Air Hangat &áKilim Areas, Langkawi

Air Hangat and Kilim areas form large part of the eastern side of Langkawi. Jalan Air Hangat is the main road that passes through this area. Air Hangat area is below (i.e. south of) the Kilim area. One of the main attractions here is the Air Hangat Village, a well maintained tourist area which is known for it natural hot water spring. There are stalls in the village selling essentially gift &ásouvenir items. 
Close by is the Durian Perangin Waterfalls and the Bird Paradise &áWildlife Park. Gunung Raya, the highest mountain of the island and offering sweeping view of the islands of Langkawi can also be approached from this area. Further up is the Kilim Village where the Kilim jetty is located. Large number of tourist boats leave the jetty for the famous Kilim Geopark &áMangroves Tour. The geopark has stunning limestone cliffs and mangroves along the banks of the river, as well as many other geological formation including million years old fossils, caves and seascapes. 
While there are no good restaurants in the land area here, there is a nice seafood restaurant and a floating fish farm on the Kilim River. You can access the restaurant and the fish farm by a boat from the Kilim Jetty. 
Air Hangat and Kilim are essentially sightseeing areas. There are no hotels or great restaurants in this area, although there do exist a few home stays here for budget travelers. If you are visiting Langkawi on a vacation, there is really no compelling reason to stay at this end. 
Location Map of Air Hangat &áKilim Areas 

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Check out the following to know more about the place and all its offerings: 
Attractions in Air Hangat &áKilim Areas: Several including the hot spring, waterfalls, bird sanctuary etc. 
Restaurants in Air Hangat &áKilim Areas: Mainly in the water area of the Kilim river. There is an in-house restaurant in Air Hangat Village complex as well. 

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