Langkawi Itineraries - Part IV

Good Day Raj, 
Thank you very much for your website that gives us many ideas of itinerary planning in Langkawi. This is my first time to Langkawi with 3 kids (4-11yrs)along on coming June. I do need your help to check my itinerary below if hectic or leisure, can add in some more? if yes, what are you recommend :p Thanks in advance =) 
1st Day: 
@945am Arrival Langkawi-> car pick up from airport-> heading to Oriental Village for skycab, skybridge , lake activity, 3D art museum and shopping. Do you advise skydome? @17:00pm check in malibest resort, beach strolling, shopping and enjoy our dinner at Yellow cafe. (if the cafe always crowded? can book in advance?) 
2nd Day: 
@900am Island hopping. @1:30pm Black beach ,Kuah town, eagle square, shopping and dinner (can you recommend any restaurant or food place in kuah town?). @1830 Night Market at Kedawang 
3rd Day: (Flight at 15:20pm) 
@0900 Breakfast at red tomatoes and water activities in pantai cenang. @12:00 check out hotel and proceed to underwater world. @1330 set off to airport and car return 
Many thanks! 
Nik (May 2015) 
Your itinerary is quite good. Skydome is included in the normal ticket fare of Skycab. Yellow Cafe can get full during the peak time. They won't likely take table reservations. In Kuah you can try out Fish Farm restaurant (if you like seafood). It's in the outskirts. I like Cappuccino House too. You will find details here
Raj ( May 2015 
This is my 1st time to Langkawi, me and my families will arrive at Langkawi airport around on 5 June at 5pm from Singapore &áplan to spent 4 days in Langkawi. In Langkawi we stay at Kuah Town. My plans are follows : 
Day 1 (Friday) 
Check in Hotel (late afternoon, Eagle Square, Legenda Park and Shopping 
Day 2 (Saturday) 
Island Hopping 
Day 3 (Sunday) 
Oriental Village - Cable Car 
Day 4 (Monday) 
swimming snorkerlling 
Day 5 (Tuesday) 
Leaving to Airport 
Appreciate for your suggestion áif there are others places we can add during our trip in Langkawi. Best Regards 
Haryati (May 2015) 
Hi, you can combine the Island hopping, Oriental Village / Cable car on the same day and free up day-3. Start a bit early. On day-3 take the Geopark &áMangroves full day boat tour. On day-4, visit Pulau Payar Marine park for swimming and snorkeling. Spend couple of hours of the evenings at Pantai Cenang beach. 
Raj ( May 2015 
I am currently planning for a trip to langakwi. It my first time there. I have looked through the itineraries you have suggested and plan it. Just need some suggestions: 
Arrival 24th July 2015 at 5.30pm 
Day 1 
-Check in hotel (need hotel suggestion) 
-walk around Pantai Cenang 
Day 2 
-take a cab down to cable car 
-spent the day skycab, skybridge, skydome and 3D Art musuem 
- have lunch there 
- followed by elephant rides 
- anything else i can cover near by that area? 
Day 3 
- Kilim Geo Park and Mangroves Tour (will book from malibest hotel) 
- spa in Pantai Cenang 
- back to hotel, shower 
Day 4 
-Eagle Square 
-Rice Museum 
-It is my birthday - recommendation for any dinning with nice view 
Day 5 
-last minute shopping 
-check out 
- flight is at 3.55pm 
I am missing out Island Hopping Tour and Pulau Payar Marine Park Tour 
Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks 
Dharshini (June 2015) 
On Day2, add Duck Tour (bus &áboat vehicle) at Oriental Village (outside the main gate) ... nice tour on road and followed by water tour on Telaga harbor. On day4, you can go for Island Hopping in the first half and do the rest in the second half easily. For your birthday dinner, you may consider The Cliff Restaurant at Pantai Cenang ... wonderful views of the sea from all around. 
However alternatively if you can spend a bit more, then walk into Casa Del Mar resort at Pantai Cenang, and dine outside at the Coconut Grooves next to the sand watching the best sunset on Andaman sea. 
Raj ( June 2015 
Dear Raj, 
I have, in my this mail, tried to keep in mind your tips. I have read other itineraries and made my own. Seek your suggestions: 
We are a couple on our 26th anniversary. We want to have a relaxed holiday. We will be there at Langakawi for thee days reaching on day 1 at around 1030 hrs. And leaving on day 4 at 1200 hrs. 
We plan cable car + sky bridge+batik village+ eagle square + shopping on one day. On second day we plan island hopping and snorkeling diving. As recommende by you we we'd like to for Kilimanjaro Geopark n Mangroves tour. So will it be ácovered in the island hopping? Or we shift snorkeling diving to another day at Palau Payarmarine park ? 
Rest we will plan as suggested by you. So await your mail. Thanks and hope you reply my mail. 
Atul Khanna (June 2015) 
Kilim Geopark is not covered under island hopping. You can do island hopping in the morning and 2/3 hours tour of Kilim Geopark from Kilim jetty in the afternoon. Snorkeling/Diving will take a full day unless you do it through Langkawi Scuba who operates out of Pantai Cenang beach (they have a kiosk) and offers diving at nearby places. This can eliminate the long trip to Pulau Payar, but visibility may be less. 
Raj ( June 2015 
Hi Raj, 
I feel that you are doing a stellar job here. This level of detail on any destination I have rarely seen. I will be travelling with my wife to Langkawi on the 25th June. Please find below a first cut plan all from the itineraries that are listed. 
Day 1: Reach Langkawi airport at 09:30am. 
Hotel Booking (this is pending). I was looking at Pulau Dayang Bunting. Is this feasible or else, should I look at hotels in Kuah or Pentai Cenang. We would be pretty active and we'd be doing early mornings and late nights. So safety and travel would be a consideration as well. Travel: I would love to hire a bike for the entire trip. However directions are not my strong point. How about google maps, street signs, directions from locals? 
Pulau Cenang Beach? 
Laman Padi 
Any More beaches ?? 
Duty Free Shopping? 
Cenang Mall? 
Day 2: 
Island Hopping? 
Underwater World?(We have seen the ones in SG and KL, so is this any ádifferent??) 
Cable Car Ride? 
Kuah (Eagle Square? Ladenla Park)? 
Day 3: 
Kilim Geopark &?Mangroves Tour? 
Air Trekking 
Seems light can we add something here ?? 
Day 4: 
Galeria Perdana? 
Makam Mahsuri &áAir Hangat Village? 
Craft Cultural Complex? 
Wild Life Park 
Day 4 was a mix of events. We are not very sure of the to do's for this day since it was mainly from the many itineraries from your site. Please feel free to change. 
Day 5: Flight to SG 8:30 AM 
Please feel free to add or cut down on things. We are pretty open minded people and want to squeeze as much fun as we can from this trip :) Thanks for all the good work done :) 
Krishna Jadhav (June 2015) 
Hi, your itinerary is okay. There are no hotels in Dayang Bunting. Stay at Pantai Cenang or Tengah if you like beaches. You can follow GPS, locals on the way will also guide but language can be a problem... most speak only Malay. Get hold of a good map from the airport (visit the Tourist Information Center). 
On day-1, you can add Tanjung Rhu beach located at the northern end of the island - lovely, and on your way back visit Shark Bay beach, and opposite to that the Craft Complex and Faizy Crystals. 
A proper Kilim Geopark tour can take almost a full day. On day-3 you can add night jungle safari to see nocturnal animals in the forest in flash lights. 
On day-4 take out Craft Complex (already done on day1), and add Pantai Kok Beach, Telaga Harbor/Perdana Quay to have your lunch by the harbor side and do some shopping. 
Raj ( June 2015 
Hi Raj, 
This website is really awesome. From it, I manage to make plannings to my trip. This is my first family trip (my family, my parents and my in-laws). Total, there are 6 adults and 3 children (3, 6,8 years old). Can you please advise me on my itinerary below :) 
23 July 2015 
8.30am flight reach Langkawi 
9.30am van pick up at airport (RM150 per/day) 
10.30am drop luggage at Perdana Beach Resort 
11.00am Lagenda Park 
12.00pm Lunch at Chicken Joe's Hainanese Cafe 
1.00pm Wildlife Park 
3.00-5.00pm Black Sand Beach( there is a playground for children?) 
6.00pm Eagle Square 
7.00pm Check in/Back to hotel 
8.00pm Dinner ??? (any good eateries nearby?) 
24 July2015 
7.30am Breakfast. (mamak stall i think) 
8.30-11.30am Island hopping (plan to get a boat RM250 for 4 hours) 
12.00pm Water Garden Hawker Center, Kuah 
2.00pm-Oriental Village / Cable car 
6.00pm Shopping at Duty Free 
8.00pm Dinner (any chinese seafood restaurant?) 
25July 2015 
9.00am Check out and Breakfast 
10.30am Galeria Perdana 
12.00pm Lunch (Md Donald i think) 
1.30-5.00 Believe Langkawi (bought tickets d)& final shopping 
6.00pm return car at Airport 
8.30pm flight home 
Are there any art workshops such ad batik painting for children or 
adults? I would love my tour mate to join workshops or get exposure to 
the lifestyle of the people in Langkawi. 
Thanks in advance =) 
Miss Hiew (June 2015) 
Hi, your itinerary looks good. For dinner, you can try 7 Roof Restaurant (Chinese Seafood) which is in Padang Matsirat and not far from your hotel. For Batik, visit Atma Alam Batik Village located close to your hotel. 
Raj ( June 2015 
Hi Raj, 
Its really nice to see your feedback against each questions. I would also like you to advice about our trip. We are 8 of us and will be reaching LGK on 18Aug around 1200hrs and leaving on 22Aug morning and will be staying at Federal Villa. We are interested to go for Scuba Diving. I am planning the below itinerary. Please check &áadvise: 
18Aug - Check in. Enjoy Beach. Explore the city. 
19Aug - Geo Park &áMangrove + Underwater World 
20Aug- Cable Car + Sky Bridge + Water falls 
21Aug - Scuba Dive in the morn. Later Island Hopping Tour. 
22Aug - Depart Lgk. 
Awaiting your valuable advice. Thanks, 
Rakhi (July 2015) 
Hi, if you plan your scuba dive in Pulau Payar Marine Park, then it'll take a whole day and you can not plan island hopping on the same day. But if you scuba dive from Pantai Cenang, then it's possible. Rest is okay. 
Raj ( July 2015 
Hi, I am planning to travel Langkawi with 3 friends, for a 3,days 3 night trip, and we will be staying at Malibest Resort. 
Following is my initial plan basd on your previous post, but i hope to seek some advice from you based on your expert experience, looking toward your replies. 
Day 1 Sunday: reach langkawi airport at 1605, basically plan to walk around pantai cenang and go free duty shop around, and take dinner 
Day 2 Monday: plan to go for cable car ride and duck tour, and visit kuah town and eagle square, black bay beach in evening for sunset, any additional activity suggestion? 
Day 3 Tuesday: cenang water sports, underwater world in afternoon and laman ria 
Day 4 10am flight, no activity planned 
Could you please recommend the timing as well as the sequence of daily activities? Appreciate a lot. Regards, 
Kok (July 2015) 
On day2, after a short visit at the Black Bay Beach, move to nearby Shark Bay Beach and watch the sun set. Actually sunset is better watched from the western coast like Cenang or Tengah beaches. Opposite to Shark Bay Beach is Complex Craft and Faizy Crystal (glass blowing studio) that you can visit before returning. Rest of your itinerary and sequence is good. 
Raj ( July 2015 
Hi we are a family with 3 kids visiting in Dec. áWe plan to visit cable car, island hopping , geopark and mangroves tour and eagle square. Will it be possible to do all in 3 days? Also plz advise if we should pre ábook with a tour operator since Dec being peak season áor go on our áown. Thank you. 
Fatema Akil (July 2015) 
Yes possible in 3 days. Do Island Hopping in the morning and Cable car later on the same day. 
No need to book tours in advance. 
Raj ( July 2015 
Hi Raj, 
Would you please advise me as the first timer going to Langkawi this August 2015? 
I will be flying on 15th Aug - 17th Aug. 
15th Aug, reach Langkawi at 11am, SkyCab - Telaga Harbor Park or Underwater world 
16th Aug, (me and my bf would love to do water activities, i.e, snorkeling, water sport, or island hoping) where should i go? Kilim Geo Park and Mangroves Tour or island hoping for snorkeling? 
17th Aug, can I do island hoping? I have flight to catch at 6:00pm. 
Please advise. Thank you so much 
Janet Ceng (July 2015) 
On 16th you can either go for snorkeling at Pulau Payar marine park (it's a full day tour from Kuah) or Kilim Geo Park. You need to select one out of the two. On 17th, you can easily go for Island Hopping in the morning and then visit Underwater World if you so wish. 
Raj ( July 2015 
So on the 15th, reached airport at 11AM and straight to SkyCab - Telaga Harbor Park sounds good? I will be staying at tubotel, Cenang. áHow could I get the tour of snorkeling at Pulau Payar marine park á(it's a full day tour from Kuah) or Kilim Geo Park?? Which one would you recommend for this two? How could i get the taxi water/tour to bring me around for island hopping? Thank you so much for replying Raj. 
Janet Ceng (July 2015) 
Yes, you can take a cab and go straight to Skycab from the airport. Hotels usually allow check ins only at 2pm. I like Geopark over Marine Park, because of lot more variations and it's after all a UNESCO world heritage site. Book your Kilim geopark &ámangroves tour through travel desk of Malibest Resort ... they are the best and also quite reasonably priced. There are numerous operators in Cenang for Island Hopping tour. You can't miss them. You can also take a cab in the morning and go down to Porto Malai jetty at Pantai Tengah (5 minutes from Cenang) and take a group or private boat for island hopping. 
Raj ( July 2015 

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