Sailing & Yachting in Langkawi

If you are a sailor or a yachter planning to sail in or around Langkawi, then the island can offer you some superb amenities and options. Over the past several years, the island has been drawing in yachters from all over the world and has come up as one of the top sailing destinations in the region. 
There are several modern marinas that have come up in Langkawi and few of its group of islands offering best of facilities like berths &ámoorings, and all other amenities that a sailor would require including a range of accommodations, shopping, restaurants, custom &áimmigration services, office desk facilities, fuel stations, provisioning, repairing &ámaintenance and lot more. 
If you don't have a yacht of your own and like to sail around Langkawi, you can just go down to the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club in Kuah town, ask for a crewed yacht or sail boat, and just set sail to explore the many hidden beaches, caves and islands on Andaman Sea. The most easily navigable passage from Kuah starts from the southern entrance of the harbor near the flashing green light, and by sailing towards north you will get the most scenic and beautiful water areas. 
But if you have your own yacht, then go through the following sections to get all the information that you may need as a yachter: 
This link will let you know about which are the harbor areas where you can clear in and out of Langkawi, where and how will you find the customs &áimmigration services, how long can you moor your boat and many other useful information. 
Know about all the marinas in Langkawi, number and type of berths offered, mooring services, maintenance facilities and all other amenities offered. This section will also compare the marinas and let you know the pros &ácons of each so that you can choose the one that suits you most. 
Other than the marinas, there are several other areas that offer you mooring and protected anchorage. While most are paid anchorage, there are also free anchorage that are availed by many yachties. Know about all such places along with details of facilities available. 
As a yachter, you will most likely like to visit a yacht club where you met up with your fellow yachties, share a drink with them, understand many other aspects of yachting in Langkawi, and know about their experiences. Royal Langkawi Yacht Club was established in 1996 and located on Bass Harbor next to Kuah town. Since then the club has steadily grown both in terms of memberships and facilities it offers. It has a waterfront swimming pool complete with a Jacuzzi, two restaurants, bars and offers a range of activities including deeep sea fishing, sailing, charter cruising, scuba diving, snorkeling and more. It has a fully equipped marina which can accommodate even mega yachts of up to 60 meters. 
Know about all the boatyards in Lagkawi, repair &ámaintenance facilities, the suppliers of spares and items of marine applications, Chandelries, their locations, contacts and complete offerings. 
Held between January and March annually, yachters from all over the world come to Langkawi and compete in a fascinating Yacht race. 

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