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About Night Markets in Langkawi

Every day of the week, a night market (also known as Pasar Malam in Malay) sets up in different places of Langkawi. There is a different and designated location for the market each day. It is like a country bazaar or a street market. Many vendors and villagers set up makeshift stalls at these markets and sell all kinds of local items including local food &ásnacks, fresh produce, fruits &ájuices, clothes, souvenirs &átrinkets, watches, sunglasses, wallets &áhand bags, paintings, DVDs and many other small items. 
These local markets are great for trying out various types of traditional local food at relatively cheap prices. The atmosphere is lively and quite friendly. The night market is a great meeting place for the locals and expatriates, and if you are a tourist, it's a great opportunity to meet and be with locals and enjoy local food. 
A Night Market in Langkawi 
Langkawi Night Market 
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When purchasing any souvenir items, bags, watches, sunglasses etc, remember that the quality of such items sold here are not high and many are imitation items. However, night markets are mostly popular for a wide range of Malay dishes that are prepared and served piping hot at a very reasonable price. 
Some of the popular Malay dishes sold in the night markets include the grilled seafood, pisang goreng (fried bananas), keropok lekor (fish crackers), chicken or beef satay, murtabak, nasi ayam (chicken rice), green mango salad, lemon grass chicken on sticks, fresh fruit juices and so on. Some dishes can be really spicy. 
They can also pack the food in plastic bags if you want to take it away.. 
Night Markets are the favorite paces for the local working class, who come here after the tiring day's work and have hot dinner at a cheap price. Two persons can easily have sumptuous meals for a total of RM14. There are also meals that are kept prepared in plastic bags (grab and go meals). They too are quite cheap. For example pulut ayam or nasi ayam would cost RM4. Most of the other food items will be between RM 2 - 5. 
Night Market in Langkawi 
Night Market in Langkawi 
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You will get almost all the great dishes that I have mentioned on the page Langkawi Local Food &áOutlets and that too at cheap prices. But you should be a bit careful with the hygiene factor. Sometimes cooked food kept in the open idling for a while is not good and can cause stomach problems. Always try to take fresh food being prepared right in front of you. I have never had tummy problems in Langkawi. All that you need to ensure is that you are taking hot food prepared fresh. 
There would be hardly any place to sit. Most of the stalls do not have seating provisions. So either you can stand and eat, or take away the packed food which many locals do. In Kuah town, if you walk up to the end of the Night Market, there is a food court where you can carry your food, sit and eat. 
Night Market at Kuah Town 
Kuah Night Market Langkawi 
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The largest and the most active night markets are the ones at Kuah and Padang Matsirat. The night markets usually operate from 5:30pm until 10pm, after which the vendors dismantle their stalls and take their stuff back home by vehicles. If it's raining on the day, many vendors won't turn up to set up their stalls. 
Here are all the weekly Night Markets in Langkawi, their offerings and locations: 

Night Market at Padang Matsirat

This night market sets up on Sunday evenings at the large car park area next to the Field of Burnt Rice in Padang Matsirat. You can get a range of trinkets and knickknacks here such as fridge magnets, imitation jewely, cheap T-shirts and lot more. In local food, try out the delicious ikan bakar, chicken satay, skewers etc. 
Open Hours: Every Sunday 17:30 - 22:00 
Location: Kampung Raja, Mukim Padang Matsirat (next to the Field of Burnt Rice) 

Night Market at Ulu Melaka

This Night Market opens on Monday evenings at Ulu Melaka. There are some 40-45 stalls that are set up by the local vendors selling bags, clothing etc and hot delicious Malay food. A must try is the Ayam Goreng (a traditional Malay fried chicken). During season, you can get great Durian dishes here. 
Open Hours: Every Monday 17:30 - 22:00 
Location: Ulu Melaka (Jalan Makam Mahsuri Lama) 

Kedawang Night Market

Sets up on every Tuesday evening at Kedawang near Pantai Cenang. This night market is mostly popular for the hot delicious Malay food like the Ikan Bakar (charcoal-grilled fish), Nasi Lemak (fragrant rice served with fish) etc. If you want to pack your food, you should bring your own containers because most of the stalls here follow eco-friendly practices and try to avoid plastics. 
Open Hours: Every Tuesday 17:30 - 22:00 
Location: Kedawang (near Pantai Cenang) 

Night Market at Kuah Town

This is a highly popular and one of the largest of night markets that sets up two days a week - on Wednesday and Saturday. There are plnty of food stalls selling local food. Try out the beef burgers here... delicious. You can get different types of textile items as well as batik prints here. 
Open Hours: Every Wednesday and Saturday 17:30 - 22:00 
Location: Next to Kuah Jetty, Kuah Town 

Night Market at Temoyong

This is a Thursday night Market that sets up at Temoyong village in Pantai Cenang. There are over 50 vendors with stalls in the open air selling hot local Malay food as well as various items such as cheap accessories, sunglasses, bags etc. It's a great place to try out local delicacies. 
Open Hours: Every Thursday 17:00 - 22:00 
Location: Kampung Temoyong, Mukim Kedawang, Pantai Cenang 

Night Market at Air Hangat

This night market operates on Friday evenings at Air Hangat Village spread over a large area. One of the unique dishes to try here is Malaysia's blue rice (nasi kerabu) with beef rendang. 
Open Hours: Every Friday of the week 17:30 - 22:00 
Location: Padang Lalang, Air Hangat, Langkawi (Near Air Hangat Round About) 

How to reach a night market venue

Once you reach the area, you can ask any local person for Pasar Malam, and he/she will show you the direction. If you are visiting on a taxi, ask the driver. 

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