Top Restaurants in
Tanjung Rhu &áTeluk Yu Areas, Langkawi

You will certainly not come to the northern shoreline of Langkawi only with a plan to dine. In fact there are practically no proper restaurants in Tanjung Rhu and Teluk Yu areas other than the resort based restaurants &ábars that are located in Four Seasons Resort and Tanjung Rhu Resort. 
These resort restaurants of course have exclusive view of the emerald waters and beautiful private sandy beaches. But these are mostly meant for the guests of the hotels although as outside guests you too can dine in them. However all these restaurants being part of five start resorts are quite expensive and can be very heavy on your pocket. But some of them do serve excellent food of varied and creative cuisine. 
Apart from the hotels' own restaurants, you can only find a few other scattered local food stalls in this area, few of them of course have grown in stature to claim the fame of a restaurant. One such eatery is right at the public beach of Tanjung Rhu. Other than serving several local snack items, the restaurant offers fresh coconut water, cold drinks and other beverages. It also serves Malay meals during lunch time and has both inside and outside roofed seating areas. You do get great view of the beach and the sea from here as well. 
In Teluk Yu area, you will find some food stalls at the Black Sand Beach area inside the local market complex. There is also a restaurant at the western corner of the Shark Bay Beach mainly serving snacks and beverages, but has great view of the ocean. 
However for proper dining, you only have the option of the resort restaurants in this part of the island. Here are the best ones: 
(Category: Upscale, Cuisine: Malay, Location: Tanjung Rhu) 
Ikan Ikan which means fish in Malay is an exclusive upscale restaurant located in the Four Seasons Resort. The restaurant specializes in authentic Malay Cuisine. It has four sections including an open air teak terrace, an indoor dining with great views of the ocean from one side and lush garden area from the other, a cocktail bar and a private dining area. The restaurant is open only for dinner. 

Kelapa Grill

(Category: Upscale, Cuisine: Western, Location: Tanjung Rhu) 
Located inside Four Seasons Resort, the best part of this bistro style restaurants is its location by the side of the private beach. During lunch time it serves light fares including sandwiches, pizzas, stir fried items etc. During dinner the menu expands to cover lot more main course items including steaks and ribs flame-grilled to perfection with fresh herbs and ingredients. The restaurant also has a nice selection of cocktails and drinks. Enjoying a drink as you watch the sunset on Andaman sea from here is really a special experience. 

Serai Restaurant

(Category: Upscale, Cuisine: Italian, Location: Tanjung Rhu) 
Located inside Four Seasons Resort, this restaurant too is located right by the beachside. The lower lever with a roofed terrace serves breakfast while a staircase leads to the upper floor for both inside as well as alfresco dining in the evenings. 
The restaurant offers classic Italian dishes. The interior of the dining room has a classy ambience with applications of stone and timber, wicker chandeliers, copper pots and wind chimes, all of which perfectly gel to create a great atmosphere. The restaurant also serves romantic dinner on the beach and under a tent brought from Rajasthan of India. 

Rhu Bar

(Category: Upscale, Cuisine: Japanese, Location: Tanjung Rhu) 
Rhu Bar is an exclusive lounge located inside the Four Seasons Resort and opening out to the private beach. It serves light snacks of Japanese cuisine and wide range of cocktails &áwine. With Mughal hanging swings from India, Turkish water pipes, wicker sofas with colorful cushions, the ambience is truly aristocratic and exquisite. It operates from 3pm until midnight. 

Sands Restaurant

(Category: Upscale, Cuisine: Malay/Asian/Western, Location: Tanjung Rhu) 
Sands is a beachside restaurant located inside the Tanjung Rhu Resort. Other than the wonderful view of the water and open dining concept, the restaurant has a garden like setting with indoor plants, pebbles and ponds. Overall the ambience is casual and relaxed. It serves a range of Malay, Asian and Western fares and remains open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

The Rhu

(Category: Upscale, Cuisine: Fusion, Location: Tanjung Rhu) 
This is a fine dining restaurant located right on the private beach of Tanjung Rhu Resort and serving a range of eastern &áwestern fusion dishes. It requires formal dress codes both for men and women. The restaurant has both indoor air-conditioned dining room as well as roofed open dining space having great views of the water and offshore islands. It is open for dinner. 

Saffron Restaurant

(Category: Upscale, Cuisine: Mediterranean, Location: Tanjung Rhu) 
Another beachside restaurant of Tanjung Rhu Resort, Saffron has both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. The outdoor section is ideal to view the stunning sunset on the Andaman sea. It serves a range of Mediterranean dishes. Specialties includes dishes like chicken quesadilla, seafood paella etc. It's open for lunch and dinner. 

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