Langkawi Itineraries - Part VI

Hi Raj, 
I must commend what a great and informative site to us all. We are a family of 4 (2Adult 2Children). I am planning the itinerary for a 4day 3 nights. 
Day 1 
Check into a hotel in Kuah about 4.30pm. 
Eagle Square 
Evening shopping 
(Any other places of interest I can cover before dinner time?) 
Day 2 
Check out from hotel in Kuah. 
Mahsuri Mausoleum 
Underwater World 
(Any suggestion of places of interest before we check in to Hotel in Pantai Kok? Seven Wells? Craft Centre? Black Sand beach?) 
Day 3 
Kilim Geopark Boat Tour (2-3 hours) 
(not sure what to plan after the boat mangrove tour? Also not sure if Galeria Perdana near Kilim jetty?) 
Day 4 
Cable Car 
Check out sometime noon 
Departure 4pm. 
Considering car rental versus taxi. Possible not for 1st day. How much would a taxi ride cost, say from Kuah to Cenang? 
Considering it is fasting month, will most restaurants (except non Muslim) be closed? 
Thanks and regards, 
Chin (June 2016) 
On day1, first visit Lagenda park and then walk to Eagle square. Check if night market sets up on day1 at Kuah, if so then visit there in the evening. 
Visit seven wells on day2 (it's in Pantai kok area, and will take time to walk all the way up to the top). 
Galeria Perdana is quite close to Kilim Jetty and you can easily visit that after your geopark tour. 
Many restaurants will be open during the month. You can find taxi fares between various points on my page on taxis. 
Raj ( June 2016 
Hi Raj, 
Came across your awesome site while looking for information about Langkawi. We are reaching Langkawi on 13th August at 9 PM and will be leaving to KL on 16th at 12.30 PM. I have few questions: 
1. How is the weather in Langkawi in August does it rain heavily? 
2. On day 2 i.e. 14th(Sunday) we are planning for Oriental village/cablecar/3D museum. Can i also cover the island hopping the same day? We are staying in a hotel in Pantai Cenag. 
3. Day 3 i.e. 15th, we are planning to cover mangrove tour (half day), eagle square , beaches and squeeze in some time for shopping as well. Is this plan realistic? 
4. Day 4 we have a flight at 12.30, is there something we can cover on that day ? Shopping may be? 
Thanks and look forward to your reply. 
Neha (August 2016) 
Check my weather page under 'How' menu option for August weather. Day2 is doable - start Island hopping by 9am and plan to take a quick lunch. Day3 is also doable. Plan your shopping at the airport on the day of departure. 
Raj ( August 2016 
Hi Raj, 
I have come up with the below schedule. Please let me know if it will work. Will be staying in Pantai Cenang area at Temple Tree. Travelling with wife and 4 yr old daughter. 
Day 1 áááMangrove and Geo Park 
áááááááPentai Cenang Beach 
Day 2 áááIsland Hopping Tour 
áááááááUnderwater World ?? 
áááááááCable Car á&áSky Bridge from Oriental Village 
áááááááDuck Tours from Gate A Oriental Village 
Day 3 áááField of Burnt rice (Beras Terbakar) 
áááááááBlack Sand Beach á&áShark Bay Beach 
áááááááAir Hangat Village, Craft Complex  
áááááááFaizy Crystal glass blowing studio 
Day4 áááááááRice Museum (Laman Padi) 
áááááááTelaga Harbor/Perdana Quay 
áááááááKuah Town and Eagle Square 
áááááááAl Hana Mosque 
áááááááTaman Lagenda 
áááááááMahsuri Tomb(Makam Mahsuri) 
áááááááNight Market 
Await your thoughts. Regards,  
Dinesh (August 2016) 
Nice itinerary. 
Raj ( August 2016 
Hi Raj, 
I would be grateful if you could quickly review and suggest changes if any. We are a group of 8 arriving in Langkawi on 1st Jan 2017 
01-Jan - Checkin at De Baron Resort Kuah around 3 PM, kindly let us know your view on the venue, visit Eagle Square and explore the town in the evening 
02- Jan - Cable Car and Sky bridge and Sky Dome in the morning followed by exploring Oriental village, will we have time to do island hopping after this? 
03-Jan - Mangrove Geo Park tour 
04-Jan - what activities can we cover before checkout at 12:00 PM 
Could you please suggest beaches close by to the locations we are visiting, that should not be missed..? hugely appreciate your time and advise. 
Thanks &áRegards, 
Wilfred (October 2016) 
Baron group hotels are nice. This one too is a good hotel and the location is good too. Great views of water. But there are no public beaches in Kuah. Nearest ones would in Pantai Cenang (the Cenang beach) or even Pantai Tengah - an easy taxi ride, about 20 minutes. Cenang beach is the most popular and picturesque one while tengah is quieter. 
You are unlikely to have time left for Island Hopping on day-2 (last boat usually leaves by 4pm). On day-4 you can make a quick visit to Atma Alam Batik Village, or Air Hangat Village (hot spring) or Complex Craft &áFaizy Crystals (you also get the Shark Bay Beach here which is quite nice) etc depending on your interest. Laman Padi (rice museum) is also an option. 
Raj ( October 2016 
Hi Raj, 
Great site you have here - very helpful. Can u please check the 5D 4N itinerary which I have made for my family (2 adults, 3 children 15,12 &á6 year old) trip at the end of this month? 
Day 1 (arriving via flight @ 9.30 am) 
Sight seeing around Kuah town 
In the evening Sports &áwater activities @ Chenang beach 
Day 2 
Cable car 
Sky bridge 
Oriental Village 
Duck Tour 
3D Musuem 
Any other suggestions or is it enough for the day? 
Day 3 
Mahsuri tomb 
Fields of burnt rice 
Faizy Crystal glass blowing studio 
Air Hangat Village 
Underwater world 
Any other activities or is it enough? 
Day 4 
Island hopping &áMangrove geopark 
Day 5  
Eagle Square 
Flight leaves @ 7.35 pm 
* on which day should I slot in Galeria Perdana &áLagenda Park? 
Feel free to adjust any of the itinerary and please do suggest any other places of interest which i do not know of. 
Thank you very much for your kind assistance and really excited to hear from you soon. 
Yuhana Harun (October 2016) 
Hi, your itinerary is nice. You can add seven wells waterfall on day-2. Lagenda Park is next to Eagle Square, so visit on the last day. You can visit Galeria Perdana on day-1 or last day, or even on day-3 if you finish off the day early. 
Raj ( October 2016 
Hi Raj, 
We will go Langkawi on 30 Oct 2016. I have an itinerary as follows: 
Day 1 
Check in 
Eagle Square 
Kuah town 
Day 2 
Island hoping 
Underwater world 
Cable car &áOriental Village 
Pantai Cenang 
Day 3 
Mangrove boat tour 
Makam mahsuri, crocodile farm, air hangat village, black sand beach, Tanjung Rhu á 
Day 4 
Hotel check out 
We have 6 áperson travelling. Can you please help me see if the plan suitable, thank you. 
Wilson (October 2016) 
Hi, all day3 activities may not be possible unless you take a short mangrove tour in the morning. Order of activity in Day2 should be changed. Do cable car first. Rest all are near each other. Cable car - island hopping - underwater world - cenang beach. 
Raj ( October 2016 
Hi Raj, 
I had read thru and thanks for the awesome info and comments. This is our first trip to Langkawi on family of 4 with 2 kids age 4 &á10. We are planning to go on March 2017. We will arriving on 11/3/2017 around 1pm and depart on 14/3/2017 around 5pm. áI'm thinking to book the Malibest Resort from 11/3/2017-13/3/2017 and Berjaya Resort from 13/3/2017-14/3/2017. I intend to rent a car to get around when we arrive at the airport. 
Please help to check and comment or suggestions on my itinerary below:- 
Day 1- Arrival >árent a car and lunch then check in Malibest Resort >áUnderwater World 
Day 2- Mangrove Tour >áEagle square >áshopping  
Day 3- Check in Berjaya >áOriental Village + Cable car + Skybridge + 3D art museum (optional) 
Day 4- Check out >áWildlife Park >ádepart 
Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance. 
Serene (November 2016) 
Hi, nice plan. On day-4, you can add Seven Wells Waterfall which is near Berjaya, go up the stairs all the way to the top fall. Start early though so that you can be back before check out time. 
Raj ( November 2016 
Hii there ,  
The following is my itinerary , hope u can advice me if I can at other things into it . I will be travelling with my partner and she prefers it to be more relaxing and not so tiring .  
On top of that , i would like to know places where we can have good and affordable meals not too expensive ( eg : in the range of RM50 if no seafood , and in the range of RM100 if seafood ) for the both of us . We are not big eaters and just eat with moderation . Currently in my itinerary I do not have the mangrove tour , eagle feeding tour , and i would like to have that in my itinerary if it isn't too rushing . However if it is too rushing then it will be fine to ommit it  
The itinerary is as follows  
Day 1  
8:30am Travel to KLIA 2  
10am Depart from KLIA 
11am Touch down + lunch ( Where to have lunch ) 
12pm Travel to cabel car ( Oriential village ) 
3:30pm Underwater world  
5:30pm Check in  
7pm Pasar malam  
Day 2  
8am Breakfast  
9am Pulau Payar snorkeling Book via hotel but not paid yet  
4pm Balik Hotel  
5pm Wash Up , and Rest  
6:30pm Dinner  
Day 3  
10am Wake up  
11am Wildlife &ábird paradise + shopping  
1:30pm Proceed to Pasir Hitam  
3pm Back to hotel from Pasir Hitam  
4pm Depart for airport  
4:30 Reach airport  
545pm Depart back to KL  
Hope you could advice me by dropping me and email  
Thanks and appreciate your help  
Nicholas Chan (December 2016) 
Hi, you can't fit in other activities without making the plan hectic. So let it be the way it is. For lunch on arrival, you can have it at Oriental Village where there are several restaurants. You can find that information in the page below: 
For eating out while in the island, you can refer to the following page and select restaurants of budget or mid-range category for a location and cuisine of your choice: 
Raj ( December 2016 
Hi Friend, 
Hope you are doing great. Must appreciate the wonderful reviews and feedback's being shared in this platform. This is of ágreat help in planning our tour. 
Me and my husband would be travelling to Langkawi in January. We would need your help and feedback to plan our tour to Langkawi. We are arriving at Langkawi on 14th of January at approx 11am. I have mentioned our activities as per the below plans. Could you please share your expert advice and reviews on the same to make this one of the best tour. Me and my hubby are very energetic and have no issues to gear for hectic tours which might include many sightseeing in a single day.we would like to maximize the day tours and relax at the resort by the night indulging in private beach bbq/seafood dinners/night-life in Tanjung Rhu. We are staying at Tanjung Rhu Resort. á 
We would also like to know the mode of transport which would be best for us for the below planned activities considering we are staying at Tanjung Rhu and also the best time of the day for visiting the below attractions. 
14/01 - Reach Tanjung Rhu Resort at 2pm 
Dataran Lang (Eagle Square) in the afternnon till evening. 
Please let me kow for any other add-on places which can we visited the same day 
Morning - Spend some time in Tanjung Rhu Beach, Black Sand Beach , Blach Shark Beach 
Langkawi Cable Car and Sky Bridge  
Cenang Beach with Underwater World, Pantai Tengah 
Please let us know for any other add-ons which can we visited the same day 
Island Hopping Tour (visit áPulau Dayang Bunting &áLake of the Pregnant Maiden and complete the tour in 3 hours including pick-up and drop at hotel as we would not try swimmimg or any other beach activity.) 
Langkawi Wildlife Park &áBird Paradise 
Kilim Karst Geoforest Park and Mangrove Tour (we wish to complete the tour in 3 hours including pick-up and drop at hotel. We would opt a shorter tour, and go down to Kilim jetty and hire a private boat. Will there be queue for the same?) 
Also let us know if in the overall package, any other Langkawi attraction can be included. 
Returning in the morning 
Thanks so much for your valuable comments. 
Suzane Lakra (December 2016) 
Hi, good plan. On day1, start by 3pm, first visit Air Hangat Village (hot spring) or Batik Village depending on your interest, then Eagle Square. Walk down to the nearby Lagenda Park - nice parkland with many sculptures depicting the legends of Langkawi. In the evening, you can do some shopping at Kuah if you want before returning to your hotel. 
Rest of your plan is good. 
Raj ( December 2016 
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