Shark Bay (Teluk Yu) Beach Langkawi


What to expect

Shark Bay Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Langkawi and probably the most popular one with the tourists. Teluk in Malay means bay and Yu means Shark. But such name is given because of few sharks made of stone that are on display at one side of the beach promenade. 
There are no real sharks here and the water is exceptionally calm. Shark Bay Beach is located on the north shore of Langkawi and between the Pantai Pasir Tengkorak beach on its west and the Pantai Pasir Hitam (Black Sand Beach) on the east. Although the beach is not too long and considered continuation of the Black Sand Beach (but without the black pigments on the sands), it has couple of entry points. 
Shark Bay (Teluk Yu) Beach, Kangkawi 
Shark Bay Beach Langkawi 
If you are approaching the beach along the road Jalan Teluk Yu, and coming from east towards west, then look for a long low concrete fence with yellow and red colors. Just before the fence, there is an entry way through two concrete structures that leads to a tiny, unknown and a secluded park. This is our most favorite entry point to the beach as this part is not much known to the tourists.  
There is another entry to the beach through a lovely concrete promenade which is less than a minute drive from the previous entry point and to its west. This is where most of the tourists come for visiting the beach. There is ample car parking here along the road side. Get into the promenade which has nice seating arrangements some of which are shaded and look like cozy huts overlooking the ocean from the edge of the promenade. 
Shark Bay Beach - Car Park &áPromenade 
Shark Bay Beach Car Park 
As you get in, from near the car park you get a lovely view of the ocean with rocks scattered around. You can see the islands of Tarutao of south Thailand far away. Go to the other end of the small park and you will get a short stairway that takes you down to the beach. During high tide, most part of the beach actually disappears. 
The huts or cabanas are the first to get filled up by romantic couples. Although there is space for at least four in each of them, you can't spoil the privacy if two are seating there, but probably regret that why you didn't come earlier to get some respite from the scorching sun on a sunny summer day. 
However, the promenade is really wonderful and so is the view. There are many palm trees around and the breeze is strong enough to compensate for the heat. This entire area is called Tawan Amam Teluk Yu, which means Shark Bay Public Park. On one side of the promenade, there is a restaurant selling mainly snack items. A stairway next to it leads down to the beach. The beach is not too wide and is about 200 meters long. The calm water here is excellent for swimming. 
Shark Bay Beach: Restaurant &áshaded seating 
Shark Bay Beach Restaurant 

Overall Opinion

Shark Bay Beach is a picturesque family beach. The children can enjoy here a lot. The water is calm and great for swimming. The artificial sharks on one side of the promenade can thrill the kids and toddlers. There is also a waterside restaurant where you can take lunch or snacks. 

Entry &áTimings

Shark Bay Beach is a public beach, accessible 24 hours and there is no entry fee. 


Shark Bay Beach is located on the road Jalan Teluk Yu opposite to the Cultural Craft Complex and on the northern shoreline of Langkawi. It is about 21kms from Kuah Town and 24kms from the airport. You can come to the beach by a taxi or rented car. On its east is the Black Sand Beach, and on its west is the Tengkorak Beach (Pantai Pasir Tengkorak). See the location of the beach in the below map. Use the zoom and move buttons and see the nearby places. 
Map location of Shark Bay Beach (Opposite Kompleks Kraf on the map) 

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