Best Jet Ski Tours & Rentals in Langkawi

There are two ways to go about jet skiing in Langkawi. One is to get a Jet Ski on rent from one of the beach counters and take a wild ride on the open sea bumping on the waves, get your blood pump up and have a great feel of adventure. Although this is not the best way to enjoy Langkawi from the water, many do it. 
If this is what you plan to do, then you should come to either Pantai Cenang Beach or Burau Bay Beach at the western coastline of the island. This is where you will get plenty of beach operators and hotels that offer Jet Ski on rentals. There is also an operator at the Tanjung Rhu beach on the northern shore who too offers great Jet Skis on rent on hourly basis. I have described the Jet Ski rentals, the various models of Jet Skis offered and indicative rental rates in my section Jetski &áWatersports Operators
In areas like Datai Bay as well as in Kuah where the large resorts occupy private beach areas, you won't find motorized watersports, as these hotels have decided not to offer such options to avoid impacting the nature and the eco system. 
However, there is a second option in Langkawi with Jet Skis that is rarely offered by other island destinations. And that is to take a guide tour on Jet Ski and see Langkawi closely from the sea. You will visit several tiny islands around Langkawi, get to many natural attractions like lakes, lagoons, limestone cliffs, caves, mangroves etc, and snorkel to see amazing marine life in emerald green water of Andaman Sea and experience the nature from a close distance that are otherwise rarely seen. 
In my following section I'll discuss the Top Guided Jet Ski Tours in Langkawi and the best operators who offer such guided tours on modern and safe jet skis. Over the years, we have undertaken all these Jet Ski tours in Langkawi several times as we now believe that this is one of the best ways to see Langkawi closely and an experience truly worth spending your money on. 

Jet Ski Tour (3 Hours) by Seeman Watersports

This Jet Ski Tour starts from Pantai Cenang Beach and takes about 3 hours to complete. 
  • It starts with a visit to Diamond Island (Pulau Intan Kecil) at a short distance taking about 15 minutes. You can swim from a deserted beach and also snorkel at a nearby reef site and see many colorful reef fish.  
  • The second stop is at Pulau Beras Basah (Wet Rice island) which is at south west of Langkawi's main island. This is a also a great swimming &ásnorkeling venue and you are likely to meet with many other visitors who would have come there by boats. 
  • The next stop is at Pulau Singa Besar (Big Lion island) which is close to Pulau Beras Basah. There are no lions here though. You will get a close view of the mangrove swamps along the coastline and also experience eagle feeding. In no time several eagles will start swooping in from the sky and start feeding on the food pieces thrown in to the water... an amazing sight as you keep watching them sitting on your Jet Ski after having silenced your engine. 
  • Next, after a fairly long ride on the jet ski, you will reach one of the most coveted attractions, the Dayang Bunting Island. Here you will find a wonderful freshwater lake surrounded by rainforests on mountain slopes and separated from the open sea by a thing strip of rocks... it looks like a paradise. Like many other places in Langkawi, this lake known as the Lake of Pregnant Maiden is also associated with a legend. It is said that childless women after taking a dip into the water here can become fertile and conceive. Take take a dip, have a refreshing swim at the lake (lake is quite deep though) or do some paddle boating or even kayaking. 
  • You will then ride the jet ski to some great limestone cliffs, caves, other small islands and then in open ocean before heading back to Pantai Cenang beach. 
  • Visit Top Jet Ski &áWatersport Operators to know about Seeman Watersports, their detailed offerings, and contact information for inquiry and bookings. 

    Jet Ski Tour (4 Hours) by Seeman Watersports

    This tour is a continuation of the previous tour where the first three hours would be similar. During the last extra hour, you will experience the following: 
  • You will visit and ride by a series of small islands (more than 20) in this trip. 
  • You will visit Lima Island where there is a gigantic limestone rock formation and a cavern right on the water. You will jet ski (of course slowly) through the cavern. As you do so, look up and you will see the stunning stalagmite formations from the ceiling hanging down. 
  • Visit the Tuba Island which has the second largest population after the main island of Langkawi. You will pass by a fishing village and see many shacks built by driftwood and standing on stilts. Those are the houses of the fishermen. 
  • You will then get a wonderful view of the Kuah Town from the waters, and also see the castle like structure of the Bella Vista Resort. 
  • And then you will Jet Ski right next to the giant golden brown eagle that stands facing the water front at Eagle Square, an awesome sight. 
  • You will then pass by few more islands before heading back to Cenang Beach. 
  • Visit Top Jet Ski &áWatersport Operators to know about Seeman Watersports, their detailed offerings, and contact information for inquiry and bookings. 

    Jet Ski Tour, Beginners &áFamilies (4 hours) - by Mega Watersports

    This is an easy jet ski tour which can be undertaken by even the beginners or families with children. It is operated in a low to moderate speed and includes visits to three nearby islands. The tour starts and ends at Pantain Cenang beach. 
  • The first visit is to Pulau Singa Besar (Island of Big Lion). There are no lions here. The island is so named because of its shape that resembles a lion (perhaps). The island is full of animal life like monitor lizards, deer, mouse, bores and abundance of monkeys. The rich bird life includes macaques, eagles, peacocks, hornbills etc. You will be able to swim from the pristine little beach or just relax for a while. There is also a reef site near the north western end of the island where you can snorkel and see some great marine life. 
  • Next stop is at Pulau Beras Basah which is close by. This too is a nice beach side swimming and snorkeling venue. 
  • The last stop is at the Rebak Marina at Rebak Island. You will be able to see many yachts and sail boats moored here. Relax and take a cup of hot tea at the marina before heading back to the Cenang beach 
  • Visit Top Jet Ski &áWatersport Operators to know about Mega Watersports, their detailed offerings, and contact information for inquiry and bookings. 

    Jet Ski Tour, Dayang Bunting (4 Hours) - by Mega Watersports

    Dayang Bunting Island and the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden is the main attraction of this Jet Ski tour which starts and ends at Pantai Cenang beach. This is one of the most popular tours offered by this operator. 
  • Dayang Bunting is the second largest island in the cluster of 99 islands of Langkawi. You will spend about an hour here swimming at the fresh water lake or paddle boating, kayaking or even taking a jungle trek through the surrounding mountain forests. 
  • After that you will jet ski to several tiny islands. One such spot is known as "The Fjords", a serene secluded place having a group of islands and located south east of Kuah. The water area here is crystal clear. You can take a quick swim if you so wish, or just stretch back and relax on your Jet Ski while enjoying the lovely views all around. 
  • You will then see amazing limestone formations and caverns along the way. 
  • You will also see many eagles circling around in the sky. 
  • The last stop will be at a deserted beach in an island where you get one more opportunity to swim or just enjoy the island to yourself. 
  • Visit Top Jet Ski &áWatersport Operators to know about Mega Watersports, their detailed offerings, and contact information for inquiry and bookings. 

    Jet Ski Tour, Fishing Village (4 hours) - by Mega Watersports

    This tour is meant for experienced Jet Ski riders. It combines the thrill factor of speed along with great views, visits to fishing village and other amazing places and includes lunch on top of a hill while enjoying great views of the ocean. The tour operates from Pantai cenang Beach. 
  • You will jet ski along the coastline and soon see the Awana Porto Malai resort (now known as Resorts World Langkawi) and its marina. 
  • You will then pass by the Navy Pontoon and the Langkawi port 
  • After the Jetty Pelancongan at Kuah, you will pass by the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club and then the famous Westin Resort 
  • You will then pass through two land masses and reach the Penarak Fishing Village 
  • You will finally take lunch on a hill top 
  • It's going to be a fast and long ride back only stopping at the Monkey beach very briefly for a quick dip before getting back to Pantai Cenang beach. 
  • Visit Top Jet Ski &áWatersport Operators to know about Mega Watersports, their detailed offerings, and contact information for inquiry and bookings. 

    Jet Ski Tour, áNature Discovery (3 hours) - by Naam Sports

    While they do have several set tours, they are the only company in the island today who offer customized jet ski tours that let you choose your own favorite places and amount of time you want to spend at each place. One of the great tours is the Nature Discovery Jet Ski tour to explore the Kilim Geopark &áthe Mangroves
  • The tour usually begins from the Tanjung Rhu beach located at the northern coast of Langkawi. They use silent eco friendly and latest jet skis 
  • You will ride through the Kilim river and its many secluded water channels and see mangroves swamps, stunning lime stone cliffs rising from the shores, many animal life including monkeys and the bizarre walking fish. You will pass by an old charcoal kiln which has been abandoned for conservation of the geopark and also see many caves and caverns including the Crocodile Cave which once used to be home to many crocodiles. 
  • This is the only jet ski tour available to explore the Kilim Geopark &áthe mangroves forest. 
  • Visit Top Jet Ski &áWatersport Operators to know about Naam Watersports, their detailed offerings, and contact information for inquiry and bookings. 

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