Langkawi Itineraries - Part II

Hi friend, First of all, Congratulations! Great job! I need your help. 
I will reach on 16.08.2014 áin Langkawi at 12 pm by air from Kualalampur &áwill return on 18.08.2014 at 2 pm by air to Kualalampur. My preferable things are as follows: hopping island, cable car, underwater world, seven wells waterfall, duck tour, shopping in kuah, eagle square, mangrove tour, bird park, nightclub. 
Please suggest me an itinerary. You can add other places. I want to stay in Pantai Cenang. Hotel budget is max. RM 1000. I am alone. Suggest affordable transport for me. What would be better for me to do... book operator or manage by taxi? Waiting for your response. Thanks, 
Saif (July 2014) 
On day1, you can go for Island Hopping, followed by Underwater World, then Eagle Square and shopping in Kuah. On day2, start early and go to Seven Wells Waterfall, followed by Cable Car, Duck Tour, Wild life Park (earlier Bird Paradise) etc. On day3, reach Kilim Jetty by 8:45am and take a short 2-hrs Geopark tour by boat. There are shared and private boats available. Reserve a taxi by the hour. 
For nightlife, go through Nightlife in Langkawi 
Raj ( July 2014 
Hi Raj. I am planning a holiday to Langkawi from Dec 26-29 with my wife, mother and my 4 yr old son. I will arrive around 2 pm on 26th and leave around 3:30 pm on 29th. We will stay in Pantai Cenang. 
I have thought of covering (1) Geopark/mangrove/eagle feeding tour, (2) island hopping tour, (3) underwater world, (4) cable car/sky bridge on 27th and 28th. Seems like this possible to do so? Please advise. Considering i have only a few days in Langkawi, how would you suggest i plan the rest of the days (26th and 29th). Thanks 
Sumeet Agarwal (July 2014) 
Do the Geopark/Mangroves tour on 27th (full day) followed by shopping in Pantai Cenang or Kuah. Take the tour from Malibest Resort in Pantai Cenang ... they are one of the best in this. 
On 28th, start early (reach Awana Jetty in Pantai Tengah by 9am) á.... do Island Hopping, then Underwater World, Cable Car etc (Sky Bridge is closed). 
On 26th you can visit Galeria Perdana, Mahsuri tomb and Air Hangat Village. On the last day, enjoy the Pantai Cenang beach in the morning (day time will be hot though) and walk down to Laman Padi (Rice Museum). 
Raj ( July 2014 
Hi brother, 
I was going through your website and i noticed your information is wider and even better than Wikipedia, so i will be really thankful if you can help me as it's my first anniversary. 
We will be landing on 20th august at 11:30 in the morning and will be leaving for Kuala Lampur at 9:30 on 21st august. So we kinda have 2 days to explore. I will be thankful if you can help me with itinerary. We are more interested for water sports , cable car , diving and underwater world , rather than shopping or visiting any village. Moreover i want to surprise her with a romantic candle light setup near the beach. If you can tell me how its possible. And please tell us about the costing part as well as i need to make my pocket accordingly. 
Will wait for your revert. Thanks in advance. 
Harshit Tomar (July 2014) 
Are you leaving at 9pm or am on 21st? Stay at a beach front hotel in Pantai Cenang and you can enjoy all the water sports activities right from the beach. Underwater world is at a walking distance. For cable car, take a taxi in the afternoon on day1. For Diving, you will need to take a boat tour from Kuah town to Pulau Payar Marine Park. If you are leaving at 9pm on 21st, then you can take that diving tour on 21st morning and get back by 5/6pm. 
Hotel Casa Del Mar on Pantai Cenang is our favorite for Candle lit dinner by the beach ... but it's expensive. 
Raj ( July 2014 
Dear friendly advisors at Langkawi-Insight, 
I'm planning to travel to Langkawi, may be during the end of August or beginning of September. have been looking for a travel partner but haven't succeeded in finding one so far. Anyway, I would like to visit for about 3 days 2 nights and do a few things, check out a few places with a minimum cost of course. 
What I'm planning to see would be, 
1) Kilim Geopark and Mangroves 
2) Cable car/ Sky bridge 
3) Al Hana Mosque 
4) Eagle Square 
And what I'm planning on doing other than checking the above mentioned places would be, 
1) A bit of Jungle Trekking 
2) Snorkeling 
3) Parasailing 
4) Trying out some local food 
One of my main concerns is where to stay (a general area like kuah or pantai cenang and so on) if I am to carry out these activities, how much would it cost roughly in USD/RM and most of all is my duration sufficient to do all these? (once again since I'm traveling alone I have not much of a clue) Therefore I would like your opinions and advise on this. I would really really appreciate it :) 
Sahan Laksitha (August 2014) 
A proper Geopark/Mangroves tour will take almost a full day. On your return you can of course visit Eagle Square and Al Hana Mosque in Kuah Town. There is no good snorkeling beach in main Langkawi. You will need to take a boat tour from Kuah to Pulau Payar Marine Park which is a full day trip. 
You can combine the cable car ride with jungle trekking. There is a trail from the top station that goes through the Mt. Mat Cincang forest down to the middle station and then continues to the Seven Wells Waterfall. You can also start the trek from Middle station. Parasailing can be done at Pantai Cenang beach. 
The above activities will take 3 full days. Night Markets are the best places to try out local food. It's a street market which sets up at different places in the island on different days of the week. Go through this link for more info on local food and best places to try them out. 
I have given indicative costs in my site for most activities mentioned above. Staying at Kuah would be convenient for the above activities. But if you plan to stay by the beach, Pantai Cenang is the place. The island is after all quite small and you can cover places from anywhere. 
Raj ( August 2014 
Hi Raj, 
Thanks for the invaluable information that you are providing about Langkawi áthrough your site. It is very helpful for people like me who don't want to go through several websites for gathering a decent information. I will be visiting Langkawi from KL on 3rd September and my flight is scheduled to arrive 17:35 and am with my wife and 4 year old daughter. I have blocked Holiday Villa in Pantai Tengah and will be departing to KL on 6th evening @ 18:00 hour flight. 
I have following things in mind to do in Langakwi, and would want your suggestion to optimize the itinerary so that I can maximize my trip. 
1) Cable car &áduck tour 2) Bird paradise and wild life park, 3) Pulau Payar Marine Park for snorkelling? can my daughter do snorkelling, she is a beginner in swimming, 4) Kilmi river tour, 5) Mangrove tour, 6) Sunset dinner cruise tour or Island hopping (not sure which one to pick out of these), 7) Shopping 
I am not sure if we would be able to cover all of these in 3 days, so could you please help us. Also, is Holiday Villa/Pantai Tengah an ideal place for all these activities or should I consider a different location? What would be the best mode of transport for us to enjoy the trip, hiring a taxi or renting a car? 
I wouldn't want to pack too many activities and make the day very tightly packed. But the same, don?t want to miss anything that is a must visit and regret later. I appreciate your help regarding the same. Thank you for all the help. 
Rajesh M (August 2014) 
On day1 you can do Cable car and Wildlife Park followed by shopping at Kuah and Pantai Cenang. On day2, you need to choose between 1) Pulau Payar and 2) Kilim Geopark &áMangrove tours. Both are almost full day tours, although shorter version of geopark tour is possible by directly booking a boat from the Kilim jetty (but not recommended). Your daughter can snorkel with life vest and close supervision. On 3rd day you can go for Island Hopping. Pantai Tengah is okay for a location, Pantai Cenang is even better. 
Raj ( August 2014 
Hi Raj, please help me to plan my vacation on Langkawi. My trip is for 3D2N on 14 Dec 2014 with 12 adults and 2 children. This is my first trip to Langkawi. We stay at Langkawi Lagoon resort. My group likes to eat a lot :), so I want to taste delicious restaurant as many as we can. 
Day 1: our flight arrive at 15:15 and i'm planning to rent 2 minivan with driver. Dinner @ 7 roof after that go to night market at padang matsirat 
Day 2: I'm planning to take cable car and oriental village. Lunch there and go back hotel. I really don't know what to do after the cable car ride (do you have any suggest? We don't want island hopping). In the night, we will dinner at Nelayan resturant / Wan Thai 
Day 3: My flight at 15:30, so I'm planning to visit Kuah Town for shopping a little while before we go home. 
Please help me to reviewmy trip plan and please give your feedback. I bring 85 years old grandma and 2 years old daughter, so i really want my trip free and easy, but still can enjoy Langkawi Thanks Raj 
Adi Saputra (August 2014) 
Your plan is okay. On day-2, you can do several things after lunch at Oriental Village. However with 85-year old grandma, you need to decide what may be appropriate. Here are few options: 
1) Take the duck tour (bus &áboat) starting from Oriental Village 
2) Visit the nearby Perdana Quay &áTelaga Harbour. Nice boutique shops with great views of the marina and sail boats. So do some shopping if you want. There are plenty of restaurants of different types and a nice bakery along the waterside boardwalk. So yo can have more food there. 
3) Take a drive to Shark Bay Beach on north shore, and visit Langkawi Craft Complex (huge art &ácraft gallery) and the glass blowing studio behind that. 
4) Or go back to your hotel and then visit Atma Alam Batik Village (batik art and paintings) nearby. 
Raj ( August 2014 
Hi there, 
We are going for our trip on Sept for 3D2N which we have 2 adults and 1 toddler. We are arriving around 11am and flight back to KL at 2pm. Below are part of my itinerary which i would like to get your advice. 
1st day : Kuah town (Kuah Jetty area) for Eagle Square 
: Lagenda Park 
: Visit Cable car in Pantai Kok 
: Stroll around in Oriental Village open shopping mall 
: Duck Tour 
2nd day : Island Hopping Tour. (is this ok for toddler?) 
: Underwater World in Pantai Cenang. 
: Cenang beach 
3rd day : Duty free shopping at Kuah town. 
ááááááá: Craft shop 
Hope to hear from you soon! Cheers. 
Mandy Pang (August 2014) 
Hi, Island Hopping should be avoided with an infant unless you are chartering your own boat and going through a reputed tour operator. You may consider visiting the Wildlife Park instead. Rest of your plan is fine. 
Raj ( August 2014 
We are going to visit Langkawi in a group of four or five, from 18th Feb 2015 till 21st Feb 2015. We will be living at Casa Fina Fine Homes Hotel. Here is the initial plan for the trip: 
Day 1 (reach by 17:20) 
Check in 
Pulau Cenang Beach 
Jln Pantai Cenang 
Duty Free Shopping 
Cenang Mall 
Day 2 
Island Hopping 
Underwater World 
Cable Car Ride 
Kuah(Eagle Square &áLadenla Park) 
Day 3 
Kilim Geopark &áMangroves Tour 
Day 4 (Depart by 20:50) 
Galeria Perdana 
Makam Mahsuri &áAir Hangat Village 
Craft Cultural Complex 
Wild Life Park 
Wish to hear some comments on my itinerary, thanks! 
Amy Yu Kai Lin (September 2014) 
You have drawn up a very nice itinerary. Have a great time. 
Raj ( September 2014 
Hi Raj, 
Your reply is much appreciated. I would like to check with you a little bit more if its ok with you. 
1. Since I would like to hit the beach side only late in the evening, and I want to do quite a lot of shopping for Duty Free stuff, wouldn't it be better if I got a hotel at Kuah? 
2. I might be leaving the beach side quiet late. Hence, would there be any taxis available at that hours? Approx around 3 or 4 AM? 
3. Malibest seems kinda interesting to stay at since the night life would be fun. Their Kilim Geopark &áMangrove plan also seems kinds cool. But the again, I'll have to travel to Kuah to do my shopping at my earlier mentioned locations. Any rough idea what the taxi rate would be from Malibest to Kuah? 
Is the below plan ok Raj? (Assuming that I am staying at Malibest Hotel) 
Day 1 - Lay back for a bit and at night hit the restaurants or the clubs by the beach. 
Day 2 - Hit Kuah town for shopping. Be back around 9/10 PM for dinner 
Day 3 - Take the Kilim Geopark &áMangrove tour 
Day 4 - Head back after a quick meal 
I am not sure what to do after the Mangrove tour. 
*P.S : Your website is one of the best that I have seen so far on Langkawi with the most details compared to other sites. I will deff post it up 
Ashley (October 2014) 
You won't usually find taxis late at nights. They are available from 7am onwards. So don't plan a return to Kuah town at 3/4 am. I have stayed at Malibest ... it's cool. Take an on-beach chalet. Taxi fare from Pantai Cenang (Malibest area) to Kuah Town would be roughly RM24 (one way), takes about 20 minutes. 
Your itinerary is okay. After the Geopark/Mangrove tour ... you can do some more shopping at Pantai Cenang ... explore the new Cenang Mall (there are duty free shops there) and also the couple of duty free stores (Zon and Coco Valley) at the southern end next to Underwater World. It's fun to walk along the Cenang road ... lots of small shops, eateries and bars ... very lively and colorful in the evenings. 
Raj ( October 2014 
Hi Raj, 
I am planning a family trip to Langkawi (16 adults &á7 kids; age 4 ~ 60). This is our first family trip and I hope to make it a memorable, fun &árelax trip for all. We are traveling by coach from Johor and arriving Kuala Perlis in the morning. We shall be able to reach Langkawi jetty by 10am with ferry. We will be staying in Resort World at Pantai Tengah. As we can only check in the hotel at 3pm, I hope you can advise us with our planned itinerary below: 
Day 1: 
After arriving, visit Dataran Lang, KUAH Town, Lunch 
Go to hotel for check in ? Rest &áRelax 
Evening ? Cenang Beach, Dinner 
Day 2: Full Day Tour (hire 1 coach) 
Underwater World, ATMA Alam Batik Village, Oriental Village + Cable 
Car to Mount Cinchang, Galeria Perdana, Wildlife Park 
Day 3: 
Morning- Island Hopping + Eagle Feeding Tour (4 hours) 
Afternoon ? Free &áEasy 
Day 4: Check out early morning to head back Johor. 
Above is subject to change based on your expert opinion!! I wouldn't want to pack too many activities in 1 day, especially on Day 1 because we should be tired due to long traveling time on coach from Johor. As for Day 2 land tour, we need to hire a coach for big group like us (any recommended local tour inclusive of transport?). So I am not sure is Day 2 activities too aggressive for us. We don?t want to miss anything that is a must visit. Hope you can reply to me asap. Thank you for all the help!! Best Regards, 
Stella Koh (October 2014) 
Hi, your itinerary is quite good... no changes required. You only need to sequence the day-2 visits correctly. It should be Underwater World, Atma Alam Batik, Galeria Perdana, Cable Car, Wild Life Park. 
On Day-3, you can alternatively consider taking a charter boat from Kilim Jetty and visit the Geopark and Mangroves - after all this is a Unesco World Heritage site and arguably the best tourist attraction in Langkawi, although Island Hopping covers Dayang Bunting Island which is also part of world heritage site. In Geopark too, you see eagle feeding plus other attractions like floating fish farm, fossil island, and some great beaches like Tanjung Rhu. 
I have discussed a few land tour operators in this page who can offer a coach with a guide and customize day-2 tour as you may like. 
Raj ( October 2014 
Hello sir, 
I with my wife and one more couple are coming to langkawi on 12nov, 2014 at 15:00hrs and staying at vivanta by taj, rebak island and leaving by 14 nov 14:00hrs. Sir, we wish to do sunset cruise on day 1. mangrove tour on day 2 and cable ride and shopping day 3. 
Sir, firstly i want to ask is it worth doing sunset cruise and mangrove tours both or we could skip one. secondly , what are basically must see attractions that should be included and how to schedule all in this time span. thanks in advance 
Amit Gupta (October 2014) 
Your time is too short. Mangrove and Geopark tour should be taken on day2. On Day1 you can do some island sightseeing and shopping instead of sunset sail. On day3 you can go for cable car ride (but reach as soon as it opens so that you have enough time to get back). 
Raj ( October 2014 
Hi Raj, your infos are very helpful. It gives ideas on what to expect &áwhat to lookout. I would be thankful for your advise. We are family of 5, flying to Langkawi on 19/11 &áwill check in near The Zon, Pantai Cenang. Arriving 9.30am. 
We will leave by ferry to K. Perlis on 21/11 at 5pm. 
If I take taxi to move around, it would be a problem as we are 5 adults. Would there be taxi of Exora size or anything that could take 5 passengers. But is it still at Rm25 per hour? How much is taxi fare from airport to The Zon? It will only takes 15min right? 
Our plan in day 1: 
Maybe go on cable car &áduck tour straight from airport since it opens at 12noon on Wed. Then to The Zon, check-in hotel there. Straight to underwater world. I plan to watch the beautiful sunset that evening. Walk along beach. 
Day 2: Maybe take taxi to jetty for island tour for half day. Hope to cover eagle feeding, bat cave, pregnant Maiden Island &áif possible snorkeling at Tg. Rhu (is it too ambitious since Tg. Rhu is quite a distance from other activities). If we take private boat, are we allowed to select our destination tour? Afternoon : Visit Makam Mahsuri, Beras Terbakar, Atma Alam Batik then proceed to Kuah. Shopping in Kuah till evening. 
I was thinking of renting a car since we need to carry the item that I target to shop back to hotel. Furthermore the last day we need to carry the loads to Kuah jetty. (Renting car is depending on how much the taxi fare of bigger size) 
Day 3: check-out a bit early to do another round of shopping &ávisit Data ran Helang before we bit farewell to Langkawi. 
I really hope to get comment from you. Please help. Thanks! 
Nora (November 2014) 
Fair for bigger taxis (up to 6 passengers) will be 50% more than 4-passenger taxis. Your day2 plan needs change. You can either go to Kilim jetty, rent a boat and visit the Geopark &áMangroves for few hours (you can include Tanjung Rhu beach also), or go to Teluk Baru jetty at Pantai Tengah and take the standard island hopping tour. 
Raj ( November 2014 
Dear Raj, 
This is mt first time to Langkawi. I've already advanced booking via AirAsia's special package. Travel date : Thu to Sun (Sept 2015). Reaching airport around 12.30pm from Singapore. Hotel : Langkawi Seaview Hotel 
My plans are follows : 
Day 1 (Thursday) - Eagle Square/Lagenda Park/Oriental Village/ Cenang Beach Shopping 
Day 2 (Friday) - Island hopping boat tour/Underwater World/Cable Car &áSky Bridge/Telaga Tujuh 
Day 3 - Field of Burnt Rice/Mahsuri Tomb, Galeria Perdana/Black Beach 
Day 4 - Leaving to airport, flight at á8.55am 
Others, please advice/recommend. 
Thank you &ábest regards, 
Tumiran (December 2014) 
Drop Oriental village on Day-1. You will visit that on Day2 ... Cable Car station is at Oriental Village. On Day3 add Shark Bay Beach, Complex Craft and Faizy crystals ... all after Black Beach. 
Raj ( December 2014 

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