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About Seven Wells Waterfall

Known locally as Telaga Tujuh, Seven Wells Waterfall is so named because seven natural pools have been formed at different levels by water streams that flow down the second highest mountain of Langkawi - Mount Mat Cincang. This is the most picturesque and undoubtedly the best waterfall in the island. The total vertical fall is 91 meters and the lowest pool is formed at the bottom. Seven Wells in located in Pantai Kok area. 
You need to hike from the car park. There are two ways of watching the waterfall. If you are not too keen climbing and tiring yourself and like to take a quick look of the vertical waterfall, then take a short walk up the service road that leads from the car park and take the left turn to reach the bottom of the falls. You will get great view of the fall from here. If you want, you can even bathe at the natural shallow pool here. 
Service road to Seven Wells Waterfall 
But the real fun is when you reach up to the top of the fall. And great things do not come easy. You can either continue along the steep service road (this time take the right instead) or take the stairs from the car park (behind the stalls) that goes all the way up to the top. There are 638 steps to climb and the total altitude at which you will finally reach the top of the waterfall is about 480 meters. 
There are signs on the way showing how many steps are remaining and height to climb further. So if you are going to the top, take easy and slow steps. The pathway goes through the rainforest of Mount Mat Cincang where you will hopefully see lots of flora and fauna including bird life. 

What to See &áDo at Seven Wells

Some of the amazing fauna that you can see include the macaque monkeys (usually seen in plenty here), giant squirrels and if lucky even the Great Hornbills with their giant brown beaks. You will also see canopy of tall trees that are hundreds of years old. So overall the journey is quite exciting, but you will need to take it easy, take rests in between, enjoy the nature and move along. It takes about 1 hour to reach to the top. 
Seven Wells Waterfall, Langkawi 
Seven Wells Waterfall, Langkawi 
Photo: FilipTravelWorld, Shutterstock 
When you reach the top you can see how the water from the streams here have formed the lovely natural infinity pools (couple of them). The gushing water have smoothened the rocks and in one area has formed a natural water slide into a pool. You will find children and even men &áwomen unable to resist themselves and sliding down the rock surface as the water flow take them down to a shallow pool. 
The pools here are great for bathing. So you can take your bathing suits and enjoy a refreshing bath here. If you look around, you will see the surrounding area is lush green and covered with foliage locally known as Sintuk. From one side you will get breathtaking view of the blue waters of Burau Bay and Pantai Kok. 
A natural pool on top of Seven Wells Waterfall 
Seven Wells Pool Langkawi 
Photo by CEphoto, Uwe Aranas, cc by-sa 3.0 
There are few things to be careful about while at top of Seven Wells Waterfall. Do not stand on the edge of a rock. They can get very slippery at times and you may have a bad fall. The rocks at the bottom of the pools are also quite slippery, so take care while plunging into the pool or getting out of it. 
Second, do not go beyond the barricade area on top that has prominent warning signs. It is dangerous to go there as several fatal accidents have taken place there. The drop from there is 65 meters into the waterfall and there won't be any chance of survival. 
While I have noticed that pools here always have enough water for bathing, in order to enjoy the waterfall in its full flow, the monsoon season (September - October) would be the best time to visit. But that time, even the stairs to climb could be quite mossy and slippery. There is a resting place (a gazebo like structure) on top. However there is no changing room for swimmers. I didn't find the toilet in good condition either. 
From the top of the Seven Wells Waterfall, a hiking Trail leads to the peak of Mount Mat Cincang. This is not an easy trail and not meant for the inexperienced. If you want to trek up to the summit of Mount Mat Cincang, then check out Trek to Mount Mat Cincang Peak

Entry Fee &áTimings

Entry is free and you can visit Seven Wells Waterfall anytime during the day time. 

Facilities at Seven Wells

There are several shops near the car park at the bottom. Some of them sell fresh coconut water, quite refreshing after the hike. You will also get souvenirs, snacks and even ice creams at the stalls. Two and four wheeler paid parking is available (Car RM2 and Motor Bikes RM1). There is a Visitors Center at the base. You can also take a guide for the hike if you so want. But they may not be always available. 
Shops at the base (next to the car park) 
Seven Wells Waterfall Shop 

Nearby Attractions

Seven Wells Waterfall is located in Pantai Kok area and close to the Pantai Kok Beach (2kms) which has great views and shades and is an excellent family picnic venue.  
Oriental Village with many boutique shops and restaurants is located 1.4kms away from the parking of Seven Wells Waterfall... takes only a 3-minute drive. Cable Car Ride starts from Oriental village. You can also take a Duck Tour in an amphibious vehicle from Oriental Village which moves on road and water. 
The 3D Art Museum with amazing three dimensional artwork is also located at Oriental Village. 

Location &áHow to Reach

Seven Wells Waterfall is further 2km north of Pantai Kok Beach. Once past Pantai Kok Beach (along the road Jalan Teluk Yu), take a right turn (into Jalan Teluk Tujuh) away from the Burau Bay beach. You will reach the Car Park in about 1km. It is about 27kms from Kuah Town. Although you can come here easily by a taxi, getting a taxi here for your return may be difficult. So come here either by a rental car or hire a taxi by the hour and keep the taxi waiting. There is no bus service to Seven Wells Waterfall. 
Map location of Seven Wells Waterfall Langkawi 

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