Restaurants in Air Hangat &áKilim Areas

This entire area áin the north eastern side of the main Island is somewhat devoid of restaurants and eateries. In fact the Air Hangat area has practically no restaurant other than one in-house restaurant inside the Air Hangat Village complex which serves nice Thai, Malay and Indonesian cuisine. 
So if you are visiting the hot spring at the Air Hangat village which has been recently upgraded into a cultural complex, then you can plan to have your lunch at this restaurant. 
I haven't spotted any proper restaurant in the Kilim area except for the floating restaurant on the Kilim River. Most eateries here are roadside local stalls and generally not recommended for tourists. The fish farm and floating restaurant on the Kilim river can be accessed by a boat from the Kilim jetty and it takes a few minutes ride to reach the restaurant. The boat service is complimentary if you plan to take your lunch or dinner there. 

Hole in the wall restaurant

(Fish farm and floating restaurant) 
(Category: Mid Range, Cuisine: Malay &áThai, Location: Kilim River) 
This is a fish farm &áfloating restaurant on the Kilim river. The surrounding water area, mangrove swamps and views of the limestone cliffs create a wonderful natural ambience to enjoy the food. They serve both lunch and dinner and offer free boat pick up service from the Kilim jetty. The owner also allows you to choose your live fish or seafood from the tanks and cook it for you. Items include fish, prawn, lobsters, crabs, snappers, squids etc prepared in Malay and Thai style. The candle lit dinner by the side of the water is a wonderful romantic experience. 

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