Top Pantai Tengah Restaurants, Langkawi

Although Pantai Tengah area is not as developed as Pantai Cenang, it too has plenty of great restaurants of different types. Overall the place is laid back and so are the restaurants. Unlike in Cenang, most of the restaurants in Tengah are on the road side rather than on the beachside. 
While during the day time most remain somewhat empty and lackluster, in the evening they spring into action with many tourists thronging the eateries. 
In fact last time when I visited a restaurant located in the Sun Mall area in the afternoon for taking lunch, on entering I found I was the only person there and could not see even a waiter. Being confused whether the restaurant was actually open, I decided to come out. However, when I went back later in the evening, the place was bustling with tourists and waiters on their colorful dresses. 
Some restaurants in Pantai Tengah are not easy to locate and could be tucked in the rain forest a little up the hill, or some could be behind the roadside buildings making them difficult to notice from the main roads. However, some of such hidden restaurants could be the real gems you are looking for. 
Here are all the great restaurants in Pantai Tengah along with their offerings, ambience, locations and more. The restaurants are organized from budget to mid-range to upscale. 

Great budget restaurants in Pantai Tengah


Fat Mum Seafood Restaurant

(Category: Budget, Cuisine: Chinese) 
This is a nice budget Chinese restaurant tucked inside a lane although a huge board with a menu is on display right on the main road. So you won't miss this restaurant which is quite popular with the tourists and locals. Their home cook cuisine of Chinese dishes, especially the seafood is really nice. One of the very popular dishes here is the 'noodle on fire' where it is served on flames. There are provisions for both covered and open air dining. It's open for lunch &ádinner, although sometimes it remains closed during low season. 

Boom Boom Corner View Restaurant

(Category: Budget, Cuisine: Indian &áPakistani) 
The restaurant is located at the corner where the main roads of Cenang and Tengah meet (i.e. at the unction of Jalan Pantai Cenang and Jalan Pantai Tengah). It's therefore qute easily accessible from both Tengah and Cenang area, and located close to the Aseana Hotel. The restaurant is marked by its red bright canopy and inside dim red lights. 
While it serves a range of Indian &áPakistani food, some of the best fares includes the Tandoori dishes that are made out of clay oven like the Chicken Tandoori, Tikka, Naan, Tandoori Roti etc. Another specialty here is the rice &ámeat item called Byriani (both in chicken and lamb). There are also vegetarian dishes available. Also try out the hot tea based local beverage known as Teh Tarik which is quite popular here. The restaurant only serves Dinner. Open Hours: 6pm - 10:30pm, all days of the week. They accept credit cards. 

Great mid-range restaurants in Pantai Tengah

(Category: Mid-Range, Cuisine: Asian &áEuropean, Loc: Pantai Tengah) 
As the name suggests, the restaurant is owned by Sheela who has created a lovely garden setting for her restaurant which is visible right from the main road in the area. You can choose to sit right under a tall tree or at an open space. There is also a covered area for seating. Sheela takes care of teh authentic Malay dishes while Willy is the chef for German and other european cuisine the restaurant serves. Overall the ambience is very friendly and relaxed. It is open for dinner only. 


X Temporarily closed 
(Category: Mid-Range, Cuisine: Italian) 
Having both indoor and outdoor seating, this restaurant serves great Italian fares. Some of the favorites here includes the seafood soup and pasta, and also the pizzas prepared in wood fired ovens. The atmosphere is relaxed and laid back and the service is nice &áfriendly. They also have a well stocked bar and nice selections of wine. 

Chinese Kung Fu Restaurant

(Category: Mid-Range, Cuisine: Chinese &áThai) 
Serves great Chinese food. You can choose from live seafood and it will be cooked to order. Fresh ingredients are used. Ask for Sam, the person who runs the restaurant and he will help you with the specialties of the day. Sam is a big fan of the Kung Fu star Bruce Lee which is evident by so many of his pictures on the walls. One of the top favorite dishes here is the chili garlic tiger prawn. The restaurant is located right on the main road towards the northern end of Pantai Tengah, and has a nice cozy and relaxed ambience. It's open for lunch and dinner. 


(Category: Mid-Range, Cuisine: Asian &áWestern) 
This is basic open type restaurant located in a lush garden setting. A short pathway through a field leads to this friendly and relaxed restaurant. It serves wide range of Asian and Western food prepared out of chicken, beef, fish, crab, squids etc. Look at the roof and you will see handwritten comments from visitors that have been retained over the years. It's located opposite to the Holiday Villa Resort and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
(Category: Mid-Range, Cuisine: Malay/Australian, Location: Pantai Tengah) 
This is a relatively new restaurant and part of the hotel La Pari Pari. It's located behind the Sun Mall block and therefore not easily noticeable. The service is very friendly. They specialize in Malay and Australian dishes. A specialty here is the fusion dish Nyonya (a mix of Chinese and Malay dishes). The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Papa Restaurant

(Category: Mid-Range, Cuisine: Iranian) 
Located towards the northern end of Pantai Tengah on the roadside (close to La Chocolatine), this restaurant looks like an ordinary eatery from outside. However it serves great home made Iranian food including kebabs. It's run by an Iranian family. There is also a small outdoor space (just about one table for four) for open air dining just next to the entrance. Serves lunch and breakfast. 

Great up-market restaurants in Pantai Tengah

(Category: Upscale, Cuisine: Japanese, Location: Pantai Tengah) 
This one is a little far from the main Tengah hub, but well worth visiting. Located a little up the hill in a forest setting and overlooking the sea, this is one of the best Japanese restaurants in the area. With an extensive menu, they specialize in Sushi &áShashimi dishes as well as charcoal grills. It's open for dinner. 


(Category: Upscale, Cuisine: North-Indian, Location: Pantai Tengah) 
This is an authentic north Indian restaurant serving both vegetarian and non vegetarian food. It's set up in a nice garden setting. You can dine al fresco or in air-conditioned dining room, or even in private cabanas. The restaurant can seat 250. Some of the signature dishes include naan, tandoori chicken, chilli paneer, methi fish, mixed kebab platter, chicken tikka etc. In desserts try out gulab jamum, pista kulfu and gajaar ka halwa. They are open daily from 11am to 11pm. 
Address: Lot 1666 Pantai Tengah. Phone: +6012-9423213 


(Category: Upscale, Cuisine: Asian &áWestern Fusion) 
This is an up-market restaurant located at the Sun Mall Complex in Tengah. The restaurant with its unique avant-garde decor with middle of the roof exposing the sky, sofas and chairs makes a unique dining experience. It has The Sun Retro Bar and the SunKarma Club on its either side. There are many innovative dishes served by Sunsutra. Some of the signature items include the Lamb Shank and the Chocolate Lava Cake. It's open only for dinner. 

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