Horse Riding in Langkawi

If you love horse riding, then that can be another great reason to visit the island. Where else can you experience rides along trails through rainforests of mountainous terrain that leads to a mind blowing beach where you can then trot or canter. 
Or alternatively you can choose to ride through the villages of Langkawi (Kampungs) and enjoy the village landscapes, flora &áfauna or just explore dense jungles and its wildlife. The knowledgeable guide would explain a lot about the history of the island and its flora &áanimal life as you ride along. 
The beginners or inexperienced riders can also enjoy fun rides with one-on-one attention from expert guides. Most rides take place either in the morning hours or late in the afternoon. During the mid day, it can really become warm, humid and uncomfortable. 
The operators would offer all the gears including saddles, tacks, helmets etc, but no boots. So you should carry proper covered and comfortable boots if you are planning horse rides in Langkawi. The horse riding center will also choose a horse for you depending on your level of skills &áexperience. Usually for riders with normal experience, they will offer Argentinean Criollos that are healthy &áhardy, but at the same time quiet &áfriendly. 
Before I come to the top operators and equestrian centers in the island, here are some descriptions of the types of rides you can experience in the island. 
Jungle &áBeach Ride 
This ride includes a combination of jungle and beach rides and is probably the most popular ride in the island. You will first ride through the rainforest of Mount Mat Cincang. You will go up the hill and down through the forest and surrounded by a canopy of old tall trees that are more than thousand years old. Watch out for many different birds, colorful butterflies and many small amazing wildlife on the way. 
Before leaving the jungle, the trail crosses a jungle stream near Seven Wells waterfall area and leads through pine groves before reaching the beautiful Pantai Kok Beach. If you are an experienced rider, you will be allowed to trot and canter at the beach. However at all time, you will be required to follow and take instructions from the trail leader.  
From the beach you will get a lovely view of the Telaga Harbor and the marina where many yachts would be moored. Having soaked in the view and the ride, you will then start your return for the stable. Duration of ride can be 1 or 2 hours. 
Kampung or Village Rides 
You will ride through local villages and experience the village life and see houses with traditional Malaysian architecture. You will also get to see many bird life as well as swamp buffaloes on the vast green paddy fields. The guide will keep on narrating stories and let you know about the history of the places. You will return through rubber plantation and then through rainforest where you will see some fascinating wildlife as well. The guide will explain about the wildlife of the jungles in Langkawi. The ride duration can be 1 or 2 hours. 
Jungle &áMountain Trails 
This trail passes through the dense rainforest of Mount Mat Cincang and is meant for experienced riders only. This ride is for several hours. The guide will show you traditional medicinal plants and many other flora &áfauna on the way. Duration can be 2 hours or more. 
Fun Rides for the inexperienced 
If you are a novice, you should go for fun rides which is guided by an expert who uses a lead rope. Fun rides are available for 15 - 30 minutes or even longer if you so want. Even for a fun ride, you can choose the jungle &áthe beach. However the guide will walk with you all along and hold the horse by a rope. 

Horse Riding Operators in Langkawi

While there used to be couple of great equestrian centers in Langkawi, the one which is largest and most popular these days is Island Horses. áThis is a family run business and located at the western part of the island and at the foothill of Mount Mat Cincang Mountain. Being close to Pantai Kok beach and the rainforest of Mount Mat Cincang, they have the strategic advantage of conducting all the rides I mentioned above. 
Their stable (spread over 4 acres of area) is known as The Perdana Stable. The company Island Horses that runs the stable and the center is registered with Malaysian Equine Council that organizes and coordinates the national equine sports and events. They have over 40 healthy and hardy horses. For general riding, they use horses from Argentina known as Criollos. However they also have several Arabian purebred which are mainly used for national and international endurance events. 
1) Fun Ride: RM50 for 15 minutes; RM100 for 30 minutes  
2) Beach and Jungle Rides: RM200 per hour. This includes transfers from/to nearby hotels like Berjaya Resorts. 
3) Mountain Trail: RM350 per hour. This is Seven Wells waterfall expedition through dense rainforest and includes transfers from/to nearby hotels like Berjaya 
Open Hours 
7am to 11am, and 3pm to 6pm daily. Closed on Mondays. 
Most rides take place at 9am and 4pm. 
Location &áContacts for Inquiry &áBooking 
Island Horses Sdn. Bhd. 
The Perdana Stables, Seven Wells Waterfalls, 07100 Langkawi. 
006 (0)12 422 9699 -- Mrs. Siti Rochikah (Ika) 
006 (0)12 628 7740 -- Mrs. Fatimah 
006 (0)12 511 6301 -- Mr. Hamzah 
00604-959 4753 -- Office 

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Visitors' Reviews/Comments

Elisabeth (February 2017) 
The horse riding today morning (26. February 2017) was the best what I had in last time. Many Thanks the guide-lady.