Activities in Tanjung Rhu &áTeluk Yu, Langkawi

Tanjung Rhu and Teluk Yu areas stretch along the northern coastline of Langkawi. Life at this end is quiet and slow moving, and mostly revolve around few of the loveliest beaches of the island that are located here. 
There aren't many hotels and resorts in this area, and therefore the tourist traffic is low and so are the activities. Those who stay in a resort here, enjoy private beaches, and can avail one of the couple of great resort spas. 
In fact, I know of many cases where the guests prefer a resort here specifically for the Spa services (mainly The Geo Spa at Four Seasons Resort) and several come from other parts of the island to take spa treatments, such is the reputation of the spa offerings here. 
Some of the beaches on this stretch like the Tanjung Rhu Beach and Shark Bay Beach are amongst the best in the island. So you will see a lot of swimming activities taking place from these soft powdery and white sandy beaches. Families and even tourists come to these beaches and spend the whole day picnicking and enjoying swims. There are restaurants on both these two beaches. One of the most popular activities at the Tanjung Rhu area is to take a boat tour of the Kilim Geopark and the mangroves. 
The Black Sand Beach at Teluk Yu has a children's playground and is quite popular to the local families. The playground has swings, slides and several other facilities that are of interest to the children and kids. Next to the playground and within the beach complex, there is a local market and some stalls selling snack items that all add up to make a nice family day. 
Here are the main recreational activities in Tanjung Rhu &áTeluk Yu Areas. 

Spas in Tanjung Rhu Area

There are couple of great spas in Tanjung Rhu area, both are of course hotel spas. 

JivaRhu Spa

This is part of the Tanjung Rhu resort and overlooking the wonderful Tanjung Rhu beach. The spa is known as JivaRhu Wellness &áBeauty Retreat. 
Spread over 3 acres of lovely landscaped garden and located at one corner of the resort, the spa has 12 small villas and offers a number of exclusive treatments that are based on Balinese, Thai, Ayurvedic and Malay traditional therapies &ámassages. Most of the treatments are for 60 minutes duration. While the hotel guests have an easy access to the Spa, outside guests can also avail the facilities by making prior appointments. 

The Geo Spa

It's also known as The Spa and located within the Four Seasons Resort of Langkawi. This is one of the best spas that I have even seen or experienced. The ancient healing energies and scientific methodologies are combined to create exclusive treatments. 
You can take the treatments in a private pavilion or villa surrounded by lush green foliage and amidst several pools filled with crystal clear water with lotus leaves. The overall ambience is awesome and can't get any better. The spa offers wide range of treatments including nourishment treatments, water treatments, light based treatments, air treatments, full salon services, range of yoga lessons etc. 

Other Recreational Activities

You can take the island's one of the most popular tours from the Tanjung Rhu area where the river meets the sea. There are motorized boats available here on rent (both private and on shared basis) that take you for a tour of the geopark, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As you go along the water area, you will see stunning limestone cliffs and dense mangrove swamps on both sides. You will visit a few islands, caves and also a floating fish farm as part of the tour and also be able to see lot of other geological formations and a range of amazing flora and fauna. 

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