Langkawi Tiger Exhibit & Gallery

The Tiger Gallery &áExhibit was established at the Oriental Village of Langkawi in the year 2010. It is a private initiative to impart education and awareness about Malaysian tigers. The center is known as Tiger! Tiger! Langkawi. The main attraction here is the Malaysian tigress Zanah who was born in a Malaysia zoo, brought into Langkawi in 2009 and made her first public appearance in 2010 on the first day of the year. 
The entry to the exhibit area is free since it is considered an education center. In 2011 the Bolaven Cafes Langkawi also joined the initiative and started sponsoring the exhibit. They have created a seating capacity of 30 for their own guests who come to their outlet here to have special Malayan Coffee. However the entry to standing gallery of the exhibit is still free to the visitors. 
So coming back to Zanah, she is a young Malaysian tigress and the first one in Langkawi. While she is kept is secured custody at night time for safety, during the day time, she is left free in her own exhibit area. And from as close to as 2-meter distance, the visitors can watch her engage in fun and frolicking activities. She appears more like an overgrown kitten. 
Some of the typical activities of Zanah includes splashing into the pool and swimming in it, playing with her enrichment toys, running around the exhibit area, basking in the sun and so on. But she actually becomes very active after 5pm in the afternoon. That is probably because the natural behaviors of preys of the Malaysian tigers like wild boars and deer around this time when the tigers in their natural habitats get active. 
Zanah has already made an appearance in made-for-Scandinavian television commercial (TVC) and has started to make a name for herself. 
At the exhibit center, you will come across Education Officers who can help you gather more knowledge about the Malaysian tigers and what may be happening to the 500 such tigers remaining in the whole of Malaysia. In fact the Malaysian Tigers are sub-species of the Indo-Chinese Tigers. 
At the center there is also a gallery where artwork and souvenir items comprising of several small models of tigers and elephants are on sale at reasonable prices. Other items on sale includes post card set, small bags, soft toys etc. 
Admission is free. However donations are accepted. 
Contact Information for Inquiry &áBooking 
Tiger! Tiger! Langkawi 
Panthera Maximus Sdn Bhd 
E.01 Oriental Village, Burau Bay07100 Langkawi, KedahMalaysia  
Phone: (+604) 959 4959; Fax No.: 959 4959; Email: [email protected] 
The Tiger! Tiger! Gallery &áExhibit is located in Oriental Village in the Burau Bay area at the north western side of Langkawi in Burau Bay area (Pantai Kok). You can take a taxi and easily reach the place. Usually taxis are available on your return. However during the peak season (October to April), it is better to keep the taxi waiting. 
Map location of Oriental Village (See Cable Car) 

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