Pantai Cenang Attractions, Langkawi

Pantai Cenang is located at the western coast of Langkawi and is essentially a beach area thickly populated with tourists. While there are a few excellent sightseeing and tourist attractions here like the Underwater World showcasing great marine life along with birds &áanimals, a paddy cultivation center &árice museum etc, the area is actually meant for the beach lovers. 
It is also full of shops, spas and restaurants of all kinds that are lined up along the Jalan Patai Cenang road that runs parallel to the lovely curved beach. There are plenty of hotels and tour operators here who organize guided sightseeing tours of the island. 
Here are the main attractions in Pantai Cenang. They are all accessible from the main road (Jalan Pantai Cenang). You can walk along and visit the places. 
This is the heart of Pantain Cenang Area. Most activities revolve around this beautiful 2km long curved stretch of white sands. The beach is fringed with coconut trees and overlooks the turquoise blue waters with several tiny islands and reefs visible in the ocean a few hundred meters offshore. During the day time, the beach is always bustling with activities like volleyball, swimming, parasailing, banana boating, jet skiing and more. And at night, there are several beach bars that spring into action and offer great food, drinks and some even live music, and the show goes on until the wee hours. 
This is a huge indoor area that showcases different kinds and large numbers of marine creatures as well as lot many birds and animals. It's a great place for families and children. The highlight here are the live performances of fur seals as they feed, the split level penguin exhibit where you can even see them underwater, and the large number of glass tanks in a tunnel housing multitude of sharks, rays &ágroupers. 
Don't miss out on the feeding sessions of the sharks and penguins. Many birds and small animals are kept in open free area which you can see almost from a touching distance. On certain days of the week and at fixed time, an awesome snake handling performance takes place. 
Underwater World is located at the southern end of Pantai Cenang. After a visit here, you can shop at the adjacent duty free shopping center and eat at Mc Donald located in the same complex. 

Laman Padi

(Rice Museum) 
This is a large complex with several small paddy fields where rice is cultured and grown. The museum here showcases the history and heritage of paddy cultivation in Malaysia. You will see age old equipment that were once used to process rice from the grains.  
There is also a real rice farm here. They also organize rice panting demo where you too can participate in planting rice in the paddy field. Guides area available to take you around. The complex has Spas and in-house restaurant as well. 
So if you take interest in nature, be with it and like to learn how Malaysians have been cultivating their main staple food, then this is a complete complex where you can spend some good amount of time, take natural therapeutic treatments in the spa nestled in a tranquil environment and eat genuine Malay dishes. 

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