Langkawi Itineraries - Part VIII

Dear Raj  
I am travelling with my 5 year old nephew to Langkawi! We are staying for 5 days 4 nights. Our itinerary is as follows and I would love your comments 
Day 1 arrive 12 noon  
Day 2 - island hopping  
Day 3 - mangrove 
Day 4 - Cable car/waterfall 
Day 5 -depart 5pm  
We would like to include the underwaterworld, market/town visit, pasar malam, a little souvenir shopping and ANY OTHER suggestions you may have would be soooo valuable 
Thank you RAJ! 
Alvin Yapp (April 2018) 
Your itinerary is fine. You can visit Underwater World on day-1 in the afternoon. Depending on the day of the week, you can visit Kuah town on day2 or 3 for Pasar Malam (night market) although it sets up in Pantai Cenang as well. Souvenir shopping can be done in Pantai Cenang itself at the plenty of roadside shops or when you visit Kuah town (at one of the shopping malls). á 
Raj ( April 2018 
Hi Raj 
Kudos to you for doing such a great job. I will be visiting Langkawi from 15th to 18th May with my wife &átwo children (7yrs &á6 months). I will be reaching at 2pm on 15th.I have booked Berjaya resort. I have planned my itinerary as follows: 
15th- Pantai cenang beach 
16th- Mangrove tour 
17th- cable car &ákuah 
18th- departure. 
Is it ok if I skip island hopping tour since we have an infant with us? please give your valuable suggestions with regards to this. 
Thanks in advance. 
Piyush Jain (May 2018) 
Hi, yes you should skip the Island Hopping with a 6-month old infant. 
Raj ( May 2018 
Kudos for doing this wonderful work !! 
We (2 +2 kids aged 13 and 8 yrs) would be visiting Langkawi for 4 days arriving on 10.30 am : 15th May and leaving on early morning on 19th May. We are staying at Wu Senses sanctuary (about 6 km from airport). Here is what I plan to do. Please suggest improvements. 
Day 1 (Tue) : áCable car + Sky bridge. Evening at Cenang beach. May do some beach activities + shopping at Zon/Coco valley and Dinner at Cenang. 
Day 2 (Wed): Mangrove tour from Kilim Jetty + Dinner at Cenang 
Day 3 (Thu): Island hopping tour from Teluk Baru + Duck Tour + Eagle square + Lagenda Park. Dinner at Cenang. 
Day 4 (Fri): Datai Bay + Please suggest some local experience. 
Plan to hire car for Day 3 and Day 4. 
Narendra (May 2018) 
Hi, the duck tour is in Oriental village and you should do it after cable car ride. Datai bay beach is not a public beach. You can however visit the Crocodile Adventure near the Datai area. For local experience, visit a Night Market at Kua or Cenang (check the day of week and venue for the night market). 
Raj ( May 2018 
Hi Raj, 
Your website has been a great help for me in planning my trip with my wife. We plan to visit from 28 Aug to 30 Aug(flying out on the 30 Aug evening). I've come up with a simple itinerary but just need a small advice on my 3rd day activity as below: 
Day 3 - Check out of hotel around 9.30am 
-Visit the cable car and the attractions there.  
-Pekan Kuah 
-Fly out airport(by 4 pm) 
My question is can the above be covered around 4hours? I plan to rent cab for 4 hours(this is mainly due to the fact i need to carry my luggage around and i read in your website that we can leave the bags with the cabby). Should i rent for an extra hour or two just to be safe? by the way my flight departure is at 5pm so im planning to be at the airport by 4pm. 
Cheers and thanks for your advice! 
Mohd Fadhil (July 2018) 
Hi, yes you should ideally hire the cab for 5-6 hours because it may take a while at the cable car if there is a long queue, Oriental village at the base of cable car too has several attractions, you might take some time out for quick lunch, and there are several places to go in Kuah town. 
Raj ( July 2018 
We are a group of 4 young adults, 2 guy 2 girls. We will be traveling to Langkawi from 25-28 September. We are looking to have fun and chill for this 4day 3 night tour. Could you give us advice on our itinerary? Thank you. 
Day 1  
Arrival and Check in hotel 11am 
Sky cab 
Seven wells  
Sky bridge 
Oriental village for lunch 
Cenang beach 
Seafood dinner 
Full day tour at pulau payar marine park 
Kilim geoforest Mangrove tour 
Drive to Tanjung rhu beach, shark bay Ewa jetty temerun fall  
Nightmarket Night market at pantai cenang  
Island hopping tour  
Underwater World  
Looking forward for your advice. Thank you 
Vincent (September 2018) 
Hi, your plan needs some tweaking... on day-1 you might not have time for Seven Wells (it's a short drive from Oriental Village)... it requires 2-3 hours if you like to go up to the top of the waterfall and spend some time there swimming. You may also keep the parasailing for day2 if you can't accommodate that on day-1. On Thursday, finish off the Kilim Geopark tour by 2pm so that you have enough time for the rest including lunch. Rest is good. 
Raj ( September 2018 
We will be planning to visit Langkawi for 3 nights. And 1st day we will be landing around 2.45pm. below is my tour plan. Please advise whether it is good or need any amendment. We are planning to stay in Pantai Cenang. 
Day1: Cenang Beach Walk. And shopping. 
Day2: Parasailling at Cenang Beach. Underwater world and do duty free shopping at Zon. Evening at Kuah for Eagle square. 
Day3: Cable car, sky bridge, orient village tour. 
Day4: Travel to KL. 
Malini Silva (October 2018) 
Nice relaxed plan. On day-3, if you complete cable car etc in the first half, you can visit Tanjung Rhu Beach, Shark Bay Beach and Complex Craft (all on north shore) 
Raj ( October 2018 
Amazing initiative!! Thanks a lot for all this credible info. Sharing our plan for Langkawi trip. Kindly advise best itinerary/best sequence for following things to do. I have given things to do starting from 1 to 6. May be you can just sequence them out according to what you think would be best way. And please add if we are missing something MUST have in Langkawi tour.  
Day 1 - 3 jan 2019, Thursday 
We land in langkawi at 1.15pm, 3 Jan, Thursday, afternoon. Maybe we should head straight to check-in in ombak villa. Need to fill up the remaining day with some activity. Maybe we can bring activities from Day 2 or 3 listed below to Day 1. Please guide. 
Day 2 - 4 jan, Friday 
1. Island Hopping Tour Langkawi - 4hrs 
2. Eagle square 
3. Underwater world - 2hrs 
4. Duty free shopping at kuah - mostly chocolates, electronics, cloths &ásouvenirs 
Day 3 - 5 jan, Saturday 
5. Cable Car- Sky bridge - skydome - skyRex - SkyBridge (RM5.00 PP) - F1  
ááásimulator(RM15 PP) - áoriental village - 3D Art Langkawi ( 38RM PP) 
ááá[ Bottom glass gondola (105RM PP) - does it makes really big difference in the  
áááexperience as compared to normal gondola? ]  
ááá[ Also, Maybe we can go cable car-skybridge later in the day after kilim geopark  
ááátour so that we could witness sunset from there. Is it advisable? ] 
6. Kilim Geo Park and Mangroves Tour -  
ááá[ how much time is sufficient for this - is going by kayak good idea? ]  
Day 4 - 6 Jan, Sunday 
Hotel check out time 12PM noon. Flight to KL at 1:50 PM 
Please suggest if we should check out early and do something that we missed in previous days itinerary.  
Some Questions 
1. We both are non-alcoholic and mostly eggetarian people. wife might have non-veg. It would be really really helpful if you could tell us where should we slot-in the meals in above itinerary. 
2. Is it advisable/safe to take rental bike and do the above itinerary? Any suggestions from where we should rent bike that are close to ombak villa as we will be living there? 
3. Will it make difference if we book a whole langkawi package from local tour operators? Any suggestion that you deem trustworthy for a couple on honeymoon? 
Vivek Kulkarni (November 2018) 
Hi, here is the sequence you should follow... 1, 3, 2, 4, 5, 6. On day-1 after you check in to your hotel, you can fix up the bike rental or a taxi tour (taxis can be hired by the hour... minimum 4 hours a day). There are not many bike rental outlets near your hotel, you can check out a couple of them at the junction of the roads Jalan Telok Barau (#113) and Jalan Telaga Tujuh (#272). However, taxi would be more comfortable and it's not prohibitively expensive either. Once you have done that, you can set out to visit some north shore beaches (like Tanjung Rhu and Shark Bay Beach) along with Complex Craft (opposite to Shark Bay Beach), alternatively come down to Pantai Cenang beach and watch the sunset (can be crowded though). 
On day1 you can have lunch at Cenang area (there are several restaurants near Underwater World). On day2, take your lunch at Oriental Village (several restaurants and eateries there). I don't think the Bottom Glass Gondolas are great value for money as you share one with others (6 passengers in total) at a heavy cost. The only advantage is you can skip the long queue when there is one and of course you get nicer views. You need minimum of two hours for the Kilim Geopark Tour if you want to see the fish farm, fossil island, mangroves, eagle feeding etc. You should charter a small boat at the Kilim jetty. Since your time is short, avoid Kayaking. You can not really do much on your last day. Try to visit Atma Alam Batik village and/or Galleria Pardana. 
Raj ( November 2018 
I along with my family (total 07 adults and 02 children) are planning to visit Langkawi from 06 May to 09 May 19. We would be reaching at 0840 on 06 May 19 and leaving Langkawi AM 09 May 19. I would be staying at Zen Cenang Hotel at Pantai Cenang. My probable itinerary is as follows:- 
06 May 19 - Reach airport, hire a car for 03 days, check in at the hotel. Then visit cable car and oriental village followed by duck tour. 
07 May 19 - Full day Kilim Geopark and Mangrove tour 
08 May 19 - Island Hopping tour, Underwater world, crocodile farm, eagle square and shopping. 
09 May 19- Check out and Flight to Singapore 
I would like to know the following:- 
(a) If the itinerary is doable and am I covering all important places of Langkawi or missing something. 
(b) For 9 pax, is it feasible to rent a car for the entire duration or taxi would be more feasible 
Please advice and let me know your valuable comments so that I can modify the itinerary accordingly. 
Salin George (November 2018) 
Hi, there are several other great attractions and what you want to visit depends on your priorities. Full day Mangrove tour usually gets over by 4pm. You can visit Eagle Square and do shopping on that day. You don't seem to be panning on beach visits. On day-3 since you are visiting Crocodile Farm, you can as well visit some of the north shore beaches like Tanjung Rhu and Shark Bay Beach (opposite to that is Craft Complex which is great too). You won't usually get a 9-seater car on rent. I suggest you check with a rental company in Langkawi and make the booking in advance. Alternatively you can contact a taxi tour company (mentioned in my site) and book two taxis. You can of course get taxis from the stands as well and hire them by the hour. 
Raj ( November 2018 
Hi Raj,  
My friends and I are going to Langkawi for a 3 days 2 nights trip which is from 21 May (12pm) to 23 May (12pm) and there is a total of 11 of us. We have booked a car which we will picked up at Kuah Jetty at 12pm and we will stay at Alia Residence. I have planned out the flow of our trip which is as follows :  
*1st day* 
- After pick up the car, we go to the Cable Car and if it ends earlier, we will walk Oriental Village for a while. 
- After that, we drive to the Seven Wells Waterfall and then check in into our hotel at Alia Residence. 
*2nd day* 
- We have taken a package of Mangrove Tour which is from 9am to 1pm at Tanjung Rhu Beach and after that, stay a while at Tanjung Rhu Beach and enjoy the view. 
- After that, we will drop off at Craft Cultural Complex and then go to Pantai Cenang. 
*3rd day* 
- We will check out our hotel and then go to Eagle Square. 
- After that, we go to Jetty and then return our car. 
You think our plan is okay or not? Will it be too packed? Thank you in advance! 
Michelle (January 2019) 
Nice plan :) 
Raj ( January 2019 
Dear Raj, 
Thanks for the advice that you are giving . Would appreciate very much if you could see if my itinerary is doable: 
We are a family of 4 adults. We are coming to Langkawi in June and staying at Aseania Resort Langkawi. 
Day 1 (Sunday) 
- touch down Langkawi at á8.45pm- free and easy 
Day 2 (Monday) 
- Oriental Village 
-Cable Car 
-Sky bridge 
-3D Art Museum 
-Field of burnt Rice 
- Laksa Ikan Sekoq or Laksa Power (are they the same or different food ?  
ááwhich is better? ) 
-The loaf bakery 
Day 3 (Tue) 
-makam Mahsuri 
-Tanjung Rhu Beach - Scarborough fish and chips 
-Black Sand beach 
-Kraft Cultural Complex 
-Pantai Pasir Tengkorak 
-Temurun Waterfall 
-Seven Wells waterfall 
-Cenang Mall 
-Cenang Beach 
Day 4 (Wed) 
-Mangrove Tour with Malibest  
- Galeria Perdana 
-Eagle Square 
-Kuah Night Market 
Day 5 (Thur) 
-Island Hopping  
-Duty free shopping (which is the biggest duty free shop) 
-any other things that we can do? 
Day 6 (Fri) 
-Kuah wet market 
any suggestions? 
Day 7 (Sat) 
-8.45am flight 
As our daughter is flying off in the morning on day 6 (Fri), I have arranged all the important sights and activities from Monday to Thursday. Please feel free to re-arrange our itinerary and all suggestions are most welcome. Thanks in advance! 
Pauline Chee (February 2019) 
Hi, the Laksa Ikan Sekoq or Laksa Power aren't the same but located close by (within 300 meters and in the same area). They are quite similar. The Loaf Bakery has closed down. On day-5 you can include Underwater World after Island Hopping. There are plenty of large duty free shopping centers in Langkawi. Go through my page on Langkawi Duty Free Shopping to choose ones you like: 
Raj ( February 2019 
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