Activities in Datai Bay Area, Langkawi

Datai Bay area which forms the northwestern end of the Langkawi, is known for its privileged seclusion. This is where rich and the wealthy find an exclusive corner for themselves in premier resorts that offer a picturesque private beach being nestled in the foothills of a mountain covered with rainforests. 
So what could be the recreational activities in this part of the world where people come to seek tranquility and solace? Actually there aren't many such activities here other than those that complement one's desire to find the ultimate bliss... can you guess what could that be? 
One of such things to do here is to undertake a personalized spa treatment while enjoying the serenity of the rainforest and views of the bay, and elevate your mind, body &áspirit to a level above. 
Both resorts here (Datai and Andaman) provide bikes to the guests who can go around and enjoy the rainforest and its many flora and fauna, as well as the bird life. Some of the small animals that you can see in the forest here includes the monkeys (generally harmless), monitor lizards and squirrels. Datai Bay area is also to home to a scenic 18-hole golf course which is set up amidst lush greenery of the forest and overlooking the bay from its edges. 
This is an 18-hole par-72 beautiful golf course nestled in the rainforests of Datai Bay area. It is considered one of the most scenic ones in the country. The golf course is being redesigned by the world famous golfer Ernie Els. 

Andaman Spa

(V Botanical Spa) 
This Spa is part of the Andaman Resort, and located within the resort complex at a distance. The pathway through the rainforest leads to this beautiful spa that overlooks the Datai Bay. It offers some unique and award winning treatments including Gem Stone Facial, Kahuna Wave Massage, and also yoga &ámeditation classes. 

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