Visa & Immigration Clearance for Langkawi/Malaysia

Langkawi is a group of islands that belong to the state of Kedah of Malaysia. Therefore all visitors coming to Langkawi from overseas countries will require to carry the same travel documents as applicable for most part of Malaysia. If you are arriving directly in Langkawi from your home country, then depending on your place of arrival (i.e. international airport, cruise terminal, ferry terminal at Kuah etc), you will need to pass through the customs and immigration formalities as you disembark. 
However if your initial port of disembarkation in Malaysia was elsewhere (for example in Kuala Lumpur where you would have cleared the customs &áimmigration), then no further formalities would be required in Langkawi. 
In the following sections, you will know about the travel documents required by foreign visitors coming to Langkawi, or for that matter, to any part of Malaysia. NOTE: Immigration regulations are subject to change. You may like to check the website of Langkawi Department of Immigration for all current updates ( 

Passport &áTravel Documents

A valid Passport is an essential travel document while traveling to Malaysia. You should ensure that your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond your intended stay in Malaysia. If your national passport is not recognized by Malaysian Government, then you must carry an authorized travel document issued by the Malaysian Mission in your country to travel to Malaysia. 
All foreign visitors are required to fill up a Disembarkation Card (IMM. 26) and hand it over to the Immigration Officer on arrival along with the passport at the port of disembarkation. 

Types of Visas

There are three types of visas issued by the Malaysian Government. 
  • Single Entry Visa is for a single entry to Malaysia and is normally valid for a period of 3 months from the date of issue. It is generally applicable for those who wish to make a short social visit. 
  • Multiple Entry Visas are usually meant for business visits and can have a validity period of 3 to 6 months. However, nationals of India and China can apply for multiple entry visas even for social/tourism related visits. Such visa usually has a validity of 1 year from the date of issue. However, each entry can not be for more than 30 days. 
    To get a multiple entry visa as a tourist, you will need to show that you have sufficient funds to sustain your stay in Malaysia and also have a return ticket.  
    Currently, single or multiple entry visa fee of Indians is RM50, and for Chinese Nationals is RM30 (updated 30th Aug 2012). 
  • Transit Visa is issued to those who are travelling to other countries via Malaysia and will need or like to leave the airport premises while in Malaysia. 

    Visa requirement by country

    Depending on your home country (nationality) and period of stay in Malaysia, you may or may not need to get a visa prior to your travel to Langkawi or any other part of Malaysia. Some nationals would always require visas even if the stay is a short one, while some would require visa if the intended stay is beyond a stipulated period. 

    Countries that always require visa to enter Malaysia

    Afghanistan (Visa with reference), Angola, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, China, Colombia, Comoros, Congo Democratic Republic, Congo Republic, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Hong Kong (C/I or D/I), India, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Myanmar (ordinary passport), Nepal, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Serbia &áMontenegro, Sri Lanka, Taiwan (15 days without visa), United Nations (Laissez Passer), Western Sahara. 

    Countries that require visa for stays exceeding 3 months

    Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria (Vienna), Bahrain, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Croatia, Cuba, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyz Republic, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Romania, St Marino, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Yemen 

    Countries that require visa for stays exceeding 1 month

    Armenia, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Belarus, Benin, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Chad, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Gabon, Georgia, Greece, Guatemala, Guinea Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong SAR, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macao SAR, Macedonia, Madagascar, Moldova, Mauritania, Mexico, Monaco, Mongolia, Nicaragua, North Korea, North Yemen, Panama, Paraguay, Portugal, Russia, Sao Tome &áPrincipe, Senegal, Slovenia, Sudan, Surinam, Tajikistan, Togo, Ukraine, Upper Volta, Uzbekistan, Vatican City, Venezuela, Zaire, Zimbabwe. 

    Countries that require visa for stays exceeding 14 days

    Iran, Iraq, Libya, Macao (Travel Permit/Portugal CI), Palestine, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Yemen, Syria, Cote d'ivoire / ivory coast 

    Visa requirement for other countries

  • Citizens of USA do not require visa to enter Malaysia (except for those who come on a job) 
  • ASEAN Countries: Except for Myanmar, nationals of other ASEAN countries will not require a visa for Malaysia as long as the stay is for less than 1 month. Beyond that it will be required for all except for Singapore and Brunei. 
  • Israel nationals would always require visas and additionally permission must be taken from Ministry of Home Affairs of Malaysia. 
  • Republic of Serbia and Republic of Montenegro nationals will also require visas to enter Malaysia, however no separate permission is required from Ministry of Home Affairs. 
  • All other Nationals (i.e. those who are not mentioned in above sections like Canada etc.) do not require visas for Malaysia for stays up to one month. 
  • Updated March 2012 

    How to apply for Malaysia Visa

    You can apply for the visa at any Malaysian representative Office in your home country. For example in India, you can make your visa application at the Malaysian High Commission located in New Delhi. 
    Nationals of several countries (China, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Serbia, Montenegro) can also apply for eVisa online through the official website of Malaysia Immigration Department. The eVisa remains valid for 3 months although maximum continuos stay of up to 30 days is allowed at a time. The eVisa is a good option for general tourists or visitors from one of the above mentioned countries. 
    For manual application, there are two scenarios: 
    1) Application for Visa without reference (this is applicable for general tourists). The visa is issued by the High Commission of Malaysia. You will be required to produce the following documents: 
  • Original passport 
  • Two photocopies of your passport 
  • Two photocopies of the visa application form (Form IMM.47) 
  • Two passport size photographs (with white background) 
  • Original and two photocopies of the ticket (confirmed returned ticket) 
  • Bank statement / traveler's cheque 
  • Invitation letter (if any) 
  • Payment of visa fee 
    2) Application for Visa With Reference (this is required for students, professionals with visit pass, those going on employment, dependants etc). The visa is approved by Malaysia's Department of immigration and/or other agencies with authority after the application has been referred. You will be required to produce the following documents: 
  • Original approval letter from the Immigration Department of Malaysia/other authority agencies 
  • Original passport 
  • Two photocopies of the passport 
  • Two photocopies of visa application form (Form IMM.47) 
  • Two passport size photographs (with white background) 
  • Original and two photocopies of an air ticket 
  • Payment of visa fee 

    Visa On Arrival

    Visa On Arrival (VOA) is no longer issued at Langkawi or anywhere in Malaysia. However if you are flying in from Singapore to Malaysia, you can get a Visa on Arrival at Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru, Kota Kinabalu or Kuching airports (but not at Langkawi), and the length of such visa is 7 days. Additionally there is a restriction that your airline should be Air Asia or Malaysia Airlines. 
    So, if you are a national of a country that requires visa (for example India or China) and want to travel directly to Langkawi from your home country or any other country like Singapore, you should get your Malaysian visa in your own country before arrival at Langkawi. 
    Update July 2019: Malaysian Government announced that the Visa On Arrival (VOA) facility at Langkawi International Airport (and several other airports in Malaysia) is now being extended to nationals of China and India if they arrive at Malaysia/Langkawi via Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore or Thailand. The VOA fee is RM200 and the period of stay would be 15 days. 

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    Visitors' Reviews/Comments

    Carl (July 2019) 
    Hi, My partner and I will be flying into Singapore from the UK for 3 night, then flying to Langkawi with a 70 minute transit in Kula Lumpur. Once in Langkawi we will be staying for 10 nights, before flying back into Kula Lumpur, short transit before flying back to Singapore. The million dollar questions is... Do we need any visas? If so how can we obtain one? Thank you. 
    Raj ( July 2019 
    Hi, British nationals do not require any tourist visa for Malaysia (including Langkawi) if the stay is for less than 3 months. You should contact your nearest Singapore High Commission (Singapore Overseas Mission) for visas related to Singapore as this website is for Langkawi. However in general British nationals holding British passports do not require tourist visa for Singapore if the stay in Singapore is for less than 30 days and other entry requirements are met. 
    Kalaiharasan (March 2019) 
    Dear Sir, I am Malaysian Citizen. If I come to Langkawi via flight do I need to bring my passport along? 
    Raj ( March 2019 
    No, not required if you are taking a domestic flight to Langkawi. 
    Vinod Sabharwal (December 2017) 
    First I want to thank you for your very informative website on Langkawi, and helping so many people get answers, making their vacations much better. I am traveling on US passport. I am reaching Langkawi from Singapore. It is here I think I will clear customs and immigration formalities. On my onward journey to KL will I have to go through immigration checks again or hopefully I will be able to get out of KL airport quickly? 
    Raj ( December 2017 
    Hi, Langkawi to KL is a domestic sector and no immigration formalities are required if you are visiting KL. 
    Ellis Derkx (December 2017) 
    Hi, Your post is very useful, thank you very much. I just would like to get a confirmation to be sure. I'm planning to travel to Langkawi Island coming from Thailand, Koh Lipe. Is it correct that I don't need a visa and come into the country without any problems, providing that I have a Dutch (Netherlands) passport which is valid for more then another 6 months and not having an intention to stay longer then 3 months? I'm looking into travelling further down through Malaysia and I'm wondering if I should show a ticket leaving Malaysia within the three months, or could I book this later when I'm already travelling? Since I don't have a fixed plan. Thank you very much for your help!! Kind Regards, 
    Raj ( December 2017 
    Hi, Dutch citizens can enter Langkawi (Malaysia) without visa, however the stay in Malaysia should not exceed 90 days in such a case. You should carry a return or onward international ticket showing your intent to leave Malaysia within 90 days as this is likely to be checked at the immigration. 
    Sari (September 2017) 
    Hi, we are expatriates living in KL, plan to drive car from KL to Langkawi and cross using Ferry. One of my kids is in process of getting dependent pass extension, so we dont have the passport with us. Our HR staff said there will be immigration check point in the port so advised us to choose other destination to travel. Is that true? Please advise. Thank you. 
    Raj ( September 2017 
    Immigration checks are done at international borders. Langkawi and KL are both in Malaysia and involves only domestic travel. However as foreigners it is always advisable to carry your passport as this is the only recognized identity you have there. Hotels will ask for that. 
    Sudhir (May 2017) 
    Hi Raj, I am already in KL for last 7 days on single entry eVisa ( passport stamped with 30 days stay in west Malaysia and Sabah. Now I want to travel to Langkawi from KL and return back to KL. is it possible? Due to immigration and constoms regulations, I am not sure whether I need additional single entry eVisa to enter KL from Langkawi. Please suggest. 
    Raj ( May 2017 
    Langkawi is a domestic travel from KL and no separate visa is required. 
    Tin Soe (February 2017) 
    Dear Sir, I have Malaysia entry Visa issued from Malaysia Embassy in Myanmar. I am visiting to Thailand and I want to go Langkawi from Satun Thailand by ferry boat. I can proceed for immigration at Langkawi? Thanks 
    Raj ( February 2017 
    Hello, when you get to Satun ferry terminal, the immigration staff will stamp your passport for departure from Thailand. When you arrive at Langkawi Ferry terminal, you will pass through Malaysia Immigration and Customs where you need to show your Malaysian Visa. So yes, you can proceed to Langkawi from Satun by ferry if you have the Malaysian visa. 
    Kevin Gerner (January 2017) 
    Hello! I have a question about the visa regulations for serbian citizen living in Austria! We are traveling first to Thailand and then we are going by boat from the Island Koh Lipe to the Malaysian Island Langkawi and after a few days we a flying to Kuala Lumpur and from there back home! 
    We know that Serbian citizen needs a visa for Malaysia! But is it possible for them to entry Malaysia by boat from Thailand? I've got different answers from the Embassys in Europe! The Malaysian Embassy in Austria says that it is possible. The Embassy in Germany says that it is not possible. And the Embassy in Serbia says that it is possible! 
    Now I'm very confused because we won't get any problems! I hope you can help me as soon as possible. Best Regards. 
    Raj ( January 2017 
    Hi, I haven't heard of any different restrictions for Serbian citizens entering Langkawi from Koh Lipe compared to any other nationals who too require Malaysia visa. So like any other such nationals, you too should be able to enter Langkawi from Koh Lipe by boat. There is an immigration office at Koh Lipe where one needs to complete the immigration formalities of Thailand one hour before the boat leaves. On reaching Langkawi (Telaga Harbor terminal), Malaysia related immigration &ácustoms formalities need to be completed. 
    I suggest you write directly to Telaga Terminal at Langkawi (where the boats arrive from Koh Lipe) and get the official version on the matter. Here are their contact info: 
    Email: [email protected]; Phone: 604 959 2208. 
    Nagarajan á(January 2017) 
    Hi Raj, I have a travel to Malaysia in the month of Nov 1st 2016 and I have a sticker visa which states that it's validi for 6 months and multiple journey .. now currently I am in Mumbai and traveling to Langkawi in the month of March 2017.. can I use the same visa .. my flight is from Mumbai to Kul .. Kul .. to Langkawi .. do I need to do immigration in KUL airport or in Langkawi airport. 
    Raj ( January 2017 
    Hi, if you have a valid multi-entry Malaysian visa then you can use the same visa for your travel to Langkawi. Your immigration checks will be at Kuala Lumpur. Between Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi, it's a domestic flight. 
    Ashwin (December 2016) 
    Hi, I'm travelling with my wife to Singapore in Feb 2017 and from there planning to go to Langkawi and then back to India from Langkawi. Do I need to take a visa for Malaysia before leaving India or I can get a visa on arrival at Langkawi itself since i will be travelling via Singapore, lastly what are the documents required for visa on arrival. Thx. 
    Raj ( December 2016 
    Hi, 'visa on arrival' is not available at Langkawi. You need to get Malaysian visa in advance. If you fly from Singapore to KL, then as an Indian you can get visa on arrival at KL. You need a valid passport for visa on arrival. 
    Mohan (December 2016) 
    I am an Indian Passport holder, working in Thailand for past 3 years. I want to visit Langkawi, arriving from Satun. Will I be permitted or must I take a visa from the consulate from here in Thailand, as a pre-requisite. Please advise 
    Raj ( December 2016 
    You need a visa to visit Malaysia. 
    Anup Kedia (November 2016) 
    Hello Raj, I am travelling with my family to Singapore &áMalaysia in June 2017 from Kolkata, India. We are directly flying to Singapore from India. Then we were planning to fly directly from Singapore to Langkawi. Need to know if we can do Malaysian immigration at Langkawi or do we need to necessarily take connecting flight via Kuala Lumpur for immigration. 
    Raj ( November 2016 
    Hi, you can fly directly from Singapore to Langkawi and clear your immigration/customs at Langkawi. 
    Sreemoyee Mitra (June 2016) 
    Hello, My husband and I are travelling to Kuala Lumpur on 11th June, 2016. We are catching a flight for Langkawi from KL within 2-3hours...I understand that the immigration formalities will be taken care of in KL itself but wanted to know if e-visa is fine for entering KL again from Langkawi. Langkawi is under Malaysia so we understand that e-visa which is a single entry visa is alright to enter KL again on return from Langkawi. We will stay in KL for two days before returning to India. Wanted to be certain that the single entry e-visa would not be a problem. 
    Raj ( June 2016 
    Your eVisa is for Malaysia. You can do any amount of domestic travels within Malaysia (including Langkawi) as long as you return (i.e. depart from KL to your home country) within the visa validity period. 
    Sheetal Kanchan (December 2015) 
    Hi Raj, I found your website quite informative. So all my Tourist questions are answered already. I just needed one information regarding my visa. My husband and I will ne travelling to Langkawi in April 2016 from India. Is it possible for us to book directly from áIndia to Langkawi, get our emigration completed at the island and travel to Kuala Lumpur from áLangkawi? The idea is to stay at Langkawi for 3 nights and 2 nights in Kuala Lumpur and directly fly back from Kuala lumpur to India. The thing is we will be booking hotels and flights on our own without any help from travel agents. Hence the query. Thanks in advance. 
    Raj ( December 2015 
    Hi, If you take a direct international flight to Langkawi, you can get your immigration and customs done at Langkawi. If it's via KL (like most Air Asia Flights are), then you need to do your immigration clearance at KL, and then walk down to domestic terminal and catch a domestic flight to Langkawi. 
    Manfred (July 2015) 
    Hi Mr. Raj, first, please be gentle about my English, I know it is terrible. We go to Langkawi for 3 Weeks and I found no Answer for my Questions. We start at Munich with Emirates, fly over Dubai to Kuala Lumpur and from there with a Malaysia Domestic Flight to Langkawi. Now my Questions: Can we choose at which Airport ( Kuala Lumpur or Langkawi) we go through the Immigration? We fly in Business class with Emirates. At the Immigration in Kuala Lumpur Airport is there a "fast Lane" for First and Business class Guest (like in BKK) (we have only 3 hours from Landing in Klia to Departing to LGK). By our Way back (flying home) must we go through the Custom in Klia (Langkawi is a Duty free Area) or can we within the Transit Area. Thanks so much for your Time. 
    Raj ( January 2015 
    Hi, while traveling to Langkawi, immigration &ácustoms will be at Kuala Lumpur (KL) because your international sector ends there. Unless you have prior arrangements with your airline, you will need to claim your baggage at KL and check it in again at the domestic terminal which is a short walk from the international terminal. I have not noticed any fast lane at KL, but there are many counters, so 3 hours should be good enough to transfer. While returning, international formalities will be done again at KL ... it won't be a transit. 
    Christian Maria (January 2015) 
    Hay, if I arrive by sea from koh lipe can i make a visa on arrival on the harbor of langkawi. I m Italian my wife from Czech rep. Thank you 
    Raj ( January 2015 
    Hi, Italian and Czech nationals do not require tourist entry visa for Malaysia (and hence Langkawi) unless your stay exceeds 3 months. You must however have valid passports.