Snake Sanctuary Langkawi

This is a beautiful parkland in Padang Matsirat area housing a large collection of venomous and non-venomous snakes. The ticketing center is right next to the entrance. The entrance is through a large opening of a snake's mouth created with stones. There are several sections with terrariums located at various parts of the park and accessible through pathways. These terrariums with glasses are created for close public viewing of the snakes. 
As you enter, the first section or the terrarium on the left is for non-venomous snakes. This is followed by sections for vipers, Cobra, Boiga (Mangrove), King Cobra and Pythons. As you walk along the pathway you would see mini herbal gardens on the side. 
Snake Sanctuary Langkawi, Entrance 
Snake Sanctuary Langkawi 
An Interactive Center at the far end occupies a major area of the park. A 'Touch &áFeel' session is held inside the center where you can touch and feel a snake under the supervision of an expert. However this session is conducted only with non-venomous species of snakes for safety of the visitors. There is also an exhibition foyer here that displays skeletons, skins and general anatomy of snakes as well their habitats. 
A recuperative area is dedicated for general motoring of the health of the snakes and their well being. Future research on snakes is also carried out here. 
However the main attraction at the snake sanctuary is the Amphitheater which has a seating capacity for 100 persons. Live performances &áshows are held here at regular intervals to demonstrate the characteristic of some of the deadliest snakes such as Striking Copperhead Racers, King Cobras, Pythons etc. 
There is a large car parking area in front of the entrance. The Ticketing and Visitors center next to the entrance has a souvenir shop and an outlet for light refreshments. 
Snake Sanctuary Ticketing &áVisitors Center 
Admission Fee 
Adult: RM12 
Child (below 12 years): RM6 
Open Hours 
Saturday to Thursday: 9:30am to 5:30pm 
Closed on Fridays 
Shows: 11:30am and 3pm. 
The Snake Sanctuary is located in Padang Matsirat, close to Makam Masuri and Tok Senik Resort area. It's about 12 kms from Kuah Town. You can take a taxi or rental car to reach. If you take a taxi, it is better to keep it waiting or else it may be difficult to get a taxi on your return. 
Snake Sanctuary Langkawi 
Lot 1577, KAwasan Mata Air, Mukim Ulu Melaka, Langkawi 
Phone: +604 955 7288 
UPDATE December 2012: The sad news is Snake Sanctuary has closed down. Due to lack of funds and sponsorship, the authorities were not able tun the park properly for several months. There was hardly any maintenance. The live performances and the shows ceased to take place as most of the skilled snake charmers left the sanctuary for better opportunities. 

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