Langkawi weather in May


May Highlights

Month of May is part of the mid-season in Langkawi which starts in April. There may be rain at times during the day but you will still enjoy enough sunshine. Mornings and early afternoons are generally quite dry. 
The temperature remains warm and can touch 32°C or go even higher. So while its sunny, it can be quite hot as well as humid. But it's a great time for swimming, snorkeling and diving. Ocean remains calm and all tours & excursions including the boat tours & day cruises continue to operate. You will still find plenty of tourists in the island. But due to heat and humidity, the beaches remain mostly empty during the day time, but start getting crowded before the sunset. 
The event Wilderness Langkawi Challenge is usually held in the month of May. This is a series of adventure sports like running & hiking, kayaking, air trekking, mountain biking etc where participants come from all over the world. This one-day event draws a large crowd in the island. 
May Weather Chart 
Temperature High:
32°C (90°F)
Temperature Low:
24°C (75°F)
Sea Temperature:
30°C (86°F)
Humidity High:
Humidity Low:
Sunshine (Avg.):
8 Hours
Sunrise Time (Avg.):
Sunset Time (Avg.):

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