Langkawi Itineraries - Part VII

I am glad to have come across your website with its trove of information - and with it I have came up with an itinerary with some parts needing your help.  
Day 1 - Sunday, 5 February 
Reach at 8:30 
10:00 - 4:00 - Geopark and Mangrove Tour 
(I want to go for Malibest's tour, but it appears to be too early at 9:15- is there any alternative for about the same price? A 3-hour tour is okay too) 
5:00 to 9:00 - Teluk Yu, Tanjung Rhu 
(Should I take a cab or rent a car? If transportation is a problem, this part is optional and we might head back to Pantai Cenang for sunset) 
From Day 2 onwards I will be renting a car (do they rent to 20 year-olds?) 
Day 2 - Monday, 6 February 
10:00 - 1:30 - Pantai Pasir Tengkorak, Pebble Beach, Temurun Falls (optional) 
3:00 - 6:30 Island Hopping Tour 
6:30 - 8:30 Pantai Cenang 
Day 3 - Tuesday, 7 February 
9:00 - 11:30 Cable Car, Sky Bridge 
11:30 - 3:30 Oriental Village, Art in Paradise 
3:30 - 6:00 Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls 
6:00 - 8:30 Perdana Quay 
Day 4 - Wednesday, 8 February 
11:00 - 2:00 Kuah Lunch and Shopping 
2:00 - 5:30 Dataran Lang, Lagenda Park, Kuah Jetty 
Leave at 8:00 
(Alternatively, we can go Pantai Tengah for sunset and leave at 10:30) 
Would you mind correcting my itinerary as you see fit? The only thing is the Geopark and Mangrove tour have to be on Day 1 (due to some flight arrangement issues). 
Thank you! 
Leong Qi Jin (December 2016) 
Your itinerary is good. On day1, you can directly go down to Kilim jetty and hop into a boat. There are both group and private tours that leave from the jetty during the day. Group tours leave once the boat is full. Usually tourists queue up for a boat to arrive after completing a trip. These geopark/mangrove tours are usually for 2-3 hours. The boatman often doubles up as the guide, but their knowledge and communication skills are very limited. 
If you go on your own, suggest rent a car from day1. You can park it at Kilim and then take it to Teluk Yu etc. Age should not be an issue. Check operating time of the cable car on your planned day from the official website (Panorama Langkawi). 
Raj ( December 2016 
I will be heading to Langkawi on 8-11 Feb 2017 with my family consists of 5 adults (1 senior with wheelchair) and 1 infant. Currently below are my itineraries.  
1st day 08/02/2017 (Wed) 
- reach Langkawi at 1215pm 
- we rent a car but with chauffer 
- check in (we stay at Dayang Bay Serviced Apartment) 
- Lunch or tea break 
- Pantai Cenang beach 
- Dinner and some shopping (any recommendation?) 
2nd day 09/02/2017 (Thurs) 
- Island hopping 
- Makam Mahsuri 
- Night market 
3rd day 10/02/2017 (Fri) 
- Underwater world 
- Cable car ride 
- Eagle square 
- Dinner and shopping 
4th day 11/02/2017 (Sat) 
- checkout at 12  
- car will be sending us to airport 
- depart at 3pm 
Is this ok or is there any recommendation? Thanks  
Yati (February 2017) 
Hi, your itinerary is okay. There are plenty of shops along Pantai Cenang road including duty free stores like Zon and Coco Valley at the southern end (right next to Underwater World). Also visit the Cenang Mall. 
Raj ( February 2017 
Hi, our upcoming trip to Langkawi is due in April 2017. We're 1 adult and 1 child. Will be there for 3 1/2 days, would like to dabble in a bit of water sports too. Also which boat tour would you suggest with the child - mangrove or island hopping. Great information on your site, thanks in advance  
Radhiecka Periwaal (February 2017) 
If your child is interested in snorkeling / swimming then Island Hopping would be the one. Otherwise Mangrove Geopark tour would be better and includes eagle feeding, visit to fossil island, fish farm etc which too are great. 
Raj ( February 2017 
Hi Raj, 
I am glad to have come across your website with its trove of information - and with it I have came up with an itinerary with some parts needing your help. We are reaching Langkawi on 25th feb at 1.30pm and will be leaving to KL on 27th Feb at 7pm. We will staying in hotel at Kuah and plan to rent a car for the trip (any suggestion). 
1st day: Eagle square, cable car/ skybrige, Shopping, Night market 
2nd day: 
A) Morning - Island hopping ( geopark ), Evening - pantai cenang ( watersports ), Or  
B) Morning - snorkelling ( pulau payar ), Evening - water sports ( pantai cenang) 
3rd day 
If A in the second day, C) morning - snorkelling.  
If B in the second day, D) island hopping 
Thanks and looking forward to your reply 
Adbe (February 2017) 
Rent the car from a known rental brand at the airport arrival hall and ensure all papers are in place including insurance and its exact coverage. Pulau Payar will take almost the full day, so evening water sport may not be possible in option-B. 
Raj ( February 2017 
Hi! áHad a good time reading your blog about Langkawi. áVery informative indeed. My cousin and I are going there Feb 23 arriving 2:30pm and leaving Feb 24 at 10:50pm. áWas wondering if it will be ok for us to go to oriental village specifically Langkawi cable car and skybridge around 4pm and have dinner at the cliff restaurant around 7:30pm? áWhile our second day we go see kilim geopark and if time permits duty free shops before heading to the airport. áThank you. 
Pam Dela Cruz (February 2017) 
Yes, good plan. 
Raj ( February 2017 
Hi Raj, 
Came across this page and very impressed and amazed with all the infos and help. This is my first time to Langkawi and have worked out my itinerary as follows and hope you can give some comment and suggestion: 
Day 1 Thursday (09/03/2017) á// áSIN 10:45AM LGK 12:15PM 
1. Lunch or tea break at Pantai Cenang beach 
2. Exploring Langkawi by driving 
- Pantai Kok 
- Datai Bay 
- Tanjung Ru &áTeluk Yu 
Day 2 Friday (10/03/2017) 
1. Jet Ski (4-5hours) starting 10am 
- NAAM Sports or Seeman Watersports 
2. Back to Pantai Cenang, explore Pantai Cenang 
Day 3 Saturday (11/03/2017) 
1. Island Hopping Tour (starts at 9am 4 hours) 
- Pulau Dayang Bunting 
- Pulau Singa Besar 
- Pulau Beras Basah 
2. Exploring Langkawi by driving 
- Air Hangat &áKilim 
- Kuah 
- Padang Matsirat 
Day 4 Sunday (12/03/2017) 
- áááFlight at 2:15pm 
- áááAny suggestion before leaving? 
Alvin Chang (February 2017) 
Hi, your plan is okay. If you visit and walk all the way up to the top of Seven Wells waterfall in Pantai Kok area, you may be short in time to visit remaining places on the day. So time your visits carefully. Nothing much you can do on the last day. Unless you have already covered Laman Padi in Pantai Cenang, you can do so in the morning. 
Raj ( February 2017 
Really glad to have come across your website. My family of 4 (2 kids of 6 and 9 years old) will arrive at Langkawi on 18 Aug 10am and departure flight on 20 Aug 8.15pm. We will be staying in Pantai Tengah area and most likely will rent a car from airport. I have come up with a list of places to visit but need your advise and help in planning the most feasible route. 
Eagle Square 
Mahsuri's Tomb 
Air Hangat Village 
Langkawi Cable áCar and SkyBridge 
Seven Wells Waterfall 
Temurun Waterfall 
Kilim Geopark Forest (can we start this around noon time or only morning?) 
Tanjung Rhu Beach 
Black Sand Beach 
Underwater World (optional) 
I understand that the Night Market will be held at Air Hangat on 18 Aug and Kuah Town on 19 Aug but I'm at a total loss as to how to fit in the schedule. Any other suggestions are most welcomed! 
Lim (July 2017) 
You can consider the following plan: 
Day1: Cable Car &áSky Bridge, followed by Seven Wells Waterfall. Visit the night market in the evening. 
Day2: Kilim Geopark (take a 2-3 hour boat ride from the Kilim jetty), followed by Tanjung Rhu beach, Black sand beach, and Temurun Waterfall. 
Day3: Eagle Square, Air Hangat Village, Mahsuri's Tomb. If you have time left before departure, you can visit the underwater world which would be close to your hotel. 
Raj ( July 2017 
Hi Raj, I will be arriving on 12August at 1225pm, total of 2adults, 3 seniors, 1senior on wheelchair, 1 toddler and 1infant. I have rented a van (self-drive) till the day we depart which is on 15August at 845am. Meaning we have about 2 1/2 days of sightseeing. 
12 Aug- After check in at Adya Hotel (Kuah Area I think) heading out for lunch nearby. By then it will be close to 4pm so Im not sure if it would be advisable to visit any tourist attraction or go free and easy with shopping instead. 
13 Aug- áOriental Village, Cable Car and Skybridge (inclusive of lunch) followed by Underwaterworld then dinner 
14 Aug- Kilim Geopark and Mangrove (inclusive of lunch), unsure whats next..  
15 Aug- Early checkout and flight 
Although we have our own transport, I will be with elderly and children as such our pace will be slow, thus activities may be limited. But is there more that we could do and places suitable to go during the 2 1/2 days? 
Thank You. 
Hizal Sapuan (July 2017) 
Hi, on 12 Aug you can visit Eagle Square at Kuah after lunch as well as Ladenla Park. On 14 Aug if you have time after Geopark, visit Makam Mahsuri or Atma Alam Batik Village. 
Raj ( July 2017 
Hi Raj, 
I came across your site three days ago and it has been extremely helpful. You're doing an amazing job. My friends and I (the five of us) will be visiting Langkawi for three days two nights from 27th July to 29th July. My plane will land at 2.15pm and depart at 10.40pm. Can you help me with my itinerary 
Day 1: From Langkawi airport, I will take taxi to my hotel 
1. Underwater world / Cenang Mall  
2. áAnother alternative is just to enjoy beach activities such as parasailing etc. in Cenang. á 
3. Sunset at Pantai Cenang/Pantai Tengah between at 7.40pm 
4. Dinner at Bohor Tempoyak / Tempoyong Night Market 
5. Any nice bar recommendations after dinner? 
Day 2 
1. Cable car: go to the Middle station 
2. Climb to Seven Wells Waterfall, visit SkyBridge then take cable car down 
3. Oriental Village for lunch.  
4. Take a cab to Tanjung Rhu beach, Shark Bay Beach, Ewa Jetty, and then to Datai for Temurun Fall 
5. Dinner at Tanjung Rhu 
Day 3  
1.Island hopping tour 
2. Lunch in Cenang 
3. Gunung Raya 
4. Visit Eagle Square, Lagenda Park etc.  
5. Go back to Cenang for dinner. Check out and fly home. 
Thank you very much for your help. Kind regards. 
Michelle (July 2017) 
Hi, your itinerary is quite good. On day-1, you can consider The Cliff at Pantai Cenang (upscale) or Sugar at Tengah (mid range) for your cocktails. Both offer wonderful view of the ocean and sunset. 
Raj ( July 2017 
I will be visiting Langakwi in August from 10th to 12th along with a friend. 
Day1: Land in Langkawi by 9 am &áreach hotel in Kuah. Rent a bike and I am planning to go for Cable car, sky bridge in the afternoon. And then i don't know what should i do for the rest of my day. (Question- Are bikes available on rent in Kuah?) 
Day2: I just want to include Island Hoping, snorkeling or Magroove tours. Please suggest how to plan this. 
Note- I don't want to visit Underwater world, mosques and malls. I will include Pentai Chenag beach in my Itinerary. 
Day3- Leave for KUL flight in the morning. 
Please help me plan out my itinerary. Thanks in advance. 
Smit Viroja (July 2017) 
Hi, there are several bike rentals in Kuah such as Moh Motors/Bike Rentals (54, Persiaran Bunga Raya, Kuah, Ph: +60 12-424 1308). On day1 after cable car / Sky Bridge, you can visit Seven Wells Waterfall in nearby Pantai Kok area. You can then visit the night market that sets up in Pantai Cenang area on Thursdays (10th Aug being a Thursday). 
On Day2, do island hopping in the morning (start the tour by 9am). After a quick lunch, visit Kilim jetty and take the Mangrove boat tour. After the tour, visit Tanjung Rhu beach and ride along the north shore visiting Black bay beach followed by Shark Bay Beach. Alternatively on day2 you can take a full day boat tour to Pulau Payar marine park for snorkeling... boats leave from Kuah near Royal Langkawi Yacht Club (I would recommend the first option though). 
Raj ( July 2017 
Dear Raj, 
Your page help me planned our trip to Langkawi. 
I'm planning trip for my whole family (11 adults &á4 kids) on 27/1/18 - 29/1/18 arrive at 1.15pm and depart at 5.30pm. Our itinerary as below: 
Day 1 : Underwater World - Lite &áeasy at Pantai Cenang 
Day 2 : Island Hopping - Mahsuri's Tomb - Eagle Square - Shopping at Kuah Town 
Day 3 : Oriental Village - Cable Car &áSkybridge - Beras Terbakar - Airport 
Hope you could advise. 
FIZAH (August 2017) 
Good plan... nothing needs change. Note that there is nothing much left in Beras Terbakar ... you can perhaps spend about 10 - 15 minutes there. If you have time on last day, then you can spend some time at Atma Alam Batik Village if you like to experience and even try your hands on local batik printing. 
Raj ( August 2017 
Hi Raj, 
Very impressed with your advise. This is my first trip to Langkawi. I am travelling Solo to Langkawi on 15 Sept to 17 Sept 2017, Any advise on how to travel around. By taxi or any local tour to join. My itinerary as below: 
Day 1 - Arriving in the morning, after check into Pentai Cenang Hotel - visit Eagle Square, Air Hangat Village &áMahsuri's Tomb 
Day 2 - Cable Car &áSky Bridge followed by Seven Wells Waterfall and Oriental Village. in the evening visit the night market 
Day 3 - In the morning stroll around Pentai Cenang before heading to the airport... flying home. 
Please advise - Thanks 
Lucy Koh (August 2017) 
Hi, easiest would be to hire a taxi for few hours on day1 and 2. Itinerary is okay. 
Raj ( August 2017 
Hello! We would highly appreciate your inputs. I and my sister are in Langkawi for 5N/6D. Arrival on 1st March at 9:40 am &ádeparture on 6th March 5:15 pm. We are looking for relaxed, peaceful holiday. we love bird watching and be in Nature. 
I have prepared following plan for our stay. Please guide. 
Day-1(Thurs): Arrival. Staying in Pantai Kok. Enjoy at hotel or half day afternoon bird watching with Junglewalla. 
Day-2: Cable car and Easy trecking, explore Oriental village. 
Day-3: Mangrove and Geopark tour with Junglewalla 
Day-4: Morning half day bird watching with Junglewalla 
Day-5: Scuba diving with Langkawai Scuba 
Day-6: Shopping and relax at the hotel 
Looking forward to hear from you. 
Dr. Prasad S. Shetye (February 2018) 
Your itinerary is fine. 
Raj ( February 2018 
Hi Raj, 
You are doing a wonderful job in helping people to sort out their confusion in planning an itenary. I have gone through most of them and that has helped me list out our draft itenary. Request you to go through the same and comment if I can change some here and there to make our holiday relaxing and enjoyable.  
Me, my husband and 4 yr old son will be reaching Langkawi on April 11th at 9.30pm. Trip is till 16th April. We are planning to stay in Pantai Cenang for 3 nights(probably Royal Agate Beach Resort ) and 2 nights at Berjaya. Here it goes, 
Day 1: mangrove tour , underwater world, night market 
Day 2: island hopping, eagle square, shopping 
Day 3: rice museum, wildlife park, checkin at Berjaya,sunset cruise 
Day 4: cable car, oriental village, duck tour, rest at Berjaya 
Day 5: 3d art museum, Atma Alam batik village, Tanjung Rhu beach, airport 
Our return flight is at 7.00pm on 16th. 
Thanks in advance... 
Lakshmi (February 2018) 
Hi, your itinerary is quite good. Day-1 can get a little tiring for your kid though. 
Raj ( February 2018 
Hello Raj, 
Thanks a lot for your reply. In that case, I am planning to change itinerary for day 1 and day 3 as follows. 
Day 1 - wildlife park, underwater world, night market 
Day 3 - Mangrove tour, check-in at Berjaya, sunset cruise 
What do you say? Thanks in advance, 
Lakshmi (February 2018) 
Raj ( February 2018 
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