Top Restaurants in Pantai Kok, Langkawi

Pantai Kok is home to a range of restaurants, bistros and bars. While there are luxury hotels and resorts in the area that run several great upscale restaurants, you would probably like to explore the dining options even outside the hotels, the way we do. 
And Pantai Kok does have a few great public areas that are home to wonderful restaurants and bars. One such area is the Perdana Quay in Telaga Harbour Park. This wide spread complex located along the harbor houses a range of upscale restaurants &ábars of varied cuisine including Japanese, Russian, Continental, Chinese, western, Asian and more. Some of these restaurants are located next to the boardwalk, overlook the harbor and offer wonderful view of the water where you can see many sailing boats and yachts are moored. 
Another great area for food and dining is Oriental Village which is located right at the foot hill of Mount Mat Cincang. This is the place from where the famous cable car ride takes place. There are several restaurants here mostly offering local (Malay) and Asian cuisine at a reasonable price. If you are visiting the Oriental village for shopping or cable car rides, then you can plan a family lunch or dinner in one these friendly restaurants in a nice cool &árelaxed ambience. With manicured gardens, lakes and backdrop of the mountains, the overall setting of the village is quaint and quite picturesque. 
Here are the top restaurants in Pantai Kok area including some of the best dining options in the hotels &áresorts. They are arranged from budget to upscale categories. 

Top Budget Restaurants in Pantai Kok

(Category: Budget, Cuisine: European) 
This is a casual &ácozy little modern restaurant located at the basement of a plush apartment complex. It's run and managed by the lady known as Coco. The restaurant with its open style setup is popular with budget tourists and those who like homemade European food. The drinks are quite cheap and served until midnight. It's open for dinner. 

Dropstone Cafe

(Category: Budget, Cuisine: Malay &áWestern) 
This is a friendly restaurant located in Oriental village right adjacent to the Geopark Hotel. while there are few outdoor seating, it's best to take advantage of the indoor air-conditioned dining room which has a nice verandah with a great view from the backside. There are range of local, Asian and Western food offered. Some of our favorites include the Nasi Yam (rice with roasted chicken, eggs etc), Chicken Fried Rice, Chef Salad etc. They also serve beverages including tea and coffee. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Top Mid Range Restaurants in Pantai Kok


Mangoes Bar &áGrill

(Category: Mid-Range, Cuisine: Western/Steaks) 
This is one of the few restaurants in the island that offers great steaks. The restaurant serves several other western dishes as well. It's located off the main road in Pantai Kok. The backside seating area has great view of the water. Other than dinner, it has also introduced Sunday brunch. 
(Category: Mid-Range, Cuisine: Bakery &áCafe) 
This is part of a restaurant chain and located in Perdana Quay facing the water. With modern and sophisticated interior with sofas and chairs, the restaurant offers fresh homemade bakery products, steaks and other snack items. They have an extensive menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

USSR Restaurant

(Category: Mid-Range, Cuisine: Russian) 
If you care for authentic Russian fares, then this is the restaurant you should try out. It's located in Perdana Quay overlooking the Telaga Harbor. You will not only find an extensive menu full of Russian dishes (both in Russian and English version), you are likely to meet many Russians there as well. With red interior, many flags of USSR and pictures on the wall, the overall ambience is friendly and casual. The food served is nice and includes preparations of Salmon, Chicken, lamb, Seafood and lot more. They are open for lunch and dinner. 

Top Upscale Restaurants in Pantai Kok


Privilege Restaurant &áBar

áX Now Closed 
(Category: Upscale, Cuisine: Malay) 
Known to have one of the best interior decors, the restaurant serves great Malay food. It's located in Perdana Quay. There is a full service bar with nice selection of drinks. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner. 

Pahn-Thai Restaurant

(Category: Upscale, Cuisine: Thai) 
This restaurant will probably hit top of the list when it comes to picturesque settings. Being part of the Berjaya Resort, the restaurant is placed right on the water on stilts and has a mind blowing views of the water, Mount Mat Cincang, beaches and rainforests on the slopes of the mountains. It can't get any more romantic than this. It serves great Thai food. 


(Category: Upscale, Cuisine: Spanish) 
This impressive restaurant is located at the corner of the boardwalk at Perdana Quay and overlooking the lovely water view of the Telaga Harbor. They serve a range of Spanish starters and main courses here as well as many Western and Asian dishes. You can go for the Tapaz Platter or try out the Chicken Liver served with homemade bread ... it's great. They also have other great dishes on seafood and meat. It's open for lunch and dinner. 

Hamachi Japanese Restaurant

(Category: Upscale, Cuisine: Japanese) 
This small but popular restaurant is located in Perdana Quay and facing the Telaga Harbour. With provisions of outdoor seating (under a canopy) it offers great view of the water as well as excellent Japanese cuisine. It has its own clientele and patrons. The restaurant is also popular with tourists loving authentic Japanese food and serves lunch and dinner. 

Feast Restaurant

(Category: Upscale, Cuisine: Asian &áWestern) 
Feast is located in Sheraton Beach Resort. It's a large &ábright dining space with modern and sophisticated interiors, and set up against a backdrop of a lush garden. The restaurant serves a range of western &áeastern dishes. The menu is pricey but the food is quite good. They also have interactive cooking stations. You can choose between buffet or al fresco dining. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Mizumi Japanese Restaurant

(Category: Upscale, Cuisine: Japanese) 
This is the only authentic Japanese restaurant in Oriental Village. It's located right next to the footbridge and overlooking the lake. The ambience is relaxed yet upscale. You won't usually find this restaurant too crowded and therefore can enjoy a nice quiet meal. The service is quite friendly. They are open for lunch and dinner. 

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