Best Local Sightseeing Tours of Langkawi

An island like Langkawi whose economy essentially depends on tourism, offers numerous touring options to explore sights and attractions. In fact there are countless tour agencies &áoperators in the island who offer numerous local tours &áexcursions. 
The land based sightseeing &áisland tours by taxis &ávans take you to many heritage, historical &ácultural sites and view points, the boating tours &ácruises let you explore the nearby islands, rich marine life, pristine lakes &álagoons, world heritage geoparks having unique geo formations, flora &áfauna, etc and there are even helicopter rides that let you soak in a panoramic view of the islands on Andaman sea. 
Langkawi Tourist Van 
Photo: Khalzuri Yazid, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 
If you want to have a taste of both water &áland based tours in a short span, then the duck tours on an amphibious vehicle let you do both. There are yacht &ásail boat cruises for full day or half day that operate on both shared basis and private charters, and offer wonderful cruises including sunset cruise, cocktail cruise, sightseeing cruise and so on. 
The Nature Tours offered by some of the top Eco Tourism operators let you experience the beautiful bird life, flora &áfauna of the island. And there are organized adventure tours that let you explore the offbeat areas like the rainforests on the mountain slopes after dark where you can see some amazing creatures of the island like the flying lemurs and squirrels. 
The following section is about all our experience and independent reviews of the best tours of Langkawi that can make your vacation a memorable one. With each tour, I have mentioned the best operators, indicative rates and their contact information. You can directly contact the operators for bookings and inquiries. 
There are several regularly scheduled boat tours (both shared group tours and private) that let you explore the various islands, waterways, marine life, secluded beaches, lakes, caves and many other great attractions of Langkawi. You can take a shared or private boat, or even a luxury yacht to take these tours. 
Kilim Geoforest Park 
The Island Hopping Tour takes you to three different islands and let you swim, feed eagles and even do solar paddle boating in a wonderful fresh water lake. The Kilim Geopark tour takes you through the Kilim river to explore the geopark with its stunning geo formations, islands, caves and mangroves. 
The Pulau Payar excursion takes you to the Marine Park for swim, snorkel and diving amongst beautiful marine life and corals. You can also avail sunset cruises with barbecue buffet dinner and cocktails, or a romantic cruise, or a private chartered cruise for half or full day. 
You can take a taxi from the stand or a mini van from a tour operator to go around the island by road for a half or full day excursion. There are several standard theme packages available. The Langkawi Island Tours offer couple of half day packages that take you to several great tourist attractions. 
The Langkawi Day Discovery Tour tries to give an overall flavor of the island and takes you to a mixed set of tourist places. The Culture &áHeritage tour aims towards showing the rich cultural heritage, traditions and history of the island and how it has evolved over time. 
There are several guided tours, treks &áwalks offered in Langkawi that let you explore the nature, the villages &ácountrysides, the rainforests, mountains and lot more. There are organized nature tours that take you face to face with many wild life, rare birds and butterflies in their natural habitats. An evening walk through the rainforest shows you strange nocturnal animals. 
Langkawi village landscape 
Photo: Alex L., flickr, cc by 2.0 
Most of these tours offer experienced guides who will explain the island's eco system, history &áculture that are relevant to the trip so that you gather knowledge in the process. These tours will expose such aspects of Langkawi that are rarely seen by the general tourists. 
There are different type of sailing cruises offered in Langkawi, both on sharing basis and private charters. This is a great way of exploring the water areas of Langkawi and its many tiny islands scattered on the Andaman sea. One of the most popular cruises is the sunset cruise with cocktails served on board. Others include day long cruises with barbecue on board, exploring the geopark and mangroves on cruise, overnight sailing, cruise to a secluded beach for lunch etc. 
Langkawi Sailing Cruise 
Photo: amrufm, flickr, cc by 2.0 
Experience it to believe it ... you get breathtaking panoramic view of the islands, the sea, mountains, lakes, mangroves, beaches and more as you hover around in the sky just 500 feet above the sea level. And there many short to long helicopter rides (15/30/45/60 minutes) that operate on both sharing basis with per person rates and also on private charters and let you explore the different areas of Langkawi. 
An amphibious vehicle which is a bus as well as a boat, will first take you along the road on wheels, then plunge into the Telaga Harbor water with a huge splash, float and move on the water like a boat and then return after touring for about 45 minutes. You will see beautiful landscapes, scenery and landmarks both from the land and water. The duck tour operates from the main gate of Oriental Village in Pantai Kok area. 
No island destination would perhaps offer the range of adventure rides &átours that Langkawi can offer. Breathtaking Cable Car Rides to the peak of Mount Mat Cincang, Air Trekking to glide from tree to tree in a rainforest, Jetski tours to explore desolate islands &ábeaches in Andaman sea, trekking to explore the jungles &áits amazing flora &áfauna, or hiking to the summit of the second highest mountain are some of such great adventure tours you can take in Langkawi. 

How to book tours in Langkawi

If you want to book conveniently online and at a reasonable price from the world's largest online tour agency, then check out this Viator site for several sightseeing tours in Langkawi... you can filter, see the rates and choose one you like and book online. 
Alternatively, go through the list of The Best Tour Operators in Langkawi to Know about all the top tour operators in Langkawi, their offerings and contact information for booking &áinquiry. 

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Visitors' Reviews/Comments

James (January 2019) 
One of the best experiences we had on Langkawi was being dropped at a private beach. We went through the tour operator at Resorts World Langkawi (Awana pier) who were excellent - despite being at a fancy resort the prices were very reasonable and the service was flawless we even got a bit of a free island and cave tour on our way back from the private beach. I would trust them for other tours too. 
Narendra Arora (May 2018) 
Hi Raj, Enjoyed Langkawi vacation. Top favorite was Mangrove tour followed by Sky Cable car (+ Sky rex) and Island Hopping tour. Kids really enjoyed playing with rabbits at oriental village. 
Zertashia Suddiqui (December 2016) 
Hi, First of all I would appreciate your effort to develop such a informative and supportive site for tour Langkawi. Actually i am Muslim female and wish to visit Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi alone. so is it easy to find tour operators there who can provide services to single person in budget and is it safe to visit alone in Langkawi being a female. Thanks. 
Raj (, December 2016) 
Hi, Langkawi is generally quite safe. Boat tours are available in groups, so you wont have any problems. For Island tours, suggest you take a taxi tour package from langkawitaxi (dot com). While they are a bit more expensive than usual taxi rate per hour, the drivers are more knowledgeable &áreliable. 
Shivaram (May 2015) 
I had a few questions: 
- For purpose of budgeting, should I expect an increase in rates for different taxi/tours/hotels you mention in your website or would it remain the same? 
- I have researched on the different tours available. Would it make sense to come there and then book them? Or book them right now through a travel website? Regards, 
Raj (, May 2015) 
Taxi/tour rates mentioned in the site are fairly updated and will work for budgeting purpose. Book once you arrive. No need to book in advance (in fact many local operators do not have websites, although the good established ones have). 
Mohammed A. Ali (July 2014) 
Hello how are you. Thanks for a nice homepage &áI would like to have some lovely moment with your trips. I will visit Langkawi in few days &áwill stay from 26-29 of this month. It's quite short time to be in this beautiful island to do everything so I would like to have your experience to guide &ágive me the best things in there &áthe price. what the main things that I'd love to do &ávisit there. 
1. Jet Ski Tour Islands. 2. Kilim Geoforest Park Discovery. 3. Mangrove Safari Boat Tour. 4. Helicopter Ride. 5. Cable Car. 6. Elephant Riding. 7. Pulau Payar Marine Park. 8. parasailing. 9. Riding Hours. 
This is what people told me to go for .. but I don't know if I can do all of that, but with your help am sure that you can find me a good deal &áa great moment from all of these. thanks a lot for your time. waiting for ur advice. With respect &ácare 
Raj (, July 2014) 
Hi, From your mail I can't make out if you have 4 full days in the island. Geopark and Mangroves are combined tour. You can take a shorter (2-3 hour) tour or a full day. Pulau Payar will take one full day. You can combine cable car, elephant ride as both take place from Oriental Village in Pantai Kok. You can also plan horse ride on the same day as the riding center Perdana Stables operates from Pantai Kok area (near Seven Wells waterfalls). Jet Ski and parasailing can be done at Pantai Cenang beach. You can plan Helicopter tour on that day as well. Indicative tour prices are already given in my site. 
Merryl Hopkins, UK (January 2014) 
My husband and I will be arriving Langkawi on 12 April on Queen Mary 2 and wish to join a tour of the island. áPlease could you let me know if this would be possible and what the cost would be. Ship departs 16.00 hours. I look forward to hearing from you. 
Raj (, January 2014) 
Hi, You can take a taxi from the cruise terminal and go for local sightseeing. They charge by hour for island tours (RM 25 per hour and minimum 4 hours). You will get information about the top island attractions from my website menu ('Must see places'). If you want to pre-arrange a vehicle, you can get in touch with Langkawi Taxi Service. They charge by the hour (minimum 4 hours) and are quite economical. Other than land based island tours, they also organize boating tours (Island Hopping etc). You will find their contact info here
Ketan Gulati (January 2014) 
Hi Raj, Awesome support you giving out there.... Good job and congrats on that :) This would be my second trip to Langkawi, the idea basically is this is my family trip, bringing my mother and brother as tourists and I shall actually be the guide. Few quick points if you can help: 
(1) Need to book a car, what would be the minimum expenses, can share some contact? (2) There is no way I can book a hotel room with AB Motel on Pantai Cenang in advance? Do you have contacts? Can help? (3) What is your personal suggestion. They are coming from India to visit me here for just a week. Was planning Penang and Langkawi, And three days in KL itself. But I think it will be tiring, so now I am thinking to restricting it to Langkawi alone. I wanna take them to Mangroves for sure, Island hopping definitely, Eagle sqaure, cable car, Gunung 
Raya, Coral Island and Local shopping too. In 3N4D what else can I include -- idea is to keep things at ease, not tiring, not physically chanllenging (considering my mom, 48). If you think this is enough, can help me get one guy who can arrange all of this, full three days for me, WITHOUT CONSIDERING ME A POTENTIAL BIG FAT CLIENT to pay him fat :D 
I also want to include atleast paragliding or some basic water sports for all three of us! Let me know, thanks a lot :) 
Raj (, January 2014) 
Hi, For car rental companies and rates, check this out
You can write to AB motel for booking, they provide only accommodation and no other service (Email: [email protected]). You can alternatively consider Malibest Resort or Best Star Resort in the same category, and probably a shade better than AB Motel. You have enough on your platter for sightseeing over 3N4D. You should go through the tour desk of Malibest Resort for the Mangroves &áKilim Geopark Tour. They are the best and quite economical (although hotel guests get good discounts). For island tours, get in touch with the operator Langkawi Taxi Service. They also offer island hopping and other tours. You will find contact info here: Land Tour Operators 
Joven Richard Moreno (May 2013) 
I am coming to Lankawi on 26th May evening time . I have only 27 May for the island tour. So can i explore Island hopping and Cable car tour in one day . Can you please guide me or can you suggest any local tour operator for me in this case . you can provide me the web site address or any details. Waiting for your reply. 
Raj (, May 2013) 
Hi, You can do both on the same day. If you are staying at Pantai Cenang or Tengah area, there are large number of agents &áoperators along the road and virtually all of them offer the island hopping tour. If you go through one of them, you should ideally book the morning tour (9am) on the previous day/evening. Otherwise on 27th, take a cab and go down to Awana Porto Malai Jetty at Teluk Baru. It's located near the southern end of Pantai Tengah. All Island Hopping tours start from here. There will be lots of boats there and you won't miss it. Just pay and hop into a boat. Take the 9am tour or the earlier one if available. 
The boat tour lasts for about 3.5 hours. Once back, take a taxi and head straight for Cable Car in Pantai Kok (will take about 25-30 minutes). At the cable car venue (Oriental Village) there are several restaurants to take your lunch. Dropstone is one of the more popular ones with reasonable price. But first buy the Cable Car tickets before you go for lunch. There may be a long queue. You can spend about 2-3 hours here including the ride, lunch and doing a bit of shopping at the Oriental Village. If you have time &áenergy left, take the Duck Tour (land and water) which leaves from just outside the main gate (Gate-A of Oriental Village). 
In May, you should not have problems getting taxis from outside the gate. During the high season, one should keep the taxi waiting to return. 
Joven Richard Moreno (May 2013) 
Hi Raj, Thanks for your information . I am staying at Bella vista hotel located at Jalan Kuala Muda. Will there be in any tour operators near that area? After finishing my island hopping tour , when or which time I can start oriental village/cable car tour . Does cable car tour includes the hanging bridge tour also ?? what are the timings or last time for cable car or hanging bridge tour. My particulars: 
26th May : Lankawi hotel by 4 pm by road/ferry 
27th May : Whole day at Lankawi 
28th MAy: return to KL city at 2:00 PM by Air ASIA . 
I want to do Island hopping and Cable car/hanging bridge tour within this time. please instruct or help me. All my air ticket and hotel bookings are done. I am waiting for your reply. Thanks 
Raj (, May 2013) 
Hi Joven, You won't get tour operators in the vicinity of Bella Vista. So take a taxi and go down to the Awana Porto Jetty at Teluk Baru and take the island hopping tour in the morning of 27th. Or alternatively, go down to Pantai Cenang on 26th (at around 5/6pm) and book the tour through one of the many agents there. Average rate is RM35 per person. 
The Sky Bridge is included as part of the Cable Car ride, but sometimes it remains closed for maintenance. While buying the tickets, you can ask at the counter if the sky bridge is open. You can access it from the top station of the cable car. You can take the cable car ride any time while it is open, it keeps running all through the day. It's open until 6pm or 7pm depending on the day of the week. Check out the following link for details of cable car ride and sky bridge including open hours: Langkawi Cable Car