Wedding in Langkawi on a Sailing Yacht

There is nothing more romantic that getting married or celebrating your wedding reception on a sailing yacht in Langkawi. With emerald blue waters surrounding you as the cruise navigates around labyrinth of tiny islands of Langkawi's archipelago with mangroves, rainforests and limestone cliffs fringing the shore, the setting can not be more scenic &áromantic. 
And taking the oath and saying "I do..." with the backdrop of a stunning sunset as the sky ruptures into multiple hues will be a moment to remember in your life. Think ... many do it, because it's a special way out for a very special event in your life. 
So how do you go about setting up your wedding or the reception on a cruise in Langkawi. Simple... just get in touch with one of the cruise operators who have been arranging such events over the past many years. They will take over all the logistics and provide a turnkey solution. You will only have to worry about your pocket. They take care of the rest. 
In fact there are modular solutions available and offered by some operators so that you pick and choose what you want and what you do not want, including choice from a fleet of yachts. You can customize the event in such a way that it fits into your budget. 
The cruise operators in turn engage specialized professionals (like wedding planners) to handle some parts of the wedding including the documentation process, registration etc. Some operators like the Tropical Charter has their own sister concern who handles most part of such logistics. 
While the sailing yacht would comprise a key part to your wedding or celebrations, you can also have several other choices or options combined with the yacht sailing. For example, you can ask for taking you to a small uninhabited island of Langkawi on Andaman Sea (not too far away) and have your wedding on a secluded but exclusive island beach with amazing scenery all around.  
Or you can just choose to have the event on a secluded island rather than on the deck of the yacht. Or have the wedding on the deck and the party on the island beach with buffet barbecue meal prepared and served on the beach. All these are possible without incurring much additional cost. 
Here are some of the options that you have when it comes to wedding on a sailing yacht in Langkawi. The cruise operators can handle any or all of the following on your behalf: 
  • Based on your requirement, helping you choose the right yacht. There are wide range of yachts available in Langkawi, from small that can accommodate some 10 persons to very large schooners with a capacity of about 70. Larger luxury yachts will be more expensive. 
  • You can plan to have the following events while on sail: 
  • Warm up get-together or rehearsal parties before the wedding 
  • Complete wedding ceremony on the deck of the yacht. You can specify how you would like the yacht to be decorated and illuminated. 
  • Wedding reception and after wedding parties 
  • Legal Registry, Documentation &áLanguage Interpreters arranged. 
  • Appointing Wedding Pastor. 
  • Selection of food menu, wine and beverages to be served on and off the yacht. Operators can also set up bars and meals on the island beaches (weather permitting). 
  • Arranging for entertainment programs for the guests while you sail including visits to caves, kayaks, eagle feeding, exploring the rain forests, cultural ethnic programs like folk dances on the deck and lot more. 
  • Photographer &áVideographer 
  • Floral decoration etc. 

    Top Cruise Operators Yacht Wedding &áEvents

    While there are several cruise operators who offer wedding and other events on sailing yachts and organize the events end to end, Blue Water Star Sailing and Tropical Charter are two of the best in business. Visit Langkawi Top Sailing Cruise Operators to know about them, and about their yachts, offerings, rates and contact information for inquiry &ábookings. 

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    Visitors' Reviews/Comments

    Dr Vishel Soundarajan (June 2015) 
    Good day sir, I would like to genuinely enquire regarding taking a yacht for hire (privately) for my marriage proposal to my beloved girlfriend. We will coming over to Langkawi on the 10th of July and will be staying there till the 12th (which is my birthday.... I purposely chose this date so that she would not suspect anything). A total of around 10 pax will be present, including her and our friends to celebrate this joyous occasion. Kindly let me know if this dream of mine can be made possible as soon as you can. Thank you very much for your time. 
    Raj ( June 2015 
    Good day, you can charter a yacht for few hours. Suggest you go through this link and contact a few yacht operators and then finalize one based on yacht type/size and rate. If you mention the purpose, some of them can make special arrangements as well for the occasion. Good luck!