Datai Bay Beach Langkawi
Pantai Teluk Datai

This is a beautiful curved sandy beach full of white sands located at the north western end of Langkawi and at the Datai Area. The beach stretches for about 1.5kms end-to-end in length taking a shape of a half moon. During normal tide, the beach is about 30 yards wide. 
Known locally as Pantai Teluk Datai, it is a private beach shared by couple of five star resorts - The Datai and The Andaman. From the road Jalan Datai and shortly after Andaman Resort, a narrow side road goes down the hill through a forested area all the way up to the Datai Bay Beach. 
Datai Bay Beach, Langkawi 
Datai Bay Beach 
But at the entrance to the beach, there is a beach cafe and bar that belongs to The Datai Resort. So you can't get in unless you are a guest of the hotel or have a permission. I was fortunate once to have been a guest of The Datai Resort. When you want to go down to the beach, inform the reception and they organize a battery operated cart that takes you first by the main road and then down the narrow road all the way to the beach cafe. 
But once there, you are in a paradise. No wonder you will find many rich European visitors preferring to stay at this exclusive resort that offers such a lovely beach with breathtaking views. Once you get down to the beach, look ahead and you will see the tiny island called Pulau Anak Datai right in front of you in clear turquoise blue waters. 
Datai Bay Beach Langkawi. The island Pulau Anak Datai ahead. 
Datai Bay Beach Langkawi 
Look towards left and you will see the beach curving like a horseshoe and disappearing into a forested area. On the right the beach stretches to a long distance, makes a curvature and merges with the forested foothill of mount Mat Cincinang. The view of the mountain which is full of dense trees and descending all the way to the beach is awesome. On the right and far away you can see the other signature resort on the beach - The Andaman. The Datai Golf Course is also located close by and facing the bay. 
If you turn back and look towards the resort, you will see many guests sunbathing and lounging in the sun on comfortable beach chairs provided by the resort. While staring at them with inquisitive eyes is the last thing expected, but I found several of them spend the whole day reading books while enjoying the overall ambience of the beach and surrounding water area. The beach chairs and the umbrellas are set up at a level little higher than the beach. 
Resort guests lounging at Datai Bay 
Many enjoy the beachside pool through the day. The resorts also offer all kinds of facilities and water-sport activities. The water here is crystal clear and excellent for swimming. The beach is of course very well maintained by the resorts. 
If you are not a guest of the resort but want to have a good look at the beach, then keep driving along the road Jalan Datai, drive past the Datai Resort and you will shortly reach a headland. From here there is a trail through the jungle that goes all the way down to the water. There is no beach here, but if you look towards right, you can see the gorgeous Datai Bay Beach. This drive and the hike down the trail may be worth considering the marvelous view of the beach. 
Location &áHow to Reach 
Datai Bay Beach is located at the Datai area at the north western end of Langkawi. Take a rental car or a taxi and drive along the road Jalan Datai (#161), go through the tunnel and past the resort Andaman, you will find a narrow road on the right that goes through a forested area with villas on both sides that belong to the Datai Resort. The only sign board on the main road is 'Gulai House' which is an Asian restaurant of Datai Resort located on the narrow downhill road and perched in a jungle setting. When you see the sign board, you know that you need to take a turn into that narrow side road. The beach is right at the end of this road. For entry, either you need to be a guest of the resort or must have a prior permission. 
Also note that taxis will charge extra fare to come to the Datai area (if you hire one by the hour) from places like Kuah or Pantai Cenang, because this area is considered far from such places. From Pantai Cenang, it takes about 45 minutes drive to reach Datai Resort and the beach. 
Map location of Datai Bay Beach Langkawi 

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