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Langkawi may look to be a laid back island, but it's far from that in reality. The island, unlike many other island destinations has take a leap forward to cater to the adventure lovers. This is the first place in the whole of South East Asia where you can experience air trekking to glide from tree to tree in a rainforest while hanging from a cable. 
The cable car ride is the steepest in the world offering stunning views and excitement. The sky bridge is the longest suspended bridge in the world at an altitude of over 700 meters, and you can walk on that. 
Langkawi Sky Bridge supported by the blue pylon 
Langkawi Sky Bridge 
There are guided treks to explore the dense &árich rainforests full of unique flora, fauna &ábird life and trails that lead to the summit of the highest mountains in the island. If you love water, you can explore the surrounding area of Langkawi and its many islands &ábeaches through guided Jetski Tours. 
Or you can Kayak right into the tributaries of a river to explore the mangroves and its amazing animal life. The island is unique in Malaysia that it also offers elephant adventure rides taking you through jungles and crossing jungle streams. 
Take a look at each of the following options for adventure rides and tours in Langkawi. The link will take you to detailed descriptions with pictures of each adventure, let you know the charges and the procedure to book the trips or get further information. 
Umgawa Zipline Eco Adventures organizes zipline tours in the Matchinchang Cambrian Geo Park. It is a fun-filled and thrilling tour that can be enjoyed across all age groups. You are accompanied by a team of two guides and a photographer who make the experience enjoyable, safe and educational too with little facts about the history of the island, its flora and fauna. Safety is a key feature with them and all necessary measures are taken to maintain it. 
Zipline through rainforest in Langkawi 
Langkawi zip line 
Photo: Umgawa Zipline 
You can choose from a track of twelve or six ziplines which include suspended sky bridges. It is a one-of-a-kind experience that gives you breathtaking views of the rainforest and the ocean below. 
This is one of the top adventure activities in Langkawi operating since 2001. after some efforts to climb trees and spider webs, you reach a platform high above a tree from where you jump and let yourself go. You are now gliding on a cable through the dense rainforest just like Tarzan and experiencing the amazing flora and fauna. It's a whole new and novel way of exploring the rainforest. 
All along you are harnessed securely to the cable to ensure safety. You will finally do some abseiling to come down the rocks using a rope and get back to the starting point. The whole adventure takes about 2 to 3 hours and takes place at the jungle of Gunung Raya. 
Why would you like to call a cable car ride an adventure trip? Because the one in Langkawi is special and unique. It has the steepest gradient that you will ever see anywhere in the world. As the gondola starts moving with a jerk from the base at Oriental Village, look up towards the top station and you will have a current flowing through your body when you see the height it would climb in just 15 minutes. 
Langkawi Cable Car 
And this is complimented with stunning views of the Mat Cincang Mountain and its rainforests, the Seven Wells Water Falls.... look below and you will see how the tiny islands lie scattered on Andaman sea ... amazing view. What more? Once you reach the top station, a pathway leads to the amazing Sky Bridge, world's longest suspended bridge. You will be walking on top of the world with spectacular views all around. 
While air trekking is a novel adventurous way of experiencing the rainforest, there are other great ways you can explore the Gunung Raya rainforest of Langkawi. And that is by taking a trek. You can either walk uphill along the winding road that goes all the way from the base to peak. The gradient is easy and some parts are surprisingly flat. As you walk along, you will pass through the dense rain forest. 
Great Hornbill at Gunung Raya, Langkawi 
Great Hornbill at Gunung Raya 
Photo: Lip Kee, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 
Another way is to climb up the staircase (over 4,000) steps that leads from the base (Lubuk Semilag Park) all the way up to the summit. 
The easiest and the most popular way of exploring the forests is to go through an operator who would first take you to the peak by a car and then walk you (a guided trek) down the road or the stairway through the rainforest down to the base. On the way you will see amazing flora and animal &ábird life. 
You are likely to spot great hornbills, sea hawks, monkeys, giant squirrels, wild pigs and many other animals. There are also organized treks to explore the jungle after dark to see the nocturnal animals. 
This trek is meant for the experienced hikers and trekkers. There is a trail that leads from the base to the peak of Mount Mat Cincang which the second highest mountain of Langkawi with an altitude of 701 meters. 
The trail starts from a park in Pantai Kok, initially begins with steps leading to the Seven Water Falls and then continues through the rainforest leading up to the summit. The view of the cable cars and the islands below from the top is spectacular. 
While zipping through the water with a high speed jetski can be fun and exciting, Langkawi offers far beyond that when it comes to adventure tours on Jetski. There are organized and guided Jetski tours that can last for 2 to 4 hours offering a completely different perspective of exploring the water areas, marine life, the islands, caves, and the secluded beaches that lie around the main island. Some of such tours are combined with snorkeling and swimming in fascinating areas that are seldom seen by general tourists. 
This is a newly opened water themed park in Kuah area (next to Bella Vista Hotel). It offers several thrilling rides including a long winding slide where you travel at great speed all the way down to the water. There are several dining options in the park including snacks and proper meals. 
The Rides at Splash Out 
Splash Out Ride 
Photo: Splash Out 
This is a great place for families and kids to spen a fun-filled day. 
There are great adventure tours organized on kayaks to explore the mangroves and Kilim geopark in Langkawi. You will kayak through the narrow desolate channels of the Kilim river and get so close to the mangroves that you can even see the vipers on the mangroves and many other animals and bird life like herons, kingfishers, monkeys, crabs, walking fish and lot more. 
The adventure kayak tour will also include visits to caves, fossil island, floating fish farm etc. There are some tours that also combine a bit of hiking and then swimming by a jungle stream. 
Langkawi offers great adventure rides on elephant back. The famous Asian elephant Lasah will carry you through the jungles of Mount Matcincang, to its foothill and you will cross a river sitting on the elephant's back and experience the rainforest and its many flora &áfauna. You will ride the elephant in a typical Malaysian style while sitting on a basket. The rides start from the Oriental Village in Burau Bay area. 

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