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Although Langkawi is a small island, it offers amazing diversity of nature. Where else can you find lovely turquoise blue water of the sea and towering mountains with sweeping views at the same time. These mountains and several other areas have dense rainforests that are full of diverse flora and fauna. 
And in some areas of the island you will go back in time as you see sleepy village life and vast stretches of paddy field &ágreenery. There are several parklands in Langkawi and great lakes &álagoons. While many of such nature attractions are within the main island, there are some that are little offshore. The government has done well to have maintained these nature's treasures with due care. 
Langkawi Nature 
Langkawi has been accorded the world heritage geopark site by UNESCO. There are three geoparks in Langkawi including Mount Mat Cincang which is the oldest, Kilim Reserve Forest and Dayang Bunting Island that have amazing geo formations including limestone outcrops, caves and seascapes. In Kilim reserves, you will also find mangroves and amazing animal &ábird life. 
So if you are a nature lover, then pick up a few great spots from the list below and make a plan to visit them. Langkawi is far more than just a few great sandy beaches. For the attractions within the main island, you will need a rental car or a taxi to visit the places. For offshore areas, there are ample boat rentals or tours available. 
(Kilim River, North East Langkawi) 
This is one of our top 10 attractions in Langkawi. You will need to take a boat tour from the Kilim jetty or Tanjung Rhu river area to explore this heritage geopark. As you go along the river, you can see stunning limestone formations and mangrove swamps along the banks. 
Kilim Geoforest Park 
There are small islands that have 480 million years old fossils. You will see lagoons, seascapes, caves, rainforests, many small animal and bird life, and more as you take this tour. 
(Dayang Bunting Island) 
This is a stunningly beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and separated from the sea by a thin rocky ridge. This picturesque spot is in Dayang Bunting island which is located offshore to the south of the main island of Langkawi. The lake is great for swimming &áboating. 
Pulau Dayang Bunting   Lake 
Solar powered boats. Photo: cktravels, shutterstock 
While the forests in the mountain is excellent for bird watchers. It is ideal opportunity to mesh with the serene nature which is at its best. This place too features in our top 10 attractions. 

Lagenda Park - The Park of Legends

(Kuah Town) 
A beautiful park full of manicured flowering gardens &áfruit trees and spanning across an area of 50 acres. Several sections capture the tales and legends of the island with many statues and structures, and hence the name of the park. It has several lakes and also a manmade beach. Take a stroll through the lush greenery in a tranquil setting and understand the many legendary tales that make the island historically so special. 
Lagenda Park Langkawi 
(Lubuk Semilang, near Book Village, Padang Matsirat) 
A fruit farm run by the Government. There is a guided tour available that explains the modern technology and methods used in agriculture and also takes you around the fruit orchards where you get to see varieties of fruits grown organically. You also get opportunity to taste fruits. 
Mardi Agro Technology Park 
A jungle trail offers a nice trek. There is also a cafe that offers platters of fresh fruits. 
(Payar Island, South East of Langkawi) 
There are boat tours offering daylong packages for the Marine Park which is located 30kms south of Langkawi's main island. The marine park offers fascinating swimming, snorkeling and diving opportunities for both novices and experts. There are several lovely beaches and reef sites that offer plethora of colorful fishes and spectacular corals that can hardly be seen anywhere else in the whole of Malaysia. 
Pulau Payar Beach Langkawi 
Photo: andresmh, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 
(Burau Bay, Pantai Kok) 
It's a beautiful harbor area and has a yacht marina where you can see many mega yachts moored. A complex Perdana Quay with a boardwalk is the main happening place here. It is full of upscale stores, restaurants &ápubs, and comes alive after dark. The restaurants and the bars lined up along the water area look lovely as the lights com on with reflections in the water. 
Telaga Harbour Park, Langkawi 
(Kilim VIllage, North East of Langkawi) 
This is a large complex with covered pathways. Although it initially started with aviary with great collection of birds, it later expanded to house more than 150 species of animals and birds. However most animals here are the ones that are of commonly available species and not those exotic ones that are difficult to maintain. But you will find many funny and interesting creatures here and can hand feed the animals and birds. There are in-house guides available who will guide you through the park. 
Fennec Fox Langkawi Wildlife 
Photo: Langkawi Wildlife Park 
(Datai, on Jalan Datai) 
A 20-acre farm housing over 1000 crocodiles and alligators. There are feeding sessions and awesome shows. The crocodiles are kept in controlled environment but at the same time almost like in their natural habitat. You can see them from a close but safe distance. 
(Pantai Canang) 
The place has a number of rice fields where rice is cultivated and harvested. The Heritage Gallery is a rice museum that showcases the history and evolution of rice cultivation &áharvesting in the Langkawi with its many exhibits &ádisplay, and also explains how paddy is grown. The complex also has a herbal garden, viewing gallery, a Garden of Variety where you can yourself try your hand in cultivating paddy, couple of restaurants and a spa. Take a guided tour. It is located in Pantai Cenang and the admission is free. 
Laman Padi Rice Field 
(Padang Matsirat, village Nyior Chabang) 
This is a dairy farm and a park, and home to over 100 buffaloes. The farm is set up in a picturesque settings with vast stretch of greenery and backdrop of Gunung Raya and Mount Mat Cincang mountains. It produces many milk products including cheese (including Mozarella cheese), ice creams, lassi, milk and yogurts. A cafe here sells the products as well as beef steaks. Rides are also offered on buffalo back and carts. 
Cart at Buffalo Park, Langkawi 
(Kilim River, north east Langkawi) 
Eagle feeding is a great spectacle that takes place at a calm water area on Kilim river. Large number of reddish brown eagles hover around the sky and dive with great speed to grab the food thrown into the water from the boats. 
Eagle Feeding Langkawi 
Photo: Ahmad Naufal, flickr, cc by 2.0 
(Kilim River, north east Langkawi) 
The fish farm located at the Kilim River stays afloat on water and stores many different kinds of fish and marine creatures including stingrays, archers, horseshoe crabs and lot more. You can hand feed many of them. The surrounding water area is marvelous with views of the majestic limestone cliffs, mangroves, boat houses and yachts creating a perfect setting. 
Floating fish farm langkawi 
(Kilim Geopark, north east Langkawi) 
This is a tiny island located at the Kilim Geopark water are which has massive rocks full of fossils that are some 480 million years old. The island also offers amazing sights of plants that grow out of the hard rocks. There is a tree which even existed 200 ámillion years ago. The views of the surrounding area from a long footbridge is marvelous. 
Fossil Island Langkawi 
(Central Langkawi, Jalan Gunug Raya) 
This is the highest mountain in Langkawi with an altitude of 881 meters. The mountain is full of dense forests with varied flora and fauna. The view from the top as you see the islands and the sea below is awesome.The sunset view from the top is stunning. There is a park, a museum and a resort on top. You can take a car or a taxi and drive up to the peak in about 25-30 minutes from the base. 
Sunset, Gunung Raya 
(Pantai Kok) 
There are several ways of exploring this second highest mountain of Langkawi. You can take the cable car ride and reach the peak of Mount Mat Cincang. On the way you get awesome views of the rainforest on the mountain slope, waterfalls and many bird life. From the top you get breathtaking views of the islands below. You can also trek from the base to the summit, or just take a light walk through its dense rainforest. 
A park centrally located in Kuah town and next to the Al-Hana mosque. It was created to commemorate the 1989 Commonwealth Heads Of The Government Meeting held in Langkawi. With beautiful parkland, gardens and shady trees, it offers a nice place to take a walk around and relax. There is a beach that can be accessed from the park. 
CHOGM Park Langkawi 
(Oriental Village, Burau Bay, Pantai Kok area) X CLOSED 
Located inside the Oriental Village, this is an initiative to increase awareness about tigers, particularly about Malayan tigers. Zanah, the first tiger brought into Langkawi is kept here and viewers can see her antics live on a pool or the garden. There is also a gallery here with collection of artwork from local artists (mostly animal art and small models of elephants &átigers). 
(Padang Matsirat, near Mardi Agro Technology Park) X CLOSED 
A parkland housing many different kinds of snakes found in Malaysia. Snake charmers perform live in an amphitheater which is the main highlight of the sanctuary. There is also a show where you can touch and feel a non-venomous snake. Unfortunately, there are no guides in the park. So unless you time it with the live shows, you will probably not enjoy much. 

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