Langkawi Crystal

Two Malaysians started this small humble venture of glass poroducts &ácrystal making after they were inspired by the intricate art in the island of Venice. An effort which started as a low scale glass blowing house, is now a formidable establishment that produces some of the most exquisite glass pieces and crystals. 
The company has shunned the mass production moulds that are so common in Europe, and has chosen to make each individual piece manually handcrafted. And that results in exciting free forms that are rarely found elsewhere. 
All products are handcrafted using a technique called flaring. This is a highly demanding and challenging process which requires both speed and precision in highly difficult conditions. It requires that the glass must be heated, blown and then meticulously shaped in just few minutes. Otherwise the molten glass would begin to drip thus de-shaping the artwork. 
You will be amazed how the craftsmen here produce exclusive designs despite such challenges and how they enjoy the work. You can walk in to the workshop and actually watch the craftsmen making the glassware products. 
Admission &áOpen Hours 
Admission is free. It is open daily from 9am to 6pm. 
Location &áContacts 
Langkawi Crystal 
Lot 1804, Plot No. 55, Jalan Kisap, Kuah. 
Phone: (604) 966 1555 
It is located 5kms north of Kuah Town and on the road Jalan Kisap. 

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