Nightlife in Padang Matsirat, Langkawi

Honestly, Padang Matsirat is a relatively sedate place when it comes to nightlife. The area is full of villages and the place gets sleepy once the sun sets. There aren't too many hotels or restaurants in the area either that would pull tourists from other parts of the island. 
Having said that, Padang Matsirat is not completely devoid of nightlife like bars and pubs. However most of those are limited to the in-house ones run by the resorts or large hotels. 
In most cases, such bars are used primarily by the hotel guests. For example, I have hardly seen any outside guest using the great Laguna bistro (a lovely beach bar) which is located by the private beach of Langkawi Lagoon Resort. I wonder why such beautiful place by the water side would have to stay so empty most of the time. Perhaps not many tourists are not aware of it. 
Here are some of the great options for nightlife in Padang Matsirat: 

Laguna Bistro &áThe Beach Bar

Tucked in a corner of the Lagoona Resort and set up on a wide stretch of white sands, Laguna Beach Bar is a great place to relax as you enjoy the unabated views of the Andaman Sea. While there is a bar &ádining room here with wooden hut finish, there are tables and chairs laid out on the open sands under shades and amongst coconut trees. I have seldom seen Laguna Beach Bar getting crowded. In fact most times you can have the entire place to your own and enjoy the drinks in tranquility while soaking the views of the deep blue water yards away. 
This weekly night market sets up on every Sunday and right at the center of Padang Matsirat and close to the Field of Burnt Rice. The entire area, which otherwise is used mostly as a parking lot, comes on live on Sunday evenings with many vendors setting stalls selling food &ásnacks, trinkets and souvenir items, and farmers selling their field produce. It's a great sight and an opportunity for the tourists to experience local culture and market life, and also to pick up many small items at a very reasonable price. 

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