 4pm). Malibest resort (Pantai Cenang) travel desk offers one of the best mangrove tours. Do the shopping in the evening at Kuah town. Eagle square is in Kuah town near the Kuah ferry jetty. 
Raj ( March 2014 
My family 2 adults n 4 children (age 14-6) are going to langkawi by flight in June. My schedule is: 
D1: field of burnt rice, mahsuri tomb, beach, shopping 
D2: island hopping, cable car, underwater world. 
I would like to ask 
1. whether to rent a car n explore ourselve or join the ground tour or taking a taxi is more convenient. 
2. what is the normal rental for a manual proton car per day. 
3. I plan to book a triple room n all of us squeeze in, does the hotel allow. 
4. If I rent a car, hotel in which part more suitable. 
Anne lim (April 2014) 
Taking a taxi is most convenient. Unless you know the places, you can end up wasting time on a rented car while trying to find the places. If you rent a car, rent it from the airport itself. There are several rental companies out there, and you can return it while leaving. Whether hotel will allow all in a room will depend on hotel's own policy. In most cases they won't. 
Raj ( April 2014 
Hi, i am going to Langkawi from kuala lumpur in this June 2014 by airplane. I would appreciate if you could give me some ideas what should I do. It is a 3 days 2 night trip. I have some idea in mind, but i don't know where should i go first and how can i get there. I plan to have one day for shopping and another day for outdoor activities. I going with my mum only, so I am a bit worried about security things. Is it safe to go langkawi with only 2 girls? Because i am just a student. Which hotel would you suggest the best for us if we plan to have shopping first after landing in airport? I hope to stay in somewhere nearer and within walk distance to reach the place. Not too expensive hotel (budget:rm100-150/night). And what outdoor activities I can go? My mother is 62 years old so water activity is not a good idea for her. Anyway, I still would like to visit the eagle feeding place. Thanks for your info! I would appreciate a lot :) 
Adeline ong chek kim (April 2014) 
For shopping, you should stay in Kuah Town. Hotel Asia would be a good choice for the price range you mentioned. Go through the link below for my review of the hotel: Hotel Asia Review 
Langkawi is generally quite safe. But don't push it too much (late nights etc etc). 
Raj ( April 2014 
Hi Raj, I will be on Langkawi for 3 days 2 nights, so only have 1 full day there. I'm interested to join 2 tours in one day, the mangrove tour and island hopping. Do you think it is possible to be made? Beside that, I also would like to take cable car &ásky bridge. Is it possible to be made on the 3rd day, since I have to take flight on 3 pm. Is the sky bridge open? I read somewhere that it closed, too bad. Thank you 
Yanni (April 2014) 
A proper mangroves &ágeopark tour takes almost a full day. But you can go to the Kilim Jetty in the morning by 9am, hop into a boat and take a ride for 2-3 hours through the geopark &ámangroves. You can get boats for groups that run on per person rate or charter a boat. You can then take lunch and drive straight to Pantai Tengah to take the island hopping tour in the afternoon. You can go for Cable Car on the 3rd day. Reach by 9:30/10am. However if it's a Wednesdays, it won't be possible as it starts at 12noon. Skybridge is closed. In fact the north platform of the cable car top station is also closed for renovation. 
Raj ( April 2014 
Hello Raj, 
I'm going to visit Langkawi from May 7 to midday of May 9 2014 (I will fly to Langkawi on May 7, arrive at 8:30am and will take a ferry to Penang on May 9 at 2:30pm). I travel alone. I love to drive around Langkawi by motorbike. I will stay in Pantai Cenang. Can you help me with my itinerary: 
May 7: After arrive to Langkawi airport, I will take taxi to my hotel, and then hire a motorbike. 
1. Cable car and Sky bridge: go to the Middle station, and then climb to the top station. 
2. Seven Wells Waterfall: from the middle station, while climbing, I can pass this waterfall, right? 
After reach to the top, visit both top station and Skybridge, I will take cable car to go down. 
3. Go back to Pantai Cenang for lunch. 
4. Drive to Kuah town to visit Eagle square, Lagendar park, Al-Hana mosque. 
5. Take road 112 (Jalan Air Hangat) to visit Wat Wanaram Temple, Wat Tham Kisap Budhist Temple and a Hindu temple. 
6. Go along road 112, to 113 road (Jalan Teluk Yu) to visit Black Sand beach, Shark Bay beach, straight and turn right 104 road to visit Ewa Jetty, and then go back to 113 road again. 
7. And go along this road until meet 161 road (Jalan Datai). Head to the north to Pantai Pasir Tengkorak beach, Temurun Waterfall (if I can). 
8. Go back to Tajung Rhu beach for sunset (public beach). 
9. From Tajung Rhu beach, go back to Cenang beach for dinner. 
May 8: 
1. Watch sunrise at the end of Jalan Pantai Tegah. 
2. Go back Pantai Cenang for breakfast and do Island hopping tour. 
3. Underwater world 
4. Go to the top of Gunung Raya. 
5. Go back for sunset at Pantai Cenang/Pantai Tengah beach. 
May 9: 
I'm not sure that I can do all I plan in May 7, so if there's anything I miss in that day, I can do it on May 9 (until midday). 
Thank you very much for your help. I just plan my itinerary, but I'm spontaneous so maybe I will spend more time to some places that I love and skip another place. 
Dzung Tran (May 2014) 
Hi Dzung, 
I like your plans and enthusiasm to explore Langkawi. But you need to make some changes to make the most out of your plans. 
May-7 is a Wednesday and the cable car starts operating only from 12noon. So in the morning head straight to Tanjung Rhu beach, Black Sand Beach, Shark Bay Beach, Ewa Jetty (in this order) and then to Datai (for Temurun Fall etc). Then visit Cable Car. Don't come back to Pantai Cenang for lunch. Have a light lunch at Oriental Village (cable car base) if you plan to trek the trail. 
Skybridge is closed since several months for repairs. The north platform (of cable car top station) is also closed for renovation work. But you can still take the trail from the Middle station. From middle station, a section of the trail leads to Seven Wells Waterfall. If you do this trek, then you will need to cut out some other activities on day-7. Actually you can do the Kuah Town (Eagle Square Lagenda Park, Al-Hana Mosque etc) and the temple tour on day-8 after Gunung Raya or on Day-9 in the morning. 
Good Luck!! 
Raj ( May 2014 
Hello Raj, Firstly Thanks, your doing a great job. 
Day 1: our flight from KUL to LGK is at 10.00 AM ie we reach LGK at 11. Please suggest what we could do. 
Day 2: In reference to your previous posts, I have concluded the following (in the same order) 
A> Island hopping 
B> Underwater world 
c> cable car and oriental village - is an afternoon cable car ride fine? (scenic visibility-wise?) 
Day 3: return to KUL by 11 am flight. Thanks again:) 
Bipin Mehta (May 2014) 
On Day-1, do beach hopping in the afternoon. Hire a taxi by the hour and visit beaches like Tanjung Rhu, Black Bay Beach, Shark Bay Beach (Craft Complex is opposite this beach, visit that as well), Ewa Jetty (all in this order). Then if you go towards Datai, visit Temurun Waterfall. Taxis may ask extra for Datai visit. Otherwise come towards Pantai Kok and visit Pantai Kok Beach, then Perdana Quay &ááTelaga Harbor. 
Alternatively you can go to Kuah town, visit Eagle Square, Ladenla Park and do some duty free shopping. 
Cable car in the afternoon is okay. But visibility depends on your luck. 
Raj ( May 2014 
Hi Raj, 
I'm a solo traveler on a 4d3n trip travelling 30-Jun to 3-Jul. I'm arriving in airport 12:30noon and leaving 3-Jul on 8:55am flight. I'll be staying at Kg Pantai Cenang n travel around by bicycle. My queries as follow: 
1. What activity would you suggest on d1 upon arrival? 
2. I'm going to Geopark &áMangroves tour by Malibest on d2, by the time I return it's around 4pm. Any activities thereafter you would suggest? I'm going to island hopping on d3 n return around 1pm. What can I do after that? 
3. What time do I leave for 8:55am flight? Is 7:30am safe? 
Thanks w regards, 
Seou Ming Choo (June 2014) 
On day-1 you can visit The Underwater World and Laman Padi in the afternoon (both in Pantai Cenang) 
On day-2, you can visit Kuah Town around 5pm, visit the Jetty area (Jetty Point Mall, Eagle Square), see the town and other shopping scene etc and dine at Kuah. Alternatively just hang around on the Cenang beach. 
On day-3, you can take the Cable Car ride in the after noon at Pantai Kok and if time permits, visit the Seven Wells Waterfall (Telega Tujuh). 
On day4, you should leave for airport by 7:15am. 
Raj ( June 2014 
Hi Raj, 
Firstly congratulations for finding passion in doing what you do. I and my parents would like to stay in Langkawi for more a bit than 1.5 day. For first night, we already booked one night near the airport - One Helang Hotel but still not sure about second night, any suggestion (for similar price range). 
We are thinking to go Pantai Cenang on the first day for joining island hoping then go to Cable car in the afternoon. All transport mode will be done by taxi or car hire. 
Second day we are planning to go to Penang at 5 pm if there is nothing interested us. In the morning - our plan is going to Langkawi Underwater World, Langkawi statue, may be museum. Is there anything interesting in Kuah? We are not into duty free shopping at all :) 
Actually we can extend our stay by another day but we are not sure what to do there. Mangrove tour any good? Thanking you in advance for this. 
Kind regards, 
Erni Liem (June 2014) 
Hi, Stay at Malibest Reseort (beach front cottage) on 2nd night and take the mangrove tour through them. You will return around 4pm, so extend the stay for one more day. Next day in the morning take the island hopping tour before you leave for Penang. 
Raj ( June 2014 
Hi, I will be in langkawi (star cruise libra) from 08.00-18.00, So most probably will be on the island at 9am/10am then i need to get back to cruise on 5pm. do you think I can do island hopping &ácable car tour? which one should I do 1st? there are 12 of us, 9 adults n 3 kids, whats ur suggestion on transportion? thx 
Gaby Faradisa (June 2014) 
Try to book a mini van in advance. If it's not a Wednesday, then first visit Cable Car (see the timings). Spend up to 1 hour at Cable Car (if you start from cruise terminal at 10am), have quick &áearly lunch at Cable Car area (Oriental Village) and then move to Island Hopping start point. The boats leave from a jetty which is near the cruise terminal (within 3-4 minutes drive distance). Take a reserved boat so that you can control the tour time. Won't cost lot more than a group boat tour. The usual time is 3 hours+. You should be back to the Jetty by 4:45pm. 
Raj ( June 2014 
Hi friend, 
I will be travelling with another person to Langkawi, reaching morning approx 9 am 13 July 2014 and leaving about 12 or 1 pm 15 July 2014. How would my itinerary go? Planning to stay at Easy Hotel, Pantai Chenang and rent a car from airport. Is the hotel good? We wont want to do any island hopping. Need to slot in Oriental Village &ácablecar, Chenang Beach, pebble beach (if possible), mahsuri tomb, underwater world, eagle square, shopping (either at chenang beach or kuah), laman padi, shark bay beach, any any nearby attractions along the way. Hope you can slot a comfortable itenary for us! Thanks 
Teo (July 2014) 
Easy hotel is a relatively good budget hotel. It's on a narrow lane off the main road in Pantai Cenang and the Cenang beach is about 5 minutes walk. 
Hire a cab by the hour (RM25 per hour) and you can cover most in your list in the first two days. On day 1, cover Mahsuri Tomb, Air Hangat Village, Eagle Square, Lagenda Park, Al Hana Mosque, and Shopping in Kuah. Note that most hotels in Langkawi do not allow early check-in unless you pre-arrange that or they have empty rooms. Usual check in is at 2pm. On Day2, cover Cable Car, Seven Wells Water Falls, Telaga Harbor &áPerdana Quay, Shark Bay beach, Craft Complex (opp Shark Bay Beach), and Faizy Crystal Glass Blowing Studio (behind Craft Complex), then come back to Pantai Cenang and ask the taxi to drop you at Underwater World. You can walk back to your hotel and on the way enjoy the Cenang beach. On day-2, walk across to Laman Padi in the morning (easy walk from your hotel). 
Raj ( July 2014 
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