Langkawi Travel & Tourism Guide

This section will help you find useful and important information related to your Langkawi travel and tourism. You will know what to expect in the island and how to go about planning your trip to the island. 
After reaching Langkawi, the first thing most tourists look for is a Tourist Information Center. These centers offer a lot of tourism related information including brochures & maps to plan your vacation days in the island. There are three Malaysian Government run official Tourist Information Centers in Langkawi. All these centers are staffed by trained government employees (mostly ladies) who will assist you with vacation & tour plans, and any other information that you may need. Find out their locations, contacts, full service offerings and other free materials that you can get there. 
This section will offer you several maps making it simple to find things. For example an Area Map of Langkawi gives you idea about the main areas in the island while giving you links to explore the individual areas in detail, another map offers location of all the beaches and attractions in the island with links to detailed descriptions with pictures of each. Similarly there are maps for locating hotels, restaurants and even marinas & anchorage points. 
There are important travel documents that are essential for visiting Langkawi and other parts of Malaysia. Langkawi is a group of Malaysian islands located off the north western coastline of the mainland Malaysia, and is governed by the immigration regulations of the country. Here you will know about the essential documents to carry like passport etc with minimum required validity, types of visas issued by Malaysian Government and what may be applicable for your travel, how to get the visa and lot more useful information. 
Although Langkawi is a duty free island where you can bring in many items & goods without paying any customs duty, but there are certain items on which duty is applicable. There are also prohibitions and restrictions applicable on several items. You can't bring them in or take them out, although some of them can be imported or exported with special permission or license. 
Langkawi remains warm and sunny almost all though the year. Temperature hardly varies and stays around 30°C and humidity level remains quite high. However, January through March is the dry season when most tourists visit Langkawi while September to October is the rainy season. Know about average month wise weather conditions in Langkawi including maximum & minimum air temperatures, water temperatures, rainfall, daily sunshine hours, humidity, wind conditions, daylight hours, sunrise & sunset timings and more. 
While most tourists prefer to visit during January to March, there are great advantages to visit the island during other times as well. Find out the high, low and mid seasons in Langkawi along with advantages & disadvantages with each. 
Although the island is small, it celebrates many events and festivals all through the year, and in some months several of them. Find out the month wise events, competitions, festivals & celebrations held in Langkawi. 
Planning a trip to Langkawi? Then you must plan your itinerary to make the most out of your visit. Check out this section where visitors are sharing great itineraries for perfect Langkawi vacation. You too can participate and ask question about your own trip. 
This section will let you know about transportation, attractions and activities in Langkawi that can be accessed by persons who are physically challenged and wheelchair bound. 
Internet & Wifi 
Update November 2016: Langkawi has become a digital island with high speed internet installed all around the island. There are now 290 free wi-fi hot spots all across the island including at the mosques of Kuah town (Al Hana Mosque) and the one at Ayer Hangat.  
Pre-Paid Sim Cards for mobile phones 
While international roaming will work in Langkawi, that can become very expensive. The easiest is to buy a readily available SIM card from a mobile phone store in the island. You can get it at Langkawi airport, Kuah town, Pantai Cenang etc. In Pantai Cenang, there is a store near Orkid Ria restaurant (known as Hotlink). There is also a store in Cenang Mall. It takes only minutes and it's cheap. You need to carry your passport (applicable for foreigners). One of the best local SIM cards is from Celcom. You can buy a plan with both voice calls and internet data. Another good provider is Maxis. 

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