Top Padang Matsirat Restaurants, Langkawi

Well Padang Matsirat is not really the place where tourists would come to dine. In fact there are very restaurants here that tourists know of. The restaurants in the area cater mostly to the locals. So if you are looking for authentic Malaysian dishes and wide range of choices in their preparations, then this is one of the places to come. 
You will not only meet up and dine with many locals, the restaurants here offer exceedingly great Malay food at a very reasonable price. In fact there are some street side stalls (known as Kuih stalls) that are extremely popular here and run by the local villagers. They essentially sell snack items including pastries, patties, cookies etc. 
As a tourist, you may like to check out with a local before you try out a street side stall offering local food, as the hygiene factor and the spices used may not suit all. 
Two of the most popular areas for restaurants - Pantai Cenang and Tengah that are full of all kinds of eateries and bars, are only 15 minutes drive away from Padang Matsirat. So if you happen to stay in Padag Matsirat, you don't need to be restricted to the local restaurants here, a plethora of restaurants (both budget and upscale) are always within easy reach anyway. 
Here are some of the popular restaurants in Padang Matsirat: 
(Category: Mid-Range, Cuisine: Asian & Western) 
Opened in the beginning of 2016, this small family run restaurant with alfresco dining and wonderful view of the golf course has quickly become a favorite to both locals and tourists. And one of the main reasons is for the delicious food prepared with fresh ingredients. While they have a range of vegetarian food including soups, salads, quiches, pasta, topless burgers & more, they also have several non-vegetarian dishes like nasi lemak, rendang, chicken thai curry, grilled fish etc. There is also a bar. 
(Category: Mid-Range, Cuisine: Chinese & Seafood) 
A nice mid-range family run restaurant with green all wood and bamboo finished interior. The name of the restaurant comes from the seven triangular wooden roofs. It serves great Chinese dishes and seafood, as well as Malay food. 
(Category: Budget, Cuisine: Malay) 
It's a stall located close to the Masjid Padang Matsirat and on the main road Jalan Padang Matsirat. It offers about 70 varieties of local dishes at a cheap price. Nasi Campur stands for mixed rice, i.e., rice topped with various kinds of meat, eggs, vegetables etc. There is a common seating area with rows of tables and chairs where you can take the food and eat. The stall is run by husband and wife. 

Ashkim Turkish Restaurant

(Category: Mid-Range, Cuisine: Turkish & Mediterranean) 
This restaurant is located next to the Atma Alam Batik Art Gallery (on the road Jalan Padang Matsirat) and serves some of the best & succulent kebabs in the island. You can combine that with fresh vegetable salads. Well they also serve many other nice Turkish dishes as well. The restaurant also offers beer, wine and fresh coffee, and is open for lunch and dinner. 
(Category: Budget, Cuisine: Malay) 
This is a roadside make shift stall located close to the Masjid Padang Matsirant and on the main road Jalan Padang Matsirat. The Kuih stall sell local snack items like cakes, cookies, pastries etc. This stall is very popular in the area and becomes quite crowded during the tea break times. It's open from 12:30pm to 5:30pm and located next to BNZ Sempoy’y Nasi Campur and on the main road. 

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