Datai Area Attractions, Langkawi

While Datai bay area is isolated at the far north western corner of the island, and remains secluded with ancient rainforests, hilly terrain and lovely beaches, it surprisingly has several great tourist attractions and sightseeing places. 
Such attractions include a lovely secluded public beach which is a favorite to the locals and its surrounding parkland is ideal for picnics, a Crocodile Adventureland with large collection of crocs &áalligators, lovely multi tier waterfalls offering pools great for swimming, art &ácultural museum, a scenic golf club, island's one of the best &áexclusive Spas and more. 
In fact the rain forest here is itself a place to enjoy. This age old rainforest along the road Datai Jalan is full of tall trees and home to lots of animal life including monkeys, squirrels and monitor lizards. The forest is also a great place for bird watchers. 
At the end of Jalan Datai, there is a headland from where the view of the bay is wonderful. There is a trail here that leads down to the coast line (no beach there though). From there you can get a sweeping view of the deep blue waters of Datai bay. However, Datai is quite dispersed and the attractions are quite far away from each other. You will need a vehicle, like a rented car or a taxi to visit the places. If you want to go beyond the Crocodile Farm, the taxis charge extra. 
Here are all the top attractions in Datai Bay area of Langkawi: 

Tengkorak Beach

(Pantai Pasir Tengkorak) 
A lovely little secluded beach with an associated parkland, is a local favorite. The beach has great rock formations at its one end. This beach is where many local families come on the week-ends and public holidays for picnics. There are shades, picnic tables, washroom, toilets and other facilities. The parkland is full of shady trees. The beach is great for swimming. 

Crocodile Adventureland

(Taman Buaya) 
There are over 1000 crocodiles and alligators kept in this farm almost like in their natural habitat. The farm spans across some 20-acres of area. Other than feeding sessions, there are shows when the crocodiles play &áwrestle with their trainers. The farm is located in Datai Bay area in a place called Kubang Badak on the road Jalan Datai. It has an in-house souvenir shop. 
A three tiered waterfall with a total height of 200 meters. This is the only other waterfall in Langkawi which rivals the Seven Wells waterfall in Pantai Kok. The pool at the top is wonderful and has a 100 foot fall of the water pouring into it. The entry to Temuron is from the road Jalan Datai. A short walk through the trees along a pathway leads to the first tier. 
This beach is a bed of pebbles and small rocks , and located opposite to the Temurun Waterfalls. There is no marked entry, but a short steep pathway through a forested land leads to this beach. There is hardly any sand here and it's not suitable for swimming. 
This an art gallery built in the year 1991 to give a shape to the dreams of Malaysia's internationally recognized artist Ibrahim Hussein. He himself was instrumental in building this living art &ácultural museum which houses some of his great artwork and paintings. The gallery is located on top of a small hill nestled in a rainforest and next to the Tengkorak Beach. The foudation was created to promote, develop and advance art &áculture. 

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