Floating Fish Farm Langkawi

The floating Fish Farm is located on the Kilim River, and can be accessed by a boat from the Kilim Jetty in about 10 minutes. This fish farm is a typical stop during the Kilim Geopark Tour. So how does it float on water? The entire fish farm has been created on an wooden (timber) platform. It has several water tanks where different types of fish are kept. 
And the entire platform rests on large number of empty drums fixed under it that float on water, and also keep the platform afloat. It is actually a show farm for the tourists. There is actually no fish culture done here for commercial production. In any case, it is a great and a novel place to visit, and see the different species of fish that exist in Langkawi's water. 
Floating Fish Farm Langkawi 
The boat anchors into a small jetty or a platform fixed to the fish farm. The surrounding area is wonderful. You will see high limestone cliffs along the shore that rise from the bottom forming shapes of mountains. The dense mangroves also fringe the shore line. You will notice many floating houses on the water area here that are privately owned, and lots of sailboats moored all around making a picturesque setting. 
As you walk around the fish farm, you will see separate water sections for different species of fish. One such section is for black stingrays that are huge in size. 
Feeding Stingray at Floating Fish Farm Langkawi 
Feeding Stingray at Fish Farm 
The local guide at the farm hand feeds the stingrays and even turns them over to show you where the mouth is. You will be surprised to see that mouth of the fish is not exactly where you expect it to be. I was told that each stingray is fed some half kg of fish every day. They are tamed and reach no harm. So if you want, you can also easily feed them. The only thing is they look a little scary particularly while splashing their way through. 
Horseshoe crab at the fish farm 
Horseshoe crab at fish farm 
Another section is for horseshoe crabs. They are so called because of their domed horseshoe shaped shell. They can be found in shallow ocean waters and muddy flats. If you turn over the shell, you can see the crab inside. It is hard to believe that they are expert swimmers. 
Horseshoe crab inverted 
One of my favorite sections at the fish farm is the Archer fishes also known as Shooting Fish. These silver colored fishes are small (usually 4-6 inches long) with black &ádotted body stripes. You will find them in large numbers here. I was told that they have a free way into the enclosure and come directly from the river and go out. 
Archer Fish 
Archer Fish 
Why do they then come into the water tank on their own? Basically to look for food. And for that they can jump out of the water as high as several feet. We were given bread pieces that were wrapped around our fingers. As you hold the finger some 2-3 feet above the water, the fishes will gather under it and one of them will shoot and take away the bread. They have no teeth, so it wont hurt. But the whole sight and the feeling is quite frightful. 
I was waiting for the fish to shoot up 
Floating fish farm langkawi 
There are of course many other types of fish in the floating fish farm, including large fishes. A floating fish farm known as The Hole in the Wall is located nearby, which doubles up as a floating restaurant. 

How to reach Floating Fish Farm

You will either need to take a boat rental or a Kilim Geopark boat tour to access the floating fish farm. Check out Kilim Geopark &áMangrove Tour to know about the boat locations, tour details and the rates. 
Map location of Kilim river where the fish farm is located 

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