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Padang Matsirat covers a relatively a large area in the island. It spans from part of the western coastline towards the center. The Langkawi International Airport is located in Padang Matsirat next to the western coast. This is not a typical area where tourists prefer to stay. 
There are no public beaches here although Pantai Cenang and Tengah, the two most popular beaches are only at 15-20 minutes driving distance from here towards south and along the western shore. However there is a lovely private beach here owned by Langkawi Lagoon Resort. 
Location Map of Padang Matsirat 
Padang Matsirat has several tourist attractions that you would like to visit including the fabled Mahsuri's Tomb, Atma Alam Batik Art Village, Buffalo Park, Field of burnt rice (which is the literal meaning of Padang Matsirat), International Book Village, Snake Sanctuary and few others. There are also several nice restaurants in this area including popular roadside food stalls that serve local fares. 
You won't find much nightlife at Padang Matsirat other than a beach bar in Lagoon Resort and a weekly night market that runs on an open space in the middle of the town. Neither there are great many activities here other than few nice Spas.  
But there can be several good reasons for you to choose Padang Matsirat as a place to stay during your vacation: For example if you like to stay close to the airport, like to explore some select attractions and local life, enjoy the tranquility the place offers compared to some of the crowded tourist areas and so on. You will however need a rental car or taxi to get around. 

Explore Padang Matsirat

Check out the following to know more about the place and all its offerings: 
Hotels in Padang Matsirat: There are several great hotels here of all range including budget, mid-range and luxury class. Large number of home stays have mushroomed in this area. 
Attractions in Padang Matsirat: Several tourist attractions including Mahsuri's tomb, Book Village, Batik Art Village and more. 
Top Restaurants in Padang Matsirat: Few good restaurants including roadside Kuih stalls selling local fares. 
Nightlife in Padang Matsirat: There are several bars in the area. 
Shopping in Padang Matsirat: Weekly night market and few other stores. 

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