Top Jet Ski & Watersports Operators in Langkawi

There are numerous watersport and Jet Ski operators in Langkawi. Come to the Pantai Cenang beach area and you can see that virtually every small little travel stalls and the beach counters offering all kinds of water sport activities including Jet Ski rides. 
But there are very few operators who use safe and modern equipment and Jet Skis that are new and well maintained. Also there are handful who offer guided jet ski tours providing an experienced guide who understand how to moderate the speed of the group depending on the individuals' riding skills and can safely take you to all the places of interest. 
It is also important that you ride Jet Skis along the marked &ásecure jet ski passage in order to avoid accidents with swimmers and others. And for that you will need to be properly guided by a licensed operators who understand all the safety guidelines to be followed and provide all the necessary safety equipment and instructions. 

Mega Watersports

They are one of the finest Jet Ski operators in the island, licensed and insured. They are the first to offer guided Jet Ski tours to explore the various islands around Langkawi. The group size is limited to 5 and all their guides are knowledgeable, qualified and speak fluent English. They carry first aids in each trip and follow all international, industry and local safety guidelines. 
They use modern and well maintained and environmentally friendly Jet Skis (4 Stroke SeaDoos, 1,500cc engine). They provide life jacket, fuel, dry storage, snorkel gears and wet shoes. You should bring towel, drinking water and lots of sun block lotion. All tours and rentals include insurance. 
Offering: Three-island Jet Ski tour 
  • Duration: 4 hours. This is an easy guided ride covering three islands. Suitable for beginners, families and children 
  • Indicative rate: RM700 (single), RM800 (double) 
  • Tour starts at 9am and 2pm daily from the Pantai Cenang beach (behind the restaurant Orkid Ria) 
    Offering: Jet Ski tour to Bunting Island &álake of the pregnant maiden 
  • Duration: 4 hours. This is the most popular tour covering Bunting Island which is the main attractions where you get to spend about an hour swimming in the fresh water lake, kayaking, paddle boating or even taking jungle treks. The tour also covers several other islands &ábeaches. 
  • Indicative rate: RM850 (single), RM1000 (double) 
  • Tour starts at 9am and 2pm daily from the Pantai Cenang beach (behind the restaurant Orkid Ria)  
    Offering: Jet Ski tour of Fishing Village X Discontinued 
  • Duration 4 hours: High speed tour and requires experience in Jet Skiing. It includes visits to a fishing villages and several other places and includes lunch on top of a hill. 
  • Indicative rate: RM900 (single) 
  • Tour starts at 9am and 2pm daily from the Pantai Cenang beach (behind the restaurant Orkid Ria) 
    Offering: Jet Ski Rental 
  • They have three different models of Jet Skis (4-tec Rotax 1500cc 130hp engines) available on rentals. 
  • Indicative rates: RM400 (for 30 minutes, for up to 2 persons) 
    Offering: Other Water Sport Rentals 
  • Parasailing: From beach RM120.00; From boat RM300 
  • Banana Boat: RM70.00 (2pax); RM100.00 (4pax) 
  • Wake Board: áRM120.00 for 15 minutes 
  • Fishing Trip: áRM400.00 per boat, Maximum 5 Pax 
    Contact information for Inquiry &áBooking 
    Mobile1: áá+6012 3890801 
    Mobile2: áá+6012 2002155 

    Seeman Watersports

    Another very well known and established operator offering guided Jet Ski tours since 2006. They too are fully licensed and insured, and use the secure Jet Ski passage. For them the safety comes as the top most priority. 
    Jet Skis used are latest SeaDoo 4-Tech having reverse gear, nice &ácomfortable seats, brakes, digital displays etc. As part of the tour packages they provide water proof bags to store your belongings like cameras etc, wet shoes, snorkel gears, water bottles, safety equipment etc and of course an experienced guide. They also take lots of pictures through out the tour which they offer free of charge. 
    Their offerings include 3-hour jet ski tour covering over 8 islands and 4-hour Jet Ski tour covering over 20 islands. You will get ample opportunities to swim and snorkel, and also see many flora, fauna &ágeological formations including mangrove forests, eagle feeding and even gigantic limestone cliffs. 
    The set tours start at 10 am and 2pm daily from Pantai Cenang Beach behind the Tomato Nasi Kandar restaurant. You are expected to report at least 30 minutes before the tour starts. They also offer special timings on request. 
    Other offerings include jet ski rentals, banana ride, kayaking, water ski at the Cenang beach.  
    There are no published rates. Prices are available only on request from the operators. 
    Contact information for Inquiry &áBooking 
    Seeman Watersports 
    Phone: áá+6 012 919 9014, +6 019 336 9914 

    NAAM Sports

    One of the relatively new operations, NAAM Sports has some unique offerings on Jet Ski, Parasail etc that others can barely match. They are fully insured and licensed company that strictly follows all the safety guidelines. 
    For jetskis, They have a fleet of Yamaha high speed and eco friendly Jet Skis that you can rent by the hour and speed off into the sea. But their real niche offerings comprises of 
    1) Allowing you to design your own tours, select the places of your own interest and decide how much you would like to spend your time in each destination. They will then provide you a guide and a brand new Jet Ski to fulfil your dream. 
    2) They offer excellent Nature discovery tours on Jet Skis. In fact they are the only operator who boasts of offering a fully guided tour of the Kilim Geopark along the Kilim river and its many water channels. In this tour you are able to explore the mangroves forests and its many flora &áfauna, many strange geological formations like huge limestone outcrops, caves &ácaverns, lakes &álagoons and more. 
    All tours include modern safety life jackets, reef shoes and Maui Jim sunglasses, latest jet skis with extended rear platforms, and an experienced nature guide. An emergency jet ski follows all guided tours and can step in quickly should anything go wrong. They also provide thorough safety instructions and all safety equipment. The tours depart from Tanjung Rhu Beach. Prices are offered on request. 
    For Parasail, they have a boat Sea Osprey which is specially designed for parasail. They will launch and land you at the boat itself and the entire process is very smooth &ásafe. They are fully licensed for offshore parasailing operation from a boat. 
    1) Each parasail (i.e. flight) can accommodate up to three persons to parasail together. 
    2) Depending on your height &áweight, they will use harness &álife vests of appropriate sizes so that you are completely &ásafely secured. 
    3) The entire parasail ride lasts for about 30 minutes (10 minutes boat ride to a safe water area, 10 minutes parasail, 10 minutes boat ride back to the shore). They put on music on the way to make the ride more enjoyable. 
    4) The hull design is such that the boat is very stable. The boat has a red &áwhite color combination and can be easily identified. The parachute has the line "I seize the moment" boldly imprinted on it. 
    5) The parasail rides are offered at Pantai Cenang, Tanjung Rhu beach and Kuah. 
    6) Rate: RM200 per flight. 
    Contact information for Inquiry &áBooking 
    Phone: +604 963 9201 

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