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What to expect

As the name suggests, the highlight of this sailing cruise is to experience the spectacular sunset in Langkawi. Depending on the operator that you choose, they may take you to different places and the sunset may be seen taking place at the far horizon where the sky meets the ocean or behind the highest mountain of Langkawi - Gunung Raya. 
But in either case, when the sun sets, the sky ruptures into bright red and orange colors as if there is a fire in the sky.... a stunning view. Soon thereafter, the sky gets filled with twinkling stars and the moon rolls in. But this cruise is actually lot more than just viewing the sunset. 
Langkawi Sunset Cruise 
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There are several cruise operators in Langkawi who offer this popular sunset cruise on their own yachts. Some have small yachts accommodating 10-12 persons, others have large yachts taking 30-50 persons on board at a time. 
In general, the cruise duration is 3 hours, starts at 5pm and ends at 8pm. The rates vary a little depending on the operator and type of yacht. You can either go for sharing sunset sailing cruise on a per person rate which is the most common, or charter a yacht for a private cruise. The sharing rate varies from RM250 to RM300 per person, while base rate for a chartered sunset cruise would start from RM2,750 upwards. A private sunset cruise is great if you have a small group of your own like friends & families, or like to plan a special event like honeymoon, marriage proposal etc. 

Cruise Highlights

In the section below, from all our experience I'll describe what you may expect during a typical sunset cruise in Langkawi and who are the best yacht operators to choose from. 
1) Depending on the operator, there are three places from where the sunset cruise may depart. Most common is the Awana Malai Porto Dock at the southern end of Pantai Tengah located at the south western coast. The cruise will take you around some of the southern islands of Langkawi archipelago and show you the sunset usually from the Sunset Bay close to one of the islands (Pulau Beras Basah). Operators like Crystal Yacht Holidays, Tropical Charters etc depart from the dock of Awana Porto Malai Resort (now known as Resorts World Langkawi). 
2) Some cruises depart from the Bass Harbor of Kuah Town (from Royal Langkawi Yacht Club) like Blue Water Star Sailing and their sister concern Damai Indah. The boat takes you around several islands in the south eastern water area near Kuah and drops anchor at a beautiful secluded beach of an uninhabited island. Here you can kayak or canoe to explore the water area, or just take a refreshing swim. You will see the sun set far away behind the mountain Gunung Raya. These sunset cruises operated on a chartered basis (i.e. private cruises for a small group or couples). 
3) Another operator like Stardust operates from Kilim Jetty at the north eastern end of Langkawi. They combine the cruise with a 45 minutes speed boat safari of the Kilim Geopark to explore the mangroves, various flora & fauna, islands, caves, floating fish farms, eagle watching etc to maximize the trip value. You will see the sunset over the beautiful Tanjung Rhu bay in the north. 
4) Along the way, they will put on soft music and there is a free flow bar serving cocktails, spirits, beers and other cold beverages which are included in the rates. 
Towed Jacuzzi Net 
(Photo Source: Crystal Yacht Holidays) 
5) Depending on the weather, they will launch a rope net into the water and tow that. As you sit on the net half submerged in the ocean water with a drink in your hand and being towed in wavy waters, the feeling is amazing. They call it 'Salt Water  Jacuzzi'. Some operators actually let you view the sunset while sitting on the net. 
6) Carry your camera. You will get great photo opportunities - capture the stunning pictures of sunsets, bizarre flying fish, golden brown eagles diving for fishes, secluded palm fringed beaches and more. If you are lucky, you will be accompanied by dolphins. 
7) While snacks like canapés, nuts & chips are served, you can go for optional dinner on board. Usually buffet barbecue dinner is served that includes fresh prawns, fish, chicken, beef and several vegetarian dishes. Some operators boast of 19 course dinner. 
8) The captain and the crew are all very friendly and knowledgeable about the island and water areas. You can chat with them and learn about many aspects of Langkawi, its people, culture, flora & fauna. 
9) The sunset cruise duration is about 3 hours. Damai Indah's private sunset cruising is for 4 hours though. Their trip includes both lunch (usually Tapas dishes) and beachside dinner. They normally return to the dock within 30 minutes of the sunset. 
Stunning Sunset from the Deck, Langkawi 
10) Most operators arrange for hotel transfers including pickups and drops. The hotel transfers are usually included in the rates. However additional charges apply for transfers from/to The Datai, The Andaman, Tanjung Rhu and Four Seasons Resorts. 

How to book a cruise

So who are the top cruise operators offering the best sunset cruises in Langkawi on private or sharing basis? This being the most popular cruise in the island, it is offered by most of the yacht operators. Some of the best ones includes Crystal Yacht, Damai Indah, Tropical Charters, Blue Water Star Sailing, Stardust etc. Some offer only on a private chartered basis and some on shared basis. 
Check out this Viator site for several sunset cruise options along with rates and cruise descriptions. You can choose one you like and book online. 
Alternatively, go through Langkawi Top Sailing Cruise Operators to know about the top operators, and about their yachts, offerings, rates and contact information for direct inquiry & bookings. 

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