Burau Bay Beach
Pantai Teluk Burau


What to expect

This is a wonderful stretch of long sands with crystal clear blue water and located at the western coastline of Langkawi in Pantai Kok area (north western end). Burau Bay Beach which is also known as Pantai Teluk Burau in Malay, is about 25 yards wide and 1.5kms long. It is flanked by two large five star resorts at its two ends. If you face the water, Berjaya Resorts with its ocean front chalets can bee on the right and Mutiara Bay Beach Resort at the left end (Mutiara Resort property has closed down in 2013). 
Burau Bay Beach Langkawi 
While the middle section of the beach is still known to be a public beach, the beach in reality is mostly used by the guests of the resorts such as the Berjaya and Dana resorts. This long stretch of white soft sand is ideal for sunbathing or lounging while lazily gazing at the emerald blue water with tiny islands at the background. Pulau Burau, the island after which the beach has been so named, is straight ahead at a short distance offshore. The beach remains mostly secluded. 
The entire beach area and the island (pulau) Burau is home to many different types of colorful birds. Another dimension that generously adds to the picturesque setting of Burau bay and the beach is Mount Mat Cincang, the second largest mountain of Langkawi that descends from the right side and right up to the beach. The rocky coastline in some parts along with the rain forest on the slope of the mountain all add to the wonderful make up of the bay and the beach. 
Burau Bay Beach Langkawi, Berjaya Chalets 
Stand at the middle of the beach and look towards right, you will see the many premier cabanas or the chalets of Berjaya Resorts that have been set up on the water. The red tops of the chalets forming a line with the backdrop of the mountains and the boardwalk that goes right into the middle of the water ending in a restaurant looks fabulous from the beach. This is one of my favorite pictures that I have used even in the main banner of this website. You can also see the mid-water restaurant and the chalets in the picture below. 
However you won't be able to access the restaurant or the cabanas from the beach itself. They are all part of the resort and you will need to access them through the resort's main entrance and with a battery operated cart provide by Berjaya. Standing at the beach if you look towards the left, on a sunny day you will find many guests of Mutiara Bay Resort (mostly Europeans) lounging in the sun under the drooping coconut and palm trees that fringe the beach. Lounge chairs and umbrellas are provided by the resort. 
Lounge chairs under coconut trees at Mutiara 
Both resorts arrange for water-sport activities here including banana boating, jet ski, motor boats for island visits etc. If you look carefully at the banner picture on top, you will see a jet skier on the waters here. Even if you are not staying at the resorts, you can go and avail the water sports facilities. The beach is great for swimming as well. If you visit the beach late in the afternoon, then stay back for the spectacular sunset view. 

Entry &áTimings

Although Burau Bay Beach is considered a public beach, the main and the easiest access to the beach is through Mutiara Burau Bay Resort. If you just want to visit the beach for a short while or plan to take some snacks or drinks at the resort cafe, you can always get to the beach through the resort. Otherwise you will need to access the beach through a forested land which is not easy to find and may not be a convenient option. So basically unless you are staying in Mutiara Bay Beach Resort, you can come to the beach only during the day time. 


All amenities are there at the two resorts at two ends of the beach. Other than that, there is no other public facilities on the beach. 

Location &áHow to Reach

Burau Bay Beach is located on the western coastline of Langkawi in Pantai Kok area. You will need to take the road Jalan Teluk Burau (the beach is at its western end). It is about 30kms from Kuah Town (takes 40 minutes by car). From Langkawi Airport, it takes about 20 minutes by car. You can get to the beach by a rental car or hire a taxi by the hour and keep the taxi waiting. There is no bus service to the beach. 
Map location of Burau Bay Beach Langkawi 

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