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About Air Trekking in Langkawi?

Those who know about air trekking (also referred sometimes as sky trekking) and tried it out earlier would agree that this is some kind of an addiction for adventure lovers. This is a great novel way of gliding between the trees in a dense rain forest while enjoying the lush flora &áfauna.  
The activity also combines climbing trees and even abseiling (i.e. climbing down a rock using a rope). All along, you are harnessed with the cable with safety hooks, and therefore there is practically no chances of falling down and getting yourself injured. 
There are a network of cables that would be used to move from one stage to the other with the objective of enjoying and feeling the canopy of the jungles from a whole new perspective. 
Air trekking is catching up worldwide and becoming a very popular sport. It has started replacing activities like bungi jumping because it is perfectly aligned with Eco tourism. In fact in Langkawi, air trekking started way back in 2001 and is the first in the whole of south east Asia. Increasingly tourists are getting attracted towards this activity to explore the rainforests of Langkawi. After all you can glide along between the trees feeling like Tarzan. One entire air trekking tour lasts from 2 to 3 hours depending on the version you choose. 
Let's take a deeper look into the activity and how to go about doing it in Langkawi: 

What are the steps in Air Trekking in Langkawi?

The entire adventure trip is broken down into several steps. You can quit or skip any stage if you don't feel like doing it. Every stage leads to the next stage. 
1) An initial training is given to all. If you are trying it for the first time, pay proper attention as this will be very useful during balancing, climbing and abseiling activities. You will be then taken to the starting site in the rainforest. 
2) Postman's Bridge (20 meters): The first stage is to walk on a single steel cable. As I mentioned earlier, you be safely secured to a cable by couple of hooks. Here more than the effort, you will need to focus on your balance as you reach the second stage. 
3) Spider web Climb (10 meters): You will need to climb up a spider web up the trunk of a tree. Unless you have understood the technique, you may end up spending a lot of effort as a result of which this activity may feel quite tiring. So during the training session, look at the technique the guide shows you. 
4) Mixed Bridge (30 meters): Earlier it was a walk on a single cable. Now you will be walking over two steel ropes placed side by side, with one foot on one rope and the other foot on the second rope. Of course you will hold on to the overhead cable as well as be harnessed when you walk to the next stage. 
5) Tree Climb (4 meters): Now there will be a short tree climb. You will find small supports fixed on the tree trunk which you will use to climb. Although it may initially look difficult, it's actually relatively easy. 
6) Flying Fox / Zip Line (60 meters): You have been working hard all this far to reach up to this point. And now the real fun starts. You will reach a platform, get secured with a cable by a hook with a wheel on the rope, come to the edge of the platform and take a leap!!!! You are now zipping through the rainforest effortlessly... look around... hear the chirping of the birds, probably spot a hornbill or may even be a flying lemur.... its an awesome feeling. 
7) Abseiling/Rappeling (10 meters): Now you start your descend. You will slowly climb down the surface of a rock by using a rope. 
8) Abseiling/Rappelling (30 meters): You will then come to another larger rock and again start your descend down the surface with the help of a rope. 
This is where the Light Version of the air trek ends. The Full Version includes one more Flying Fox (Zip Line) stage of 130 meters followed by a 30 meters abseiling. At the end of air trekking, you reach back to the starting point. 

Where does Air Trekking Take Place in Langkawi?

In Langkawi, the Air Trekking takes place at the rainforest of Gunung Raya which is the highest Mountain (890 meters) in Langkawi. You will need to take a taxi or a rented car/bike to reach the base at Lubuk Semilang park (Car Parking). It is located in Central Langkawi and will take about 30 minutes to reach from Kuah or any end of the island. 
Once you reach the base, the guide will lead you to a stair case. These long flights of stairs actually go all the way up to the peak of Gunung Raya Mountain. You will however need to climb only 716 steps to reach the starting site in about 20 minutes or so. When the air trekking adventure gets over, you will again come back to the staircase (at a lower point though) and climb down the stairs back to the car park. 
You should carry small backpack and enough water with you. It is quite warm &áhumid out there and you will need to drink a lot of water. Also wear comfortable cotton clothes which you don't mind getting dirty and shoes having good grips. Of course, do not forget to carry your camera. One more tip... take down the phone number of your taxi driver. You may need to call him to get a cab to return to your hotel. You won't find taxis at the base. The guide or the operator will otherwise help you getting one. 

Who can do Air Trekking?

Virtually anybody having some sense of adventure and reasonable level of physical fitness should be able to do air trekking in Langkawi. In fact the lighter version has been designed for families having young kids. However if you have phobia of height or problems like spondylities, I would advise that you don't go for it. In any case, you can skip any stage if you like. 
For example if you do not want to climb the tree, you can skip that. There are few skills that are required in air trekking ... climbing, abeiling and walking over a rope. All these are shown during the initial training given by the guide. You do not require any prior experience. 

Who operates Air Trekking in Langkawi?

Langkawi Canopy Adventure operates and guides air trekking in Langkawi. Here are some details to help you understand their offerings, rates and contact information for booking &áinquiry. 
  • They have been operating since 2001 in Langkawi. Their Air Trekking takes place at the Gununung Raya rainforest from the Lubuk Semilang base. Juergen and Sabariah Zimmerer were the original founders. Their son Ashraff Zimmerer now runs the show. 
  • Rates: RM180 per person for Light Version, RM220 for Full Version. Rates do not include hotel transfers. 
  • Contact Information 
  • Address: No 1176, Jalan Batu Belah Batu, Bertangkup, Kedawang, 07000 Langkawi 
    Phone: +6012 466 8027/+6012 470 2442 
    Map location of Gunung Raya 

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