Atma Alam Batik Art Village Langkawi

Located centrally in Padang Matsirat and close to the Langkawi International Airport, Atma Alam Batik Art Village is a complex that showcases a wide array of exclusively handmade as well as block printed batik art that includes dress materials, paintings and handicraft products. 
The long L-shaped single storied building set up in a half-acre sprawling compound has been built in traditional Malaysian architecture with slanted triangular roofs. 
Atma Alam Batik Art, Langkawi 
Photo: Atma Alam Batik, Langkawi 
It has been established by the couple Aza Osman (an oil painter) and his wife Roshadah Yusof, also known as Sada who herself is a reputed Batik artist and designer. They moved to Langkawi together in 1987 and founded the Batik Art Village. They both live and work here. 
Aza spent 15 years in Europe, mostly in Italy. Having studied and learned fine arts, he returned to his homeland to share his experience and skills. Sada on the other hand had been a self taught well established batik artist. Her batik artwork are commissioned at most of the luxury resorts in the island. 
Batik silk prints at Atma Alam, Langkawi 
Batik silk prints, Atma Alam 
Atma Alam Batik Art Village has been recognized by the Ministry of Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage of Malaysia. There are several sections in the building to explore. Photography is not allowed inside. This is probably because they don't want their original art designs to be exposed to the external world. 

Batik Workshop

The section on the right end is the Batik Workshop. This where most of the batik materials and artwork displayed in the showroom are created. Here an artist demonstrates and explains the art of batik painting to the visitors and tourists. If you want, you can also try your hand. 
Atma Alam Batik Workshop 
Atma Alam Batik Workshop 
Photo: Atma Alam Batik, Langkawi 
Here they also conduct educational sessions. Batik classes are held for intensive groups. Most tourists are first guided to the workshop before exploring the remaining sections. 

Batik Showroom

This is the main section of the building and to the left of the workshop. This is the place to buy original and exclusive Batik paintings, Batik dresses and Batik handicrafts at reasonable prices (well some silk items &áhandicrafts can be very expensive though). 
Here you will get large collections of garments and cloth pieces with exclusive Batik art that are all designed by the local artists under the guidance of Sada. She herself designs many artwork with batik impressions. You will get batik paintings and prints both on silk and cotton materials. Collections include a wide range of garments that range from elegant wears for women and men, to casuals. I realized that photography inside is prohibited after having already taken the following two pictures in the showroom. 
Batik printed shirts at Atma Alam 
Batik print shirts at Atma Alam 
Photo: Atma Alam Batik, Langkawi 
Also on sale are many other items like bags, cushion covers, purses, wall scrolls etc that have been created by the local artists and tailors using original batik materials and Songkets (Songkets are intricately designed gold &ásilver threaded fabrics and original to Malaysia). 
Remember, all these are original handmade products with batik art on them, and not one of those tacky batik products that you see elsewhere. So when looking at the price, this needs to be kept in consideration. The products range from traditional to experimental pieces,some of which come with strange designs and colors. 
We purchased a piece of silk batik from Atma Alam Batik Art Village during one of our visits in May 2012. The 2.5 meter silk piece with batik prints was priced RM100. 
Cloth rolls with batik art 
Cloth rolls with batik art 
Original oil paintings on canvas and batik paintings from local artists are also available for sale. There is also a separate section on ceramic and handicraft items. However, they are a bit expensive. 


There is a cafe at the corner where you can have coffee with home made cookies and cakes. Fruit juices, cold drinks and other snack items are also available. 

Art Gallery

There are sections dedicated to showcase the creations of both Aza OSman and his wife &áco-founder Roshadah Yusof (Sada). Aza did his higher education at the London College of Printing (W Germany), and Fine Arts from Italy. His oil paintings are inspired mostly by the spiritual aspects of life. Sada while busy guiding the local artists, accepts commissioned work for dresses, paintings and handicrafts. She also offers group batik painting courses. 

Open Hours

Open daily from 9am - 6pm. Admission is free. 

Location &áContacts

Atma Alam Batik Art Village is located Padang Matsirat (near the Petronas fuel station ) and on the road Jalan Padang Matsirat. It is only 2kms from the airport. You can come here by a taxi áor rental car. There are ample parking space available in front of the building. 
Phone: +604-955 1227;  
Map location of Atma Alam Batik Art Village 

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Visitors' Reviews/Comments

Anna (February 2023) 
Hi, I loved Langkawi and most of what it had to offer. A place I had looked forward to visiting was the Atma Alam Batik Village . We reached there around 10 am and while the art pieces were beautiful, we found the centre to be hot and stuffy. I asked the sales girl if the air-conditioning could be switched on and she rudely said there was no air conditioning where the wall hangings were displayed and that Malaysia was a hot country. Within the half hour I was there, my body started overheating and I felt faint and had to be helped to a chair. I am writing this to ask why a much needed amenity like an air-conditioner cannot be installed in this facility. Very disappointed by the sales staff and the amenity there.