Langkawi Airport Transfer & Transport

There is no bus service at Langkawi airport. So for reaching your hotel from the airport, the options are rental cars (self drive), taxis, or private/shared shuttle services. For private or shared shuttles, it is better to book the service online over the internet and there are several online operators offering such services. 
Remember, Langkawi is a tiny island and no distance should take more than 40 minutes from the airport (unless you are driving up the mountains). So unless you need personalized service, you don't really require a pre-arranged private shuttle. 

Car Rentals at the Airport

Just before the exit corridor on the right and also at the center of the arrival hall, there are a number of car rentals. As you walk by, the men and women at the stalls would be waving at you and inviting you to look into their car rental offers. In fact car rental happens to be the most cost effective option and would give you all the flexibility you need. But you should be comfortable with left hand drive, otherwise you should not go for this option. 
Langkawi Airport - Car Rentals 
If you decide to go for a car rental, then choose a well known agency that provides licensed cars with proper permits. The operators inside the arrival hall are all licensed.  
I would suggest that you consider one of these rather than going outside and renting a car from one of the several shady operators at a cheaper rate. Also check out the insurance coverage as many do not provide the coverage up to the first RM 2,000. Visit Langkawi Car Rentals to get insight into how to go about renting cars in Langkawi, what you should be careful about, rates and the top rentals in the island. 
Pre-paid taxi counter, Langkawi Airport 

Taxis at the Airport

The most common option is the taxi, although they turn out to be a little expensive. On the left hand side of the Arrival Hall corridor that leads to the exit, there are a couple of counters that offer you pre paid coupons. The rates are fixed for various destinations in the island. The person at the counter will ask you for your hotel, locate the place and tell you the rate. You pay the fare in advance and they give you a coupon. 
At the end of the exit corridor and outside the sliding gate there is a small desk (Taxi Service Center). Hand over the coupon to the lady at the desk and she will call one of the drivers waiting nearby to take you to your taxi. While most drivers in the island are men, there are also lady drivers and all of them will help you load your luggage in the boot. The drivers don't expect tips. The standard taxis can take up to four passengers (one in front and three in the rear). You are required to put on the seat belt both in front seats as well as at the rear. 
Our taxi and the lady driver on our first visit 
Taxi rates (for up to 4 persons) from the airport to some main places in Langkawi (For more number of persons in a bigger taxi, the rates are higher) 
  • Airport to places in Padang Matsirat (airport &ánearby area): RM12 
  • Airport to Pantai Cenang (most popular beach area in the west): RM18 
  • Airport to Pantai Tengah (another great beach next to Pantai Cenang): RM20 
  • Airport to Kuah Town (the capital of Langkawi): RM24 
  • Airport to Pantai Kok (Harbour Park, Mutiara Barau Bay, Berjaya Resort): RM24 
  • Airport to Cable Car, Oriental Village: RM24 
  • Airport to Air Hangat/ Black Sand Beach: RM25 
  • Airport to Tanjung Rhu: RM30 
  • Airport to Gunung Raya Golf Club/Kisap: RM35 
  • Airport to Kilim Jetty, Wild Life Park: RM35 
  • Airport to Gunung Raya: RM50 
  • Airport to Datai Bay Area (The Datai, The Andaman, Datai Golf Club): RM60 
    You can also get taxis by hourly rates (RM25 per hour for minimum four hours, for up to 4 persons, additional hours RM25). Bigger taxis with higher capacities will cost extra. Note that The Datai, The Andaman and Gunung Raya are not covered under hourly rates. 
    Check out Langkawi Taxis to know more about taxi service in the island 

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