Tanjung Rhu & Teluk Yu Attractions, Langkawi

Tanjung Rhu and Teluk Yu area stretches across the northern coast line of Langkawi. Teluk Yu, which stands for Shark Bay (no shark here though) is on the west of Tanjung Rhu. This entire area is quite secluded and known for some of the greatest white sandy beaches. 
Other than soft white sands overlooking the ocean and nearby islands in Tanjung Rhu and in Shark Bay, there is another beach here which amazingly has black sands. 
Other tourist attractions in this area includes the Craft Complex which houses various art &ácraft work from local artists and showcases the rich cultural heritage of the island &áMalaysia, and a great glass blowing studio where local artisans create handmade exquisite glass items &ácrystals. While these two places are two of the top attractions of Langkawi anyway, they also serve as a great option to visit and spend hours on a rainy day. These are indoor complexes, particularly the craft complex is very large and has several sections to explore. 
Apart from the above, the area does not have any other notable attractions. There are some primitive shopping markets set up with stalls in areas like Black Sand Beach and Tanjung Rhu Beach areas. Here locals sell various souvenir &ágift items as well as local dress materials. 
Both Tanjung Rhu and Teluk Yu areas are quite far away from the town center of Kuah (more than 20 kms). So you will need to hire a car or taxi to visit these areas. 
Here are the top attractions of the Tanjung Rhu and Teluk Yu: 
This is a beautiful beach of soft white sands. The water here is turquoise blue. Although the sand here can get really hot, there is always a cool breeze flowing. It's a great beach for swimming. You can see the islands at a short distance on the water. In fact during low tide, you can walk over to the nearest island Pulau Chabang. The beach is fringed with casuarina trees. Close by you can see mangroves and great limestone formations. The Kilim river comes and meets at Tanjung Rhu. You can take the famous Kilim Geopark &áMangroves tour on a boat from the river mouth. 
This is another lovely beach and very popular with the tourists. There is a wonderful promenade with seating arrangements. The concrete shaded seats are the best and overlook the beach and the ocean from a little height. A short staircase goes down to the beach. There is a restaurant at the western corner of the beach. 
This is beach is well known for its black sands. There are many explanations about why the sand here is black. I have discussed the real one in the link above. The beach however is not suitable for swimming. There is a nearby fishing jetty on the right of the beach. You will see many fishing boats moored there. If you like, you can walk over the long narrow wooden jetty right into the middle of the water and enjoy the view around. There is a shopping market here full of local stalls selling clothes &ásouvenir items. You get snacks and refreshing coconut water here as well. 
This is a large indoor complex having several sections. It showcases the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia though a range of art &ácraft work. There are a range of handicraft items which have been created by local artisans and craftsmen. There are also craft museums that demonstrate the cultural heritage though many exhibits &ádioramas. The sales gallery (or Crafts Bazaar) has many items on sale including silver jewelry, ceramics, handmade batik, paper &áforest based products, and many other souvenir &ágift items. 
Located just behind the Crafts Complex, this is a haven for hand crafted glass items and crystals. Local craftsmen use glass blowing and heat treatment methods to produce exquisite handmade glass products that include flowers like tulips, small animals &ábirds, vases and lot more. You can come and watch demos of glass making and also buy items of your choice. 

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