Kuah Attractions, Langkawi

Kuah is the capital of Langkawi and essentially a commercial center full of shops and other establishments. Although this is the main town in the island, Kuah and its surrounding area have their own charm and several great tourist attractions.  
The waterfront where the Kuah Jetty is located offers a beautiful view of boats passing by with a backdrop of the mountains. This is where you will see the mammoth eagle structure of an eagle ready to take a flight and facing the water, known as Eagle Square. Nearby is a lovely parkland the Lagenda Park with beautiful gardens, greenery and several legendary statues &ástructures. 
There are several other attractive parks in the area and also the famous Al-Hana Mosque create in Islamic architecture. The area also has a well known glass blowing studio that make exclusive glass items and crystals. 
Several such attractions like the Kuah Jetty &áshopping Center, Eagle Square, Chogm Park, Al-Hana Mosque, Lagenda Park are within comfortable walking distance. However, some will require a taxi or a car to reach. Being the town center, there are plenty of taxis available at every corner. There is also bus service available in Kuah town, although limited. 
This is probably the most significant landmark of Kuah town and also an important one for the whole of Langkawi. This is a manmade square where you will find a 12-meter tall statue of a reddish brown eagle about to take a flight and facing the water. It stands as an emblem to Langkawi as the meaning of Langkawi itself is reddish brown eagle. The square is a wonderful place to soak in the view of the water area with boats passing by and mountains at a distance. 
A great water themed park that has been newly opened that offers several thrilling rides including a towering slide that winds its way through tunnels all the way down to a thudding splash into the water. The 5 hectare park also has several dining and snack venues. A great place for families with children to spend a fun filled day. 
This is a wonderful park spanning across 50-acres of land and has beautiful lush gardens, numerous fruits trees and flower beds. The name comes from the fact that it has several sections that depict the stories of island legends through many monuments and structures, and hence this park is like a garden museum. Other than parkland, it also has several pools, and a manmade beach plus great picnic areas. 
This is a beautiful Islamic shrine and the largest in Langkawi. The building is surrounded by tall trees of the adjoining CHOGM park. The mosque was built in 1959 and opened by the then Prime Minister of Malaysia. Decorative designs and carvings from Uzbekistan had been brought in during construction of this mosque. It is marked by a large golden dome on top. All are welcome to enter the premises of the mosque and offer prayers. 
The name stands for Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting, which was held in the island in 1989 and the park was created to commemorate that event. With an access from the main road of Kuah Town (Jalan Persiaran Putra), the park is full of trees &ábeautiful flowery gardens and provides a nice site for taking a stroll and relaxing. There is a large white structure here that until recently fluttered the flags of all the commonwealth countries which participated in the meeting. It's located next to the Al-Hana Mosque. 
Located 5kms north of Kuah town on Jalan Kisap, this is a glass blowing studio where the local craftsmen make exquisite handmade glass pieces using conventional flaring method. It started as a humble effort by two Malaysians who were inspired by the crystal making in Venice. Today it has grown into one of the most admired workshops and outlets in Malaysia for exclusive handcrafted crystals and glassware products. 

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