Shopping in Padang Matsirat, Langkawi

Padang Matsirat area is not designed for typical shoppers. The quaint villages and green paddy fields do not gel with modern shopping centers and therefore you won't find any great shopping malls or complexes in Padang Matsirat. 
Having said that, there do exist some specialized art &ácraft outlets as well as village shopping markets with hawkers stalls in the area. For example the Atma Alam Batik Art Village sells exclusive and authentic handmade Batik items created by local artists.  
The hawkers stalls lined up along the narrow pathway that leads to the Field of Burnt Rice venue, sell all kinds of items including dress materials, souvenir &ágift items, small knick knacks and lot more. Another great place to do duty free shopping is at the airport, which has a free access even to tourists already staying in the island. 
Here are all the top shopping options in Padang Matsirat of Langkawi: 
Located on the main road Jalan Padang Matsirat, this is a large single storied building with sverela sections. Here local artists create exclusive handmade batik product. specifically beautifull are the ones done on silk. You can buy different types of Batik dress materials including cloth pieces, T-shirts, tops and more. There is also a section that sells items made of ceramics. A third section sells oil paintings created by local artists. 
This is the only place in Padang Matsirat where you can do duty free shopping. There are quite a few small to large duty free shops in the main hall. The best part is that the shopping section of the airport is accessible to both passengers as well as tourists already staying in the island. So you can come from your hotel, park your car or taxi, and do duty free shopping at the airport. 
You get wide range of items including clothes &ádress materials of many well known brands, souvenirs, perfumes, cosmetics, liquor &átobacco and lot more. Some of our favorite items here includes the souvenirs including key rings and models that are designed on the Reddish Brown Eagle, the symbol of Langkawi. However, you may not find the same bargains as in Kuah town's duty free shops. 
A weekly local country market is held at the large car parking space on Jalan Padang Matsirat on every Sunday. Many local vendors set up their temporary stalls selling local food, snacks, flowers, vegetables, trinkets and many other items. The entire place gets illuminated by lights in the evening. a great place to chat with the locals and pickup small items at cheap prices. 

Hawkers Stalls

There are numerous stalls lined up along the narrow road that leads to the Field of Burnt Rice venue. As you walk along, you will feel as if you are walking through a local market. The road starts from the corner of the space where the Night Market sets up on Sundays.  
So what do you get at these hawkers stalls? Virtually all kinds of small items including souvenirs, trinkets, sunglasses, watches, clothes, artificial flowers and lot more. These may not be of very high quality but none the less quite favorite to the locals. Who doesn't like to buy cute and handy items at dirt cheap prices. Tourists who know about this market, often come here to pick up the small items to take back home as gifts. 
The market is open all through the day. It is located in Kampung Raja along both side of the narrow pathway leading to Field of Burnt Rice. 

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