Pantai Kok Attractions, Langkawi

Although Pantai Kok is a sparsely populated area in the western coast of Langkawi and with a landscape full of rain forests, beach &ámountains, it surprisingly has many great tourist attractions compared to the other places in the island. 
There are only handful of hotels in this area that are mostly of luxury class. The guests in these hotels would feel lucky that some of the top sightseeing attractions of the island are all within their very easy reach. Most tourists staying in the other areas of the island, would certainly make at least one visit to Pantai Kok.  
The area not only offers a beautiful curved beach along the western coastline, but also some amazing attractions such as world's one of the most awesome cable car ride to the top of Mount Mat Cincang, a walking experience on a Skybridge which is suspended way above &ánear the top of the mountains, an excellent harbor park with a spank yacht marina, great waterfalls, galleries and more. However you will need to hire a car or a taxi to get around this area and visit the places. This is because the terrain and the landscape are quite spread out and the places are difficult to reach on foot. 
Here are the greatest attractions of Pantai Kok: 
This is a lovely beach with white soft sand and some 700 meters long. The beach remains mostly secluded other than on the week ends when many local families come here for picnics. With lots of trees and parkland offering shades, you can just sit under a tree and soak in the views of the deep blue waters and the islands ahead. 
This is an unforgettable experience as the cable car takes you right up to the top of Mount Mat Cincang at a height of 700 meters. Along the way, you get a wonderful view of the rainforests and waterfalls on the mountain slopes. As you reach the top, on a clear day you can see many islands in the Andaman sea below and Thailand at a distance. There are two platforms (stations) along the way. The top platform has a restaurant as well as restroom facilities. 
If you fancy walking over a bridge which is suspended high up in the sky (actually at an altitude of 700 meters) and get the breathtaking views surrounding Mount Mat Cincang, then this is the place to go. This is considered one of the longest curved and suspended bridges in the world. It can be accessed from the upper platform of the cable car. 
This is a nice open complex with quaint little stores (mostly souvenir &áretail), eateries, galleries, spas etc and an amazing 3D Art Museum which is the largest in Malaysia. The shops are built in French and Chinese style giving a charming look to the entire place. Although this is a shopping complex, tourists come here not just to shop. 
This is also the place from where the cable car ride takes place. Many activities are offered here including elephant rides, duck tours, Segway Tours, ATV &ábike trail rides around the village area etc. There is also an animal farm located here. 
This is a scenic harbor area spanning across 27-acres and having a great boat marina. You will find many large yachts moored here. Visit Perdana Quay, a shopping complex here along the harbor and full of upscale restaurants &ábars, boutique shops &áspas. 

Seven Wells Waterfall

(Telaga Tujuh) 
This is the most spectacular waterfall in Langkawi which has seven wells (or pools) on top, and hence the name. However to see the natural pools formed in smooth rocks, you will need to climb 638 steps to reach to the top which is at 480 meters altitude. If you can't climb all the way up, visit the lower falls which is great as well. As you immerse your body into a swirling pool and look into the breathtaking valley ahead, the feeling is heavenly. Seven Wells Waterfall comes down the slope of Mat Cincang mountains. 
This is a private initiative and located within the Oriental Village which helps towards increasing the awareness of Malaysian tigers. In fact it has a real tiger (named Zanah) which was the first tiger brought into Langkawi. The visitors can see her activities in the exhibit area. There is an art gallery here that showcases artwork from the local artists. Some souvenir items including tiger logos are on sale. 
This is the second highest mountain in Langkawi and part of the UNESCO Geopark. You can go up to the top of the mountain (altitude 700 meters) by taking the breathtaking cable car ride. From the top and on a clear day, you get sweeping views of the islands in Andaman sea and even southwest Thailand at a distance. 

Anna &áthe King - Summer Palace

This is the left over set (actually now ruins) of the film set that was constructed during filming of the movie Anna &áthe King. A part of the film was shot in Langkawi during 1999. The set had beautiful Thai style palace and houses constructed on the ocean front. After the filming, it became a tourist attraction. But no longer so. Today you will only find barricaded ruins of the set that serves only as a memory of what it was once. Find out why such transformation. 

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