Langkawi Sailing: Clearing In & Out

One of the best news for sailors entering or leaving Langkawi is that the navigation and clearing in & out processes are probably easiest that you will ever find anywhere in the world. While navigating into or out of Langkawi, you won't encounter any hidden trecherous reefs, and the water channel is also very broad. 
Note that Langkawi and its group of islands are located on the northern part of thr Staits of Mallacca and south of Andaman Sea. 
So, if you are coming from east, your best place for clearance will be at Jetty Point. This is a complex located in Kuah town and adjacent to the Kuah Jetty. Most of the public ferries for Kuala Perlis, Kuala Kedah, Penang and Satun (of Thailand) leave or arrive at the Kuah Jetty. You can anchor your Yacht at the Bass Harbor area and take a short Dinghy ride to Jetty Point for taking all the clearances. 
If you are coming from west, the best place for clearance will be in Telaga Harbor Park at the western coast. These are the only two places where you can clear in and out in Langkawi. Another great news is that the entire clearance process including harbor master services, customs and immigration are free of charges at both these places. 
While sailing in or out, you should monitor VHF Radio channel 16 or 69, or contact channel 68 for any sailing information or assistance. For anchorage, refer to Malaysian Chart 5622. 

Port Clearance at Kuah

Latitude: : 06° 19' North / Longitude: 099° 50' East 
The Harbor Master, Customs and Immigration offices are all located at the Jetty Point complex. Jetty Point is a 2-storey building complex full of shops & offices, and located at the ferry terminal. As you approach the Bass Harbor of Kuah where you will need to anchor your YAcht, you will see a large structure of a golden brown eagle facing the water front. Then you know that you have reached your destination. 
The sequence of clearance is first Harbor Master, next Customs and then Immigration. The sequence is the same for both checking in and out at Kuah. Here are the open hours and contact information of the offices in Kuah: 
Harbor Master Office (first floor) 
  • Phone: +604-966 6134; Open daily from 8am to 5:30pm 
    Customs Office (Ground floor) 
  • Phone: +604 969 9003 / 969 9002; Open daily from 6:30am to 7pm 
    Immigration Office (Ground floor) 
  • Phone: +604 956 1400; Open daily from 8am to 7pm 

    Port Clearance at Telaga Harbor Park

    Latitude: 06° 21' 42" North / Longitude: 99° 40' 21" East 
    Telaga Harbor Park is located in Pantai Kok area at the western coast of Langkawi. The Harbor Master's office, Customs and Immigration Departments are located in a 2-storey building (an yellow building with a clock tower and easily visible, about 100 meters from the Marina Office). 
    Here the sequence of clearance differs during check in and check out. For checking in, follow the sequence as first Immigration, next Harbor Master and then Customs. While checking out the sequence of clearance is first Harbor Master, next Customs and then Immigration. Here are the open hours and contact information of the three departments in Telaga Harbor Park. 
    Harbor Master Office (First floor) 
  • Phone: +604 959 4016; Open daily (except on public holidays) from 8am to 7pm 
    Immigration Office (Ground floor) 
  • Phone: +604 956 1400; Open daily from 8am to 7pm 
    Customs office (Ground floor) 
  • Phone: +6049591546 (harbor office) / +6049551832 (administration office) 
  • Open daily from 8am to 5pm 

    How long can your boat stay at Langkawi

    As per the harbor master guidelines, there is no time limits for boats to stay in Langkawi. Which means you can essentially keep your boat in a Marina or Anchorage indefinitely even while you are away from the island. However you should note the following: 
  • Most foreigners come to Langkawi with a 90-days tourist visa unless one has a Make Malaysia My Second Home or a work permit to stay longer. If your country is exempted from entry visa requirement, you will automatically get a 90-day visa on arrival. If you plan to keep your boat anchored on the water in Langkawi or in a marina and leave for home after your visa expires, then ensure that your dues are all paid up in time. Most Marinas have a waiting period after which they would like all their dues cleared up. If you fail to do so and your boat is berthed in the Marina, they might even sell the boat to recover the cost. While leaving behind the boat, ensure that you can be easily contacted in order to avoid such hassles. 
  • Some yachties tend to be smarter and take a short ferry ride to Satun (of Thailand) and get back on the same day with a renewed visa of 90-days. This is increasingly coming under scrutiny by the authorities, and if caught through random checks, you may be barred from entering Malaysia (and therefore Langkawi) for several months. 

    Required Travel Documentation

    Depending on your country of origin and duration of your stay in Langkawi, you may require a Malaysia entry visa and other essential travel documentation to sail into Langkawi from another country. Check out Visa & Passport for Langkawi/Malaysia to get detailed information about passport and visa requirements. 

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